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Hi, my name is Victoria with ePestSolutions. I’m going to talk to you today about flea
control in the inside of your home. Today we�re going to use a new product. It�s called NyGuard Plus. It�s brand new and manufactured by MGK. This you profit seemed a little bit more than
any of the other flea products mainly (inaudible) first it carries the same chemical as (inaudible)
odor eliminator and also the actuators are a lot bigger which causes it not to drip. It has a great spray pattern. It is built towards breakdown in a sweep-like
motion. You start from the back of the house work
your way to the front. It does cover up up to 2,000 sq ft. We do recommend that you vacuum before applying
it the first time. After you apply, you will leave the home for
a couple hours to make that the product has time to dry. Once you come back, you vacuum about two to
three times during the week and after a couple of days, you just reapply and make sure you
vacuum before reapplying. NyGuard is a great product. A lot of people have recommended it. I recommend it too mainly for the fact that
it eliminates odor, makes your house smell batter, but also while it�s killing and
eliminating fleas. NyGuard is a very cost-effective product. It�s on ePestSolutions. You can give us a call or you can order online
on ePestSolutions.com.

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