Norwegian Forest Cats – Norsk Skogkatt – Cats 101

Norwegian Forest Cats The Norwegian Forest Cat, the official cat
of the Kingdom of Norway, is a much-loved cat breed known for his fluffy coat, large
build, and social disposition. He’s tied with the Vikings and may have
even sailed to the America’s long before Columbus. Let’s see what other fun facts we can find
about these cool cats. Hi, I’m Leroy and I’m Rosie and this is
Animal Facts. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
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below. 10. As mysterious as he is beautiful, the Norwegian
Forest Cat is a unique breed that has been around since the Vikings took him onboard
their longships as mousers in the 1st century. The Norwegian Forest Cat is native to Norway,
with a history going back thousands of years. For centuries, the skogcatt—a Norwegian
word that translates to “forest cat”—survived by his wits and offered his services as a
mouser to farmers and housewives in exchange for shelter in barns, stables or homes. Today, he may not top the list of most popular
cats in America, but he’s big in Europe and especially you guessed it… Norway. 9. Although he is known as the Forest Cat this
breed has no problem with staying cozy at home with his humans. But while he might be fond of being around
you, don’t think that he will turn into a lap cat so easily. This cat is selective with his affections,
choosing to be close to you on his own terms. So if your Norwegian Forest Cat chooses to
be close, take that as a huge compliment! 8. It’s believed that due to centuries of survival
in the harshest of winters in the Scandinavian region, not much really phases this chill
feline. The Wegie, a common nickname for this breed,
is great with kids and other animals because of his calm, laid-back temperament. 7. According to Norse mythology, the Skogkatt
was beloved by Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, who some say traveled in
a kitty-drawn chariot. And in one Norwegian tale, Thor loses a contest
of strength to the tricky god Jormungand, who’s disguised as a Skog Katt. Thanks to these legends, some breeders today
refer to the Norwegian Forest Cat as the “Norse SkogKatt.” 6. Anyone that owns a Norwegian can agree that
this fluffy cat definitely enjoys being in high places. He loves perching himself up high in a tree
to take in a good view of his surroundings, even resting there for several minutes on
end. The Norwegian is the strong silent type and
is very observant, so getting lost in a good view is just his thing. Ever seen a cat run down a tree headfirst? If you have, it was most likely a Norwegian
Forest cat. He has sturdier claws than most breeds, allowing
him to achieve impressive climbing feats. If you own a Norwegian, make sure to give
him plenty of climbing surfaces to hang out on. 5. This mellow cat isn’t likely to be very loud. If he decides to get vocal, he will do so
with chirps and meows. This will most likely occur if his dinner
is late. He’s a big boy at up to 22 pounds, so he
thinks his dinner should never be late. 4. Although the Norwegian Forest cat can be any
color or pattern, you can count on him having a long, double-layered coat that repels water. And he also has tufted ears and toes, which
work like built-in earmuffs and boots. These handy physical traits helped him survive
snowy Scandinavian winters. 3. It is believed by many that the Maine Coon
and Norwegian Forest Cat are linked due to their obvious similarities in appearance. Genetic testing indicates that the Maine Coon
is the descendant of both the Norwegian Forest Cat and an unknown—and now-extinct—domestic
breed. One main difference? The shape of the head for the Norwegian Forest
Cat is a distinct triangle shape that is much different than any other long-haired cat breed. Fun fact: the long tufts of hair in between
their toes is intended to protect from frostbite. 2. During World War II, attention paid toward
the Norwegian Forest cat waned, and he came dangerously close to becoming extinct thanks
to cross-breeding. However, an official breeding program helped
preserve the furry cat’s lineage for future generations. In 1977, the Norwegian Forest cat breed was
officially accepted as a recognized breed by the Fédération Internationale Féline. Two years later, the first breeding pair of
Norwegian Forest cats arrived in America. And in 1987, the breed was officially accepted
by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. 1. He is a busy-minded and athletic cat and has
been known to enjoy active games with adults and children, such as fetch, tag or even hide
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  2. Good video and well presented. We live with Alvin the Norwegian Forest cat who has taken over our whole household. He is on YouTube.

  3. I have a male 7 yr old Wegie. Still active and playful. Too bad its really hard to find a female NFC partner for him in my area.

  4. Hendrix my Cat is 18 pounds. He is more of a personality than cat. But after I read about Siberian Forsets cat I think my NF may be a Siberian. Really do not care cause I fell head over high heels in love .

  5. I have one <3 he was abused and neglected by our neighbor and he came to us near death. He was 3 months old and his hair was completely matted, malnourished, and infested with ear mites. We got him all taken care of and he's a strapping 12 pound two year old now. The first time he climbed a tree, I thought he was stuck and panicking because he was 100 ft up and I thought he was stuck but then he just ran down it face first and almost gave me a heart attack. His hobbies include, napping on the couch, napping on the shelf in my closet, napping on the floor, napping in the shower, shedding, sleeping ontop of his food bowl, frolicking in the snow, and napping on my feet.

