Obmedzenie štekania od PetSafe

dogs dogs but dogs will need to bark out of warn us of dojo or intruders and off and protect us but if they if they bark too often or for no reason it can be a problem for you and for others the answer could be a bark control system from pet safe these are easy to set up and fit to your dog and are behaviorally activated they work by emitting an automatic stimulation to the dog when barking occurs this distracts your dog and stopped him barking within bark control there are four types of stimulation to choose from ultrasonic stimulation emits a high-frequency sound to distract the dog from barking spray stimulation uses an unscented or citronella scented mist to interrupt the dogs barking vibration stimulation uses low-frequency vibration on the underside of the dog’s neck to interrupt barking and electrical static stimulation which uses a safe pulse of static electricity on the underside of the dog’s neck there are also ultrasonic devices which work remotely they can be used inside or outside the home which can also help deter your neighbor’s dog from barking to the end result is you’ll have a dog that’s a pleasure to own and is neither a nuisance nor an embarrassment for you and your neighbors you

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