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hey get caught 45 here you know we've brought you various types of suppressor some time to time they're a lot of fun just like this one but you know a really quality suppressor can run close to $1,000 by the time you pay the $200 you know tax stamp and you know and buy the suppressor they aren't really cool but well maybe I'd help you out a little bit we do have a method in Tennessee that works well to come on over and I'll show you and and these suppressors you can find locally all cases your Auto Zone your Advance Auto Parts so they're not too hard to come by let's load this one up and take a couple shots and show you pretty effective not not maybe as effective as $1,000 suppressor but they work pretty well uh see for pot-smoking even they work okay there's a pot right there whoops just round the chamber which bees had one popped out there okay good old twenty-two automatics never know where they're gonna work or not do okay all right got him to give up a little bit there not bad yeah that mean that works and the cool thing about it is they're everywhere there's well he's on every corner just go pick one up they're just not that hard to find this one's STP but I think there's another suppressor who's old fram fram I think still makes suppressors and pretty cool actually you probably wouldn want to spend a lot of time I know I wouldn't in federal penitentiary so you wouldn't wanna do that actually what I have here let me show you this is pretty cool that guns clear nothing in there so let's unscrew it okay this is actually another option it really is those you thought this was a total joke this is the adapter right here and that piece right there is what you buy you know this is econo can they're made up in Ohio if you can see Acadias Ohio Gators gun works Jewett Ohio looks like I'm not familiar with that town but this runs about $75 and it just unscrews and it fits most standard oil filters and you heard the that's oppression there's a certain level suppression I didn't have my ears on and I don't think those were even totally the subsonic is 22 Remington target ammo so it actually does the job you can put an old can on that thing in fact we're gonna put it on this rifle and try it just for kicks all right same threads it should fit now this gun is clear nothing in the chamber bolts back so let's thread it on there now this again comes off it's a little little instead I won't take it off but it just is a piece here you hold your hand it screws into the oil filter it's just a standard oil filter well excuse me SDP standard what filter put it on here and you notice you know the bullet tends to go out the same hole every time for the interesting okay there's so many jokes I could use with this you know Jeff Foxworthy surpress or the Tennessee suppress or Kentucky sir president but it's pretty cool you have heard of these I was not familiar with them okay there's a magazine and we'll take a couple shots with this this is a savage and I'm not all that familiar with this particular guy yeah there we go pretty quiet there's a piece of that pot lid let's see if we can get in pretty quiet go back though I'm gonna try the red plate I can barely there we go I'm looking at the edge of the oil filter mainly brought to you by autozone pretty cool huh so so really you may have heard about these oil can filters I as just recently somebody was asking me about them I didn't know think about them at all but I do now thanks to Eric from NC silencers who again drop by well there we go good the oil filter came off they just a standard oil filter and I keep expecting the spilled oil out and this is what you're purchasing right here and again you have to go ahead with the $200 stamp it is just $75 for this piece you know up carefully it's not very expensive however you do have the $200 stamp so and it's this one is available for 22 I think 22 long-rifle or five five six co2 two three all right so for the interesting little device there and you just screw that into the oil filter and there are you probably wasting all your oil filters by putting them on your car all right are you truck there's another purpose for those so thought you might find that interesting I found it kind of interesting and you know you just never know what you're going to learn here at the compound life is good

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  1. This is an older video; please do not send me questions about these. I don't know that much about all the legalities of these, and actually have very little interest in the goofy things. NC Silencer was by that day with some other NFA goodies and happened to have this with them. We almost didn't do a video on this; it was pretty much an afterthought. Do some Googling and make sure you understand ALL the laws regarding these. It is NEVER worth it to risk violating ATF regulations.

  2. *soft whispering voice* today in this gun video we're gonna quietly shoot some guns with *deep exhale* oil filters and uh… *more breathing* *blows into microphone* let's shoot some stuff *shoots gun with oil filter as suppressor* I hope you enjoyed today's ASMR video and see you next time *blows into microphone some more*

  3. I was rolling my eyes at gameplay footage of Days Gone when your character puts a oil filter on a pistol. Sure enough I guess you can use one as a suppressor. Lol learn something new every day!!

  4. $200 for a piece of paper that does nothing but give the gov't money and register something that makes the world a quieter place. Next they'll want a $200 tax on mufflers.

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