  6. I have six of them,they are magnificent creatures,I cannot imagine my life without them!
    you can see all of them in our site

  7. I had a cat before. He was half norwegian forest cat and ran down trees like you said, he was very calm and just sat and watched us do things. He was also a very big cat. Sadly he passed away.

  8. Its funny that you say they are selective with their affection, we have a Maine Coon and a Norwegian forest cat, Jameson, out Maine Coon, doesnt really care and will let you hold him, Sampson, our Norwegian will only let me hold and cuddle him. He goes everywhere that daddy goes, even in the shower with me, speaking of thick double layer coat. His meows, are very quiet, its kinda funny seeing such a big cat with such a small meow.

  9. We had one when i was 0-10 years old and he was named Samson. I was Home from school after he died When He was 9 years old.

  10. Weeee geee. Not wedgey. A wedgey is something that you give someone… if you’re a 13 y/o kid. A Wegie, ie , weee geee, is a NFC… my favorite cat.

  11. So cool and interesting! I just watched that video and it's awesome! I'm from Germany and I searched a German video about norwegian Forestcats, but didn't find something. But this video ist particular! (Sorry, if I maked much grammar mistakes?)

  12. My Magika is the sweetest kitty ever, he loves to push himself in between my husband and I in bed, he actually will lay on his back allowing us to pet his belly for a long while with his loud purrs.
    Magika hardly ever meows except breakfast and dinner, or potty time. Or he just tries to beat the door down with his loud scratching and pushing on the door lol

  13. Thank you for sharing your facts. I have been looking at your videos for helpful clues to learn about my Uma. Uma just turned a year old this week! I work at an animal hospital and a person brought her in when she was 2-3 months old.They told me they found her by the highway and needed to find a shelter for her. She was underweight, had ear mites (typical of outside kitties) and very whiney because she was so hungry. At 2-3 months old she was only a pound and it was difficult to tell how big she might get. Her characteristics are close to maine coon and NFC: she tears up and down the cat tree, loves to climb (she found the bag of food and climbed up three tiers of shelving before I could feed her), exceptional mouser, tufts of fur on the paws and the friendliest cat I have ever met. I may also add the affection is given when is convenient for her but when she is she melts in your arms. She is a healthy and happy kitty. If you want to see my photos of Uma and her tabby friends, she is on my instagram, Garifalia.
    <3 keep rockin' the 411 on cats <3

  14. My small black cat was being attacked by a Norwegian cat but then my big white cat attacked it and defeated the big beast. It doesn’t like coming into our garden anymore.

  15. We have a small semi senior (11-12 years) lady in our house, Snoepke. We adopted the cat cause she could not stay where she lived. She is the most fluffly adorable cat int he world. Her favorite spot is on top of humans when u sitting or lying in bed. When she is awake she goes outside but not far (live in city, she must jump walls wich she can to reach other gardens)But she is new and their is younger/stronger competition. She likes me allot cause she gives me much attention (i'm also the person who plays with here, who cuddles her randomly, i also always clean her toilet, foodcorner and hair remover from floor and cat). Even when i come home smelly from work and taking a shit, she is sitting next to me being cute, that i dont understand.
    The most important, she is still healthy and vital. I will be a broken man if she goes to catheaven (I will normally outlive here), but i will also be happy becasue i gave here a nice old day! Our house is "big", our garden is wild and i hope our cat is happy!

  16. My dad and I made a 6ft/3floor "Kitty-Kat Condo" for my NFC! Couple of 2×4's, natural rope on a few of the posts for scratching, and a few for him at the top. He couldn't be happier, I have to coax him out of it with treats ?

  17. I have a norwegian forest cat. When She wants attention she can mjau so high. And She drag down my old teddybears and treat them like her own

  18. Pretty sure with all this information that my huge,sweet, mellow, loving, bottle baby rescue, love bug boy is a Norwegian Forest Cat!!! Very cool!!! I'd post a pic or 2 but can't attach here.

  19. My NFC (may have been half) was a side cat till her senior years when she decided to be a gracious lap cat. We talked all the time and her affectionate and adventurous soul lives on with me.

  20. I would love to have one of these cats, only problem is i have an allergy to cats, does anyone else here have the same problem, and if so how do you deal with that? would very much appreciate any kind of feedback!

  21. I have 2 black Wedgies .. they have the most fluffy adorable kittens .. they are like walking clouds and are so soft ?

  22. I saved a black one in my heated cat house on the porch last year about this time. He was close to death and I brought him to the vet. Today he lives with my daughter and her family. Beautiful and his name given to him by our vet is, "Mortdecai"!!!!!

