North West Reacts To Kim Kardashian Secretly Replacing Dead Pet – KUWTK Recap

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian try to replace North West dead hamster Scott Disick might be dating both Courtney and Sophia Ricci Plus Kanye has a hard time impressing the Lord on Christmas hey guys Ali for Hollywood Life of your weekly – cap and this episode is as stay all's course performance – ring an ad for tick tock I'm happy biodiverse oceans mean a healthier world and a future for our sushi very good for our Sochi what's a while that she actually said that speaking of Kourtney we finally get to see the car Jenner's reaction to Scott taking both his baby mama home the love of his life and Sofia Ricci on a family trip to Cabo to be honest it's a little confusing Kourtney and Scott and Sophia on vacation together what is happening let me see what the comments say Sophia's a young fool and Kourtney is an old fool and all of these people need therapy we do why in the world would she feel the need I think she just wants a trip with the kids she wants a trip with the kids and she has a lot of trips with the kids she can pick up and go to Mexico any day of the week my fear is that she can't make up her mind she can't pick a pink color that takes months I'm just saying because of her indecisiveness it's going to bite her in the ass oh and she's gonna be the one deciding way too late that she is in love with Scott and wants to spend the rest of her life with Scott do you know what the she wants exactly Chris is looking at Kourt like you're way out of your league and courts like Mexico speaking of Christian Kim discussed changing things up this year for the family Christmas party Kim is apparently tired of random people showing up at these parties and wants to focus on the family so if you're wondering why Leonardo DiCaprio and JLo showed up your guess is as good as mine but also like who wouldn't want Jay Leo at their party I mean I won't take Leo at my birthday party tomorrow I'll even take Jace Shaun I remember him anyway back to the show Kim and Kris share a very emotional moment in which she takes over the reins from her mom when it comes to party planning however almost immediately Kim is beginning a fight was Kanye over the phone because he's quickly breaking their budget regardless of EA's biggest efforts he just can't seem to impress the Lord having a ski mountain in your backyard is always a plus a little weird that didn't have a chairlift but okay the Christmas party was also a big moment for baby true and she gets to share it with her siblings however Tristan isn't available due to his hectic basketball schedule and it's kind of sad to see Coco without him I'm just playing she got wasted with Paris Hilton how can you top that what is kind of sad though to see is Kylie and Jordan Woods having a great time together when we all know this friendship is going to crash and burn soon but okay let's talk about life after death because when North West received a hamster from Chloe it's already dead just after one episode Kim and Chloe then create a plan to replace the hamster before North notices because apparently it's easier to replace the thing at Petco then tell a young child what the circle of life really means and while they do replace the hamster time and North doesn't notice Kim and Coco can't stop gloating about their evil plan right in front of her I didn't know black tail had a long life expectancy you guys I thought that hamster look well three years but I thought it was about two weeks sleeping and Northey was picking it up when it was sleeping and she wouldn't accept the fact that it gie deep so we searched all around town for a doctor that would bring black tail back in her life she thought but it was athough tit was dead remember carrying it around and see how old her and said it was just sleeping and hibernating never smart but all right hips us up like at Velva and don't forget to watch the show Sunday nights only on e and follow me on social media at a leasetech Nita bye guys

49 thoughts on “North West Reacts To Kim Kardashian Secretly Replacing Dead Pet – KUWTK Recap

  1. My problem is the fact that they obviously didn’t do ANY research on how to care for a hamster, the cage she got was COMPLETELY inappropriate so it’s safe for me to assume that the hamster died from stress as it was not cared for correctly

  2. Why am I laughing at this, but I do feel for little miss North sweetheart beauty princess she is !
    This is trauma right in front of her. I'm pretty sure she can spell due the fact she goes to school by now!

  3. That is NOT a proper cage for the hamster! If anyone is reading this do not get tiny Tails cages I would recommend two or three Critter Trails for to gerbils and that is just a gerbil. You could go and get a 90 quart plastic tub poke holes in the lid and that would be perfect for a gerbil or hamster of any sort and it's like $9 10 at most where is it a tiny Tales cage is like 40 something dollars. Y'all please do your research and get proper cages for your animals. I know it doesn't seem like that much of an issue but their hamster could have died because it was depressed one because it was alone too because the cage isn't big enough. A hamster needs 450 square inches at least of stolid floor room

  4. Err, it was actually Penelope who asked. She said, "She (North) thought it was dying? Is that what D-I-E-D means?"

    Didn't you hear Khloe say, "P, how old are you?" Penelope said, "6." and then Khloe said, "you're very smart."

  5. This family is so gross, scott loves young teen girls and kim didn't take care of the pet that's why it died, disgusting people that get praised by dumb masses

  6. It’s called CO PARENTING
    Kris is correct it took Kourtney a week to name her son. A year to buy a house and move into the house when she did it was full RATS. Kim you need spell check DEAD.

  7. The whole family is rude and major attention seekers.they know how to swear and give the finger very well but they lack common sense and gradatude. They are so fake .whole is a horrible bully and they put looks before anything. Good job raising spoiled whining brats kris's Jenner.

  8. What even does Jay Sean do know? Him, Taio Cruz, Ester Dean and alot more artist's from the 2000's are so underrated and MIA.

  9. That ball the hamster was in is not good for them as it bends their backs and causes back issues, the cage is too small and it needs to be full of bedding so they can dig

  10. nooo, the millionaires can't even buy a cage big enough for the poor creature and they get ANOTHER ONE DX

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