Me and my cat,
we really have a good feeling. I never regret having adopted it.
False! I bought a cat leash. But I don’t understand
why this kind of stuff exists, given that he absolutely refuses
to be taken for a walk. It looks like I’m actually
walking its corpse. It’s fine, I’ve found a solution. A thing my cat
really loves to do, is to meow almost
4 million times a day, for no reason! However, when I have to leave,
that I’m really in a hurry, and that I call it
to check if it’s here, it is really smart enough
to not meow at all anymore. This big dickhead! Sergi! Sergi! Sergi! I’m not kidding anymore! Anyways, I don’t manage
to educate my cat properly. Each time it does a stupidity,
I reprimand it, but at the same time, I find it so cute that I give it plenty of kisses,
so he must not understand anything. Why did you steal
my little piece of ham, huh? But what is he telling me?
I don’t understand. Is it good or bad? But cats, they have a way of thinking
that we cannot understand. For example, I’ll buy a cat toy
of a priceless value, perfectly sophisticated. It plays with it
nearly zero second. However, he found this piece of plastic
that comes from a biscuit packet, and that is really for him
the biggest blast in the world! You see, it’s really very, very funny. It’s funny because, when you have a cat
and you receive guests, you realize very quickly who is used
to have a cat and who’s not. Oh my God! The cat comes directly on me.
Don’t you say anything? He’s sharpening his claws now.
It’s scratching me. Oh, and he’s losing his hair.
I was allergic when I was a kid. He’s hitting me now.
In my family, we had a hamster. By the way, I was wondering,
if one day I come home and my cat is dead,
what do I do of his body? Where do I put it? What’s very practical
with a cat though, is that, in the morning, he can wake you up.
It has an alarm clock function. However, it’s a totally random time. Why did you wake me up?
It’s eight o’clock! I’m sorry,
I have no brain! In any case, despite
these unimportant little issues, having a cat
is a real pleasure. I give plenty of love to my cat
and he knows how to give it back. Do you want to go for a walk?
>>[Meow] Stop!
This message has no relation. For some time now, there’s the app
“Norman fait des vidéos” which has been launched
for smartphones. There are already a lot of people
who downloaded it and gave it a good rating. So thanks, it’s cool! Some wonder maybe
what it’s for. Actually, it’s to receive all my videos
directly, as soon as they’re uploaded. You can watch all my old videos. I can also send you many little messages in push,
that I wrote myself with my small fingers. There’s a soundbox
with plenty of funny sounds. Amazing! You can play tricks on your friends. There are also plenty of little
jokes hidden in the app, because I like to laugh. And it’s completely
free for everyone. There, you can download it.
See you soon!

100 thoughts on “NORMAN – AVOIR UN CHAT

  1. Et en fait on va dire que je suis sur m quoi car toutes les nuits partir de 8h du soir il vient il fait oui bonjour il dort devant moi et je m'endors à force d'être habitué

  2. On s'en bas les couilles de "sergie repose en paix" ou pas , arrêtez ! Le but c'est pas de pleurer pour un animal qui n'a rien à faire dans votre vie mais plutôt de kiffer la vie ! Parlez du sujet de la vidéo au lieu de sergie !

  3. Repose en paix sergi on t’aime tous c triste de regarder la vidéo et regarder les commentaires en apprenant qu’il est mort ?

  4. Il y a des personnes qui disent que les chats noirs sa porte malheur alors que j en ai un depuis que j'ai 6ans il ma jamais porté malheu

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