Official Dream Lites – Pillow Pets Commercial

good night belly good night mommy introducing the dream lights from the people who brought to you pillow pets dream lights are magical night lights that turn your child's bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky dream lights make bedtime fun you just turn it on and you have instant stars kids love dream lies no parent wants his or her child to be afraid of the dark we bring whites that's one less thing you have to worry about dream lights are comforting they help alleviate fears of the dark and promote a restful night's sleep dream lights can even go off automatically after 20 minutes sorry when the lights go out the dream lights go on there's a ladybug a zebra a unicorn a butterfly a dog a giraffe a penguin and so many more you can go online to pick out your favorite dreamlike animal there's so many to choose from dream lights make the perfect gift and they come with a full 60 day money back guarantee your child or grandchild will love their dream light they'll use it every single night so go online to dream lights calm that's dream Li tes calm since the 18 years or older to order

47 thoughts on “Official Dream Lites – Pillow Pets Commercial

  1. My mom ordered one for me… I never got it… We ordered the ladybug one I remember her letting me choose whichever one I wanted in their website. I was devastated for the next few months no joke. Every day I would look in the mail looking to see if I got it and nothing. I still sing this song waiting for my ladybug dream lite

  2. I always sang the Dream lites song!

    My sister used to have the butterfly Dream lite when she was little!

  3. Please Remake This Commercial in 2019 With Same Song Feature With New Sweet Scents Dream Lites

  4. i saw that commercial since 2012, i love the song, and I have mlp ninja turtles mickey & minnie and paw patrol Dream lites i love it so much

  5. If you ever feel embarrassed to have a fear of the dark, just know that I'm 13 (almost 14) and I'm getting one of these.

  6. Omg i had one of those when i was 6 years old but i was sick that night and an accident happen i thew up in it and the plastic was not on and got inside great…. ??

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