  23. I have a Norwegian forest kitten and he’s VERY vocal especially when playing but maybe it’s bc he’s little ? I don’t mind at all tho

  24. I have an all black one. He just showed up on our doorstep one day. He couldn't have been more than 10weeks old. I thought my boxer would scare him but nope. He walked right in attacked my dog and ate his food. Jumped on to the couch and fell asleep. We have had him for 4 years now and is the coolest cat.

  25. A neighbor took one of these cats in after seeing it wandering around the neighborhood for 3 years. She's very loving, very fluffy and quite sick, I hope she recovers soon..

  26. We have a 31 lbs NFC.. found him as a kitten under a bush abandoned and he grew into this giant cat…hes my Gizmo

  27. "The goddess of love an beauty" love how you leave out that last part, her primary domain was DEATH. She was the goddess of the valkyrie (which were in a sort angles of death, or "reapers".) Beauty and fertility we her secondaries.

  28. As a breeder of 20 years of these majestic animals I am very pleased that the information with this video is 100 percent correct! Well done. Lovely video

  29. Most descriptions, photos, and videos on the Norwegian Forest Cat are garbage. This video is very good with only minor errors. One error is that in the US they are sometimes called wegies, as in "Wee Jeez," not wedgies as in uncomfortable underwear. 😉
    I was amazed that almost every cat in the video is a Norwegian! You don't know how rare this is. This cute little girl "Norway" appears twice:
    Another error is at 5:02 where some Siberians appear. The two in front are Altai and Barnaul owned by Alla Lebedeva of Russia. I can't blame Leroy and Rosie since photos of these two cats are ALWAYS mislabelled as Norwegian Forest Cats. Alla might send you kisses if you get their photo and this caption to go viral. "Altai and Barnaul are Siberians NOT Norwegian Forest Cats!"

  30. One of the most hateful, nasty cat breeds there is. We have one, and will not let us pet him or touch him. He hides 24/7. This cat needs to be in the wild…hates humans. I am going to let mine go without hesitation.

  31. I had two of these, and the most amazing thing about them was how much they LOVED invading my bath time!

    Some cats either never enjoy getting wet, or at least needs to be trained to endure it, but these little furballs practicly started joining me in the shower from the first day i got them! I normally never closed the door with my other cats, as they would just sit there and look at what i was doing. But my NFCs just waltzed right in there, DEMANDING i let them shower too…

    I eventually started bathing them in the sink, as they would often sleep there, and when i wanted to have some fun with them, i opened the tab, letting the sink fill. They didn't care, and the fur didn't allow the water to drain, so they would just stay there, only moving when they were about to drown, so i decided that this would be the perfect oppertunities to give them a bath once in a while!

  32. I adopted a kitten who turned out to be a NFC. Hes gorgeous and so lovey ??? I love his big feeties and floofy tail

  33. I have one of these, she has CH which is a disability, but she does not know that she is limited. she is the queen of our house.

  34. I just adopted one! She was about 6 weeks old when I found her, I’m pretty sure her parents left her behind when they moved 🙁 her name is Fluff! She’s very shy, cuddly and active!

  35. What a wonderful (and cute!) video! Well researched, and entertaining. Information matches up with everything else I've seen about them so far.

    I've been trying to identify my kitty for years now! Got him as a kitten off the street, thought someone was missing him terribly in the minus 40C weather but no one claimed him. He's a polydactyl with 24 toes, used to think he was a maincoone but looking at skull shape I'd definitely say he's more like a Nowegian Forest! His behaviour is very similar to all I read on them, but I'm still unsure. If anyone can help, my instagram is melda_arwen and I post a lot of pictures of my kitties that you might be able to help identify what breed he is?

    I also have two for sure mixes, no idea what lineage those two could have as they both certainly have farmcat roots! But this guy I talked about above, he is a little different.

  36. I have one that is grey and white, his name is ernie. He is the sweetest cat ever!!!! He follows me around like a dog and loves to nudge my nose.

  37. Ohh my…there's my kitty at 4:22…she's is a kitten still but pretty much same color and appearance…so glad to know she's gonna look this beautiful in some months?

  38. The Norwegian Forest Cat is probably the closest you can go if you want a tiny lion, just look at that maine! And since they hail from Norway, they probably meow in the viking language :p

  39. We found a kitten along the side of the road and as he grew, I'm thinking he may have some Noregian Forest cat in him. He's friendly and always plays with our dog who is part husky and German Shepard when she gets rough. He just doesn't care

  40. These big Bois are one of the most powerful domesticated cats and extremely ballsy. Even known to attack bears, run up SOLID STONE and litteraly crush the skull of mice in a single bwap. That said, they still do mlems.

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