Off-the-Radar Foods: New Jersey's Deep-Fried Hot Dogs – Made in the USA, Episode 9

I've been coming in for 55 years and another changes nobody else tries a hot dog New Jersey might be famous for its saltwater taffy but don't forget about their deep-fried hot dogs that's right deep-fried hot dog the reason we here 87 years is because of the hot dog and the homemade relics it's part of our staple diet so we do come here at least once or twice a week front hood is certainly a New Jersey staple was only one Raton rats Hut in Clifton New Jersey has been frying up their rivers since 1928 Ripper is essentially is a deep-fried hot dog we call it a river because it rips when it's fried in the oil-rich et markets what we ever illegal here there are differences in the temperature and how it's cooked so that would be a Weller in and out that one is medium and then we got the extreme to cremating and the icing on the cake this fear separates us from everyone else out there homemade relics we occupy they come from all over the world this multiple generation that come here have been coming here ever 1928 as well before my time a place had a lot of soul a lot of vibe in the establishment because it fit here for 87 years we built the highway around the corner but look at hit that century mark 13 more years we'll leader and if you're in northern New Jersey you're going to stop and run to have a river nobody until you let er rip – what's up that's it

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