Office Depot Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA – Making $450 in Profit at 2 Stores Reselling Online!

you guys are about to see how we just
made $447 going to two stores maybe taking an hour and a half out of our day and we are flipping profits full-time
Amazon reselling family and we’re also full-time parents we have two young
children in tow that we haul from store to store chasing after the best steals
and deals that we can find and resell online mind you this isn’t the only part
of our Amazon business we actually also operate a wholesale portion of our
business but we feel that this is the most relatable and something that you
guys can actually apply to your business today to help grow it if you’re not
already doing retail arbitrage and Justin and I are putting out three
videos a week to help you guys in your own journey so make sure to subscribe to
our Channel and also we do have an Instagram yeah it’s a follow us there
that’s there we try to get back to everybody’s questions because I know in
the beginning this can be very confusing and difficult so we do try to answer all
the questions if you guys want to you guys any help at all or anything like
that don’t be afraid to ask no no dumb no no no question is a dumb question so
let our family help yours so today we’re actually going to office Depot is right
down the street from our house we our daughter’s sleeping right now so we’re
gonna Justin’s gonna run in and do a little quick film for you guys this
product we actually found on brick seek we usually don’t use brick see but
because this item was so close to our house we couldn’t pass it up
it’s a pair of headphones selling for yes two dollars in store and I think
it’s reselling online for about like 13 to 14 dollars I was looking at kind of
what the price range has been in the past and the lowest it’s been in the
last three months was about eight dollars so even at eight dollars even if
the price shifts down because a bunch of sellers are getting on it we’re still
profiting a dollar fifty each pair of headphones which is more than enough of
an ROI in our opinion so yeah stay tuned alright
and I’m on my way to office max, so here we go. other items they’re similar on the same clearance rack don’t
be afraid to scan I mean I almost walked away from that that was a
$9.00 set of headphones in the store they were selling online for anywhere
from 25 to 30 dollars literally almost just just walked away from that and
that’s gonna make this this haul even that much better Get Kruzey! 5 SKUs in 5 Minutes, Lets Break this Down! Wow that was pretty coordinated there, yeah pretty good all right so we’re
gonna go we went to Office Depot today clearly you guys know that all righty
yeah we stopped at two stores and we made a total of five hundred dollars
$450 basically in projected profit $450 for that for the person that commented
and said oh that’s not profit let’s just say this is projected profit yeah
projected profit so yeah so when before we even get started first off I want to
tell you guys that you need to run your own numbers at home the date of your
guys’s own purchase just making sure that it’s still profitable and making
sure it’s still worth your while all that stuff yeah, your sales tax may
be different than ours right and we don’t really know when you guys are
gonna see this video you could be watching this video at a later time so
we just want to put a forewarning out there that you
need to do your own research so let’s do this yeah so the first product that we
have here is the red and black they call it a jib it’s just your basic set of
headphones originally they are retailing for anywhere between like $9.99 and $15
currently they’re selling on Amazon for $12.99 and we bought them for two
dollars and sixteen cents including sales tax and we will profit off alone
one hundred and thirteen dollars and twenty cents and we ended up buying
twenty total twenty eight oh yeah so each set we profit $5.66 cents with like a net ROI of just under 260% percent all
right the next set this one we only got one of and it is the same exact style as
the first one but it’s just in black luckily this one actually has no
competitive sellers on it no new listings it’s all used like new or it’s
all FBM are fulfilled by merchants and for those that are like kind of newer to
this if you are selling it fulfilled by Amazon or prime you’re gonna
automatically win the buy box over the person that’s sending it out themselves
so Kristen please elaborate on the numbers she’s laughing because I’m going
too long okay Justin talks too much you guys know ever know Justin on a
personal level he’s like such a talker I mean we can’t even go to the grocery
store without spending two hours there so he just will talk anybody’s ear off
and I’m like the total opposite so anyway alright so the black one the
black one whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa the black one and I can’t even read your
notes man it’s like scribbles we profited $12.92 and the list price on
Amazon is $19.99 and we paid the same okay two dollars and sixteen cents
dollars and cents all right next
all right the blue in black okay I’ll show and you talk since you like to talk
okay perfect okay there you go all right so the blue and black is a wireless
headset made by Skullcandy it is currently listed on Amazon for about
twenty seven dollars we ended up walking away from the store after taxes at nine
dollars and 64 cents which after fees after shipping after everything we’re
gonna profit each just under twelve dollars for a total profit on those five
of $59.40 and an ROI of 120% next boom on to the
black on black this is the big seller this is a we ended up getting a total of
eight across both stores same exact price $9.64 including sales tax and we’re gonna end up listing these for 30
dollars and 44 cents each meaning we profit on each one of them just over $15
dollars with a total $120 in profit on those eight next she really is
pushing that 5 SKUs in five minutes Jesus this is the red and black same
exact concept wireless headphones made by Skullcandy they are Bluetooth enabled
they are sexy they are fun they are great Wow you should really be a spokesperson for them he’s doing really well thank you okay so
12 units total that we picked up at the two stores we’re gonna end up busting
them at $26 with a profit each of 11 dollars and 79 cents an ROI of a hundred
just over 120 percent and a total profit on those for a hundred and forty-one
dollars and forty eight cents and for the grand total four hundred and forty
seven dollars and forty eight cents okay guys so Justin and I are really trying
to build a community here if you guys have questions please drop them below
Justin and I tried to we were so weird try to answer everybody’s question if
you happen to know somebody else’s question know the answer to somebody’s
question yeah that’s what I meant you know if you know
the answer to somebody else’s question please answer it we are building a
community here we’re just trying to help each other out that’s really the goal of
all this yeah so and also please make sure that you subscribe to our Channel
we’re gonna be having three videos yeah this week there’s gonna be a lot of
content pushed out there so we have a lot of awesome information so just get
ready for it we’re gonna start dropping a lot more like guides on FBA stuff and
we’re really excited about it yeah and if you guys have something that you guys
are interested in us talking about talking about please leave them in the
comments we do we read it every and there’s actually been some really great
suggestions that were like wow yeah so definitely I’m putting it on our list
we’re putting it on our list so also please follow us on our Instagram we’re
going to put it right here you guys will know updates to our family
and what’s going on yeah so if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if
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