Oliver and Company – Good Company (EU Portuguese) – Cat Rox cover

I know you’re the friend I’ve dreamed of And I finally found you So you will keep me company With a lot of joy Forever with me You’ll be my best friend You’ll enjoy living in this home. I know you’re the friend I’ve dreamed of I’ve seen that you’ll enjoy Living in your home. Hey! Thank you so much for watching this video. If you’re new here, I’m Cat Rox and be very welcome to my channel. And I hope you enjoyed my cover of “Good Company” from the movie Oliver and Company, with my new kitten Oliver! Right now he’s viciously attacking my pajama… Give me just a second. I could only film one take with you, you’re impossible, you’re impossible! This adorable demon is impossible today! “I’m so cuuuute!!” (Meow translation: Stooop…) Oh… you’re not enjoying this, Ok, off you go. Don’t play with my hand cream! I have to hide everything, Gosh… And so, If you enjoyed this, give this video a thumbs up on the button down below. Share this video and subscribe to my channel to watch new videos on Fridays. That being said, I hope I see you next week and until then, a big kiss. Bye! Listen to this… He sounds like a tractor. Listen! [cat purring sound] Best ASMR! [cat purring sound] “I’m a baby and I’m really sleepy…” There… Let’s go sleep my dear, let’s go.

15 thoughts on “Oliver and Company – Good Company (EU Portuguese) – Cat Rox cover

  1. Que fofo o teu gatinho Cat!! Eu adoro o filme do “Oliver e seus companheiros” e essa música combina mesmo com ele ?❤️

  2. Acho que tenho a versão adulta do teu gatinho ? saudades de quando o meu tinha esse tamanho. Foi demasiado fofa essa cover?. Adorei ☺️

  3. This is beautiful!! I used to love this movie and u and ur cat are adorable. New subscriber, hope we can support each other 🙂

  4. 1, great singing. Absolutely flawless???
    2, Why do you look exactly like the cartoon character? ?
    And 3, That's an adorable Citter!!!? ???

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