38 thoughts on “Old cat meow because very hungry

  1. I used to be a dog person. I even prefer dog's personality now. Yet. Cats are calmer, smaller, they are better in apartments, they need less care, their fur is softer and they seem to be so much smarter then some idiot dogs. So I guess I'm a cat person now.

  2. Your great person for looking after that cat but please can you get its eyes checked out. (the first cat)

  3. 0:34 that meow just rip my heart apart it so sad I can't stop replaying I'm making myself cry even more

  4. Reminds me of my old cat. He passed away. He was a big and chonky boi (not too chonky though) but had a high voice. His name was Tyson because he reminded us of Mike Tyson.

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