7 thoughts on “North Carolina Woman Faces Charges After Sheltering Pets During Hurricane Florence

  1. This is apsulutly disgusting. So she didn't have the one place registered as a animal shelter. It was in the works. This woman helped these animals out that would have otherwise died . This is wrong on so many levels

  2. The natzi police are out of control. The natzi police would stand by and watch animal suffer and die. They arrested this lady to suck money out of her and try to destroy people that care for the welfair of animals. The natzi police are evil. As for county run animal shelter they have a very long history of the most evil torture on animals. Let the world see the use of vacuum chambers to kill cats and dogs by county run animal shelters. With holding antibiotics to an injured animal is despicable. Personal note to lady do not let these evil people stop you from loving these animals and helping out when you can.

  3. The shelter did the RIGHT thing and this is DISGUSTING that this poor woman is being treated like this.  What about the disgusting creatures that left the dogs chained and ditched them for the storm?  Huh?  And the voice of that animal control, oh, so you are the ahole I spoke to today.  Yes, you.  You should be ashamed of yourself for doing this.  I FULLY SUPPORT THIS WOMAN.  People that rescue, we are familiar with antibiotics when you have multiple pets especially pets with problems usually caused by others.  We rescue because we are ethical empathetic people.  it's not like she did surgery.  She administered antibiotics she was familiar with and alleviated pain for dog that was abandoned by owner.  You aholes should be going after those that had the dogs on a chain and ditched them.

  4. This girl did the wrong thang she did illegal medican on dogs and cats the animal shelter did nothing wrong weather did Frank sauls

  5. Sounds like this ruling came from the city council and not the police…..and like the Pontius Pilate's sitting in the council they will wash their hands.

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