36 thoughts on “Ocelot Kitten Learns to Fish

  1. Title : "Ocelot Kitten Learns to fish"
    1:00 minute after the beginning : wtf are you doing up there ?

    Damn, you're not pretty good…

  2. Ocelots are proud creature's. They prefer hunt alone. *Spins revolvers* 12 shots *spins revolvers*

  3. I know it's bad, and unecological and all, and I'd never do it, but I've yearned for a pet ocelot since my childhood.

  4. poor things. they should not be in a zoo. this is cruel and their enclosure is tiny. ocelots have territories of hundreds of square miles in the southern americas right in the jungle. they should not be confined into such small enclosures

  5. To be honest (and don't get me wrong) I never was a big fan of pets like Cats and Dogs (Rather found more interest in reptiles )because these kind of animals are in my opinion compared to others overrated, over present in the domestic like and over domisticated to the point taht most of them lost their wildness, originality and natural mojos which once made up their own charm and was also part of their own Identity.
    But with the Ocelot That's totally different. He's not like the others. He would be rather the "ugly duckling" among the felidaes than a regular pet cat.
    He's got something that I couldn't found in domestiic cats.
    I think a wild cat like the Ocelot (envolving in a natural environment like a swamp/buxhes or tropical forest area) is even more classy and magnificent than a cat envolving like thousands of them in a domestic area.
    The Ocelot stand out of the pack, he his himself with an Identity driven by a natural environnement rather than a domestic one. And that's why I think he is by any doubts one of the most spectacular amazing and facinating cats just because by these criterias he (the Ocelot) embodies more original and atypical traits than domestic cats.
    Besides what makes him even more original is his pelage a bit similar (but different) to a Jaguar pelage but still gorgeous and unusual.

    Well in short the Ocelot is one of the most uncommon and astonishing cat ever.

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