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one day we got a phone call there was a boxer born with no front legs I ran past mark and said I have to go pick up a boxer he doesn't have any front legs and he just goes okay and I thought to myself I don't know if he actually heard that or not I really didn't an hour too later she comes home with this thing all I could think is how the heck are we gonna do this you're talking about a bottle baby that's 13.5 ounces those little dogs like that don't survive we're scrambling what do we do how do we feed him what do we feed him we never imagined that nobody would get through the first night our first night was nevi was horrible I was terrified he was gonna pass away didn't know her you were drinking everything like he was supposed to be drinking and we literally had him in a little box with a timer on it and we get up every hour you know we took turns I had twins I'm used to taking one shift never got through the first time we couldn't believe it that we got through the next night and then the next night Nabby from the get-go who was very active we built the Lego wheelchair but some little truck wheels on the front wrap some gauze on it and he just took off scooting across the floor by about two to three weeks old we were looking at nubby saying you're really gonna make it but he got aspirated pneumonia he was still happy you could tell that he was just a happy little guy but he was sick and I mean really sick he went into ICU we almost lost him every day we'd go down there and see nubby I've never seen him give up he got better after that then we really knew he was gonna make it nobody's come back had many ups and downs but at the end of the day he's just a happy dog as he grew a little bit older he wanted to stand I think at that moment he figured out that he didn't have four legs we kept falling I wanted to immediately pick him up I knew that nubby would need to learn how to be mobile on his own and he figured it out Olivia pig she was very motherly very nurturing Maggie on the other hand did not want anything to do with him Gracie's more the killjoy don't have too much fun when we brought Rita in here with nubby they just bonded immediately we didn't really expect that not be surprised this with his ears his ears got bigger and bigger and bigger and floppier it was ridiculous mark became so attached [Applause] we did everything we could to keep his leg strong we had to sling and I walk and hold him kind of like a suitcase when he was really have a hard time holding his front end up to eat I built a feeding stand when nubby figured out he could launch yourself and jump the first one scared us and he would just watch his mind work to not give up once he started that there was no holding him back we thought well there there really is nothing he can't do we went ahead and got him a set of wheels he hated him we got him a second set of wheels and he hated them everybody just has this little dog and this little wheels running hell-bent for glory and our dog won't use them but first time he seen a a child we figured out that he could roll and once he started that he learned that he can get from point A to point B but it wasn't that long after that that he got sick this is his playtime usually that's what scared us was late in the evening against this been a rough day right here this is where we're gonna be sleeping tonight he ended up with pancreatitis he lost a lot of weight fast what else could go wrong that's a scary thought but if you live your life every day with a scary thought that I might get sick or I might injure myself you can't live your life that way live your life with joy and hope nubby has recovered from just with a vengeance once he gets through with his exercise we allow nubby to come out of his wheels and go buck wild he's excited about everything he's little maniac he's very sneaky yeah thanks yeah hold it up there he gets that look on his face like he's clueless he's not he's smart little guy in there but you're not gonna eat your bed no he has a conspirator which is great Rita did you not do this did you kill the head talk so we have world's injured hospital we hold a funeral if Nick rest in peace you'll see him running as if he's not even missing anything he's just this is how I do it it's how I roll nobody sees the world like any other dog he thinks he's just like the rest of the pack nothing obviously has to have a different way of moving but other than that he wants to still play he's joyful he has a great quality of life we didn't realize what it was gonna take at the time I built this house originally with nubby we knew we had to make some changes so he's not feeling like he's different we consider ourselves just average Americans I did all the construction we're doing it on a tight budget this is the new door for nobodies condo I don't care if it's nubby or any animal or your goldfish once you've made that commitment it's your job to make sure they have a good quality of life [Applause] we have one grandchild named Laney Laney grew up with nubby she doesn't see any difference in number from any other dog he's just he's just nubby you walk in the room and they're sitting together and look at you like what do you want we're busy nubby and and Laney they're best pals the only competition maybe Drita they got a little circle it's been two years and a couple of weeks since nubby came into our lives Lou had always been a rescuer I wasn't really but we wanted to support a community we decided to start our own nonprofit warriors educate about rescue we talked about it a little bit not okay and then I was at work and I got home and she goes okay we've registered as a non-profit and I oh sweet I just goes okay that's one of the biggest things it's one of the biggest things that my heart loves him it's rewarding doing the nonprofit when we teach into the schools if you can teach them compassion for the early age it's gonna go a long ways he is still a dog but he's different can be different yes the highlight of nubbies life is me new kids he forgets he's in this wheel's he will run to every child he must make sure he meets everybody in Texas there's just not enough span neuter and it's creating overpopulation the rescue we rescued a pregnant mom that was on the street and she gave birth and now we have six puppies looking for their adoptive homes babies that every time a rescue comes into the house Maggie is like why did you drag something else home the rest of them are always excited you got puppies nothing what are they looking for I've never seen Mack like this before she's the boss she's the boss I'm the grunt can you hold this one too I need to get the other one hurry we gotta scoop them up so cute you already have two nubby he's a dog that it doesn't matter how many legs he has where he's at he's just happy nubby doesn't give up so I mean he could but that's not what nubby does it gives hope to a lot of people just because you have a limb difference or just because you're different period doesn't mean that you don't have a quality of life and he teaches that every single day you

48 thoughts on “Nubby The 2-Legged Boxer Steals His Dad’s Heart | The Dodo Comeback Kids

  1. Why do they give him such big wheels? It looks like he's really struggling because of it. I swear he'd love wheels if they gave him more momentum and balance!

  2. Nubby is so strong I love it and him and thanks to his parents and keep positive nubby and love you and you did it from day one u pushed you are no different from the rest your special

  3. 7:54 “if you can teach them compassion, it can go a long way.” This is so true, and I love how you are teaching these kids that just because Nubby is different doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that. We’re all different, and the only person’s approval we need is our own. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful

    Edit: AND they’re from Texas?! Yee-haw! That’s what I’m talking about!

  4. My son had a stroke at age six. He was paraligic. The cruelest people were adults! Just like Nubby he was better than those he was around! C♥️♥️♥️

  5. Imagine going to this persons house and seeing a dog bouncing like a kangaroo past the door frame and down he hall way like OMFG MY HEART IT’S SO CUTE MY HEART AAAAAAGHHGGHG

  6. thanks guys, thank you for loving dogs like you do. i have my first rescue my niece brought her home but i did declared that i wouldn't want anything to do with this dog. I go through chronic pain and chronic fatigue everyday all day long. Who has time for a dog. Well, that little one pound maltypoo picked me to follow around. She is a year old now and wont leave my side and I wont have it any other way. I love this little dog so much. Meany is my best buddy. I'd never guess how much joy and unconditional love a little dog with a big personality could of bring me. I take lots of walks with her. She's got me moving around pain or fatigue. Who would of known that that little dog I once had no interest in was brought in this home for me,, she picked me! Knubby you are a hero, showing all those kids compassion and love.

  7. He was probablyon the streets because he had no front legs and then the people who had him misunderstood him so they put him the streets but little do they know he is going to be a big strong boy :3

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