something crazy as happened in vacuum simulator a new portal is open connecting the world to space hi guys what lies beyond that portal is in Seine 13 years ago a new part is created after a terrible explosion filling the world with dust that is when a group of genius inventors created ultra powered vacuums to clean the world and until this day everything was going fine but now there is something over must be stopped will we say vacuum island stay until the end to find out oh this looks so pretty oh you look so pretty portal I would love to go inside of you but thirty rebuffs seriously the brand-new portal also yes that is a penguin of my flippin head also hey Romeo I didn't say hi to today how are you doing Thank You Man ok Romeo I have a nice day Randy Romeo sir – Randy Oh seriously it's gonna take me so flippin long to rebuff 30 times I mean guys I've only rebuffed wait what 29 times when the heck did that happen but even though every part when T 9 times I still have to rebuff for more time and that's gonna cost way more than however much I have I made seriously 60 million coins and I only have wait when did I get 280 million coins you know what that means it's rebirth I didn't I didn't feel so proud of me okay so guys with fuzzy rebuffs I can finally and flipping space this Porter was only billion for one day and I am super excited to finally have the opportunity to do it so guys without further ado let's slowly move towards the portal and go in side wait before we go into the space would you give that subscribe button a left-right good right hi guys and over to my group to come the latest March what are you waiting for anyway back to the video guys I'm gonna do it it's so pretty let's go inside three two one Wow okay guys this is it this is space look at the moon Oh mr. moon you're out too soon hope you would hey mr. moon don't call me a Randy again or I'll give you the left right good night your dumb dumb also mr. moon do not touch the merchandise that's the donut merchandise whoa these new ads are 1000 coins and the next ones are 2500 for a fedora I will literally never be able to afford this way what's this bets for twelve hundred and fifty gems this patch look insane we also have new worlds inside of here which are five hundred two hundred and seventy five rebirths guys i currently only have three hundred and seventy eight gems which means i don't have enough to buy anything here but i do have enough to buy something from here so I've got to make a good decision right now I could either buy at tier seven beds or a few tier six pets and seeing as I have one already I think I'm gonna check the stats out and see if I should get another couple so this guy is way more powerful than my other pets as you can see but then there's also the opportunity for me to buy myself a fedora or even better indominus who doesn't want to flip indominus and guys I have enough to buy myself a dominus and also one of these pets so let's flippin do this I want to stop the pet first here we go let's see what we get a carbon-fibre Dominus he looks so cool he's pretty average what look at those studs I'm gonna quit my new you flip it Randy this guy looks insane what he even looks cool I'm gonna call you doggy wait I still have enough to buy myself one of these beautiful hats so here we go pray for the golds can we get the goats okay we didn't get the gold we got the Astra which kind of matches my pets it's also the most basic one guys look how it makes me look I look like a flippin Randy seriously I just spent all of my money what the heck guys hold your horses I've just seen an equip sixpence game pause in the premium sure guys you know me I got out myself oh geez I just did it oh yeah I have my old army down so guys with my sixpence out now I literally get money so low flippin quick vacuuming up the city streets of this entire boat is gonna be so easy seriously socks will grab when you actually get this many rebuffs because you just love that you have to get so many more like 75 ripoffs you know this doesn't get you food and Randy 500 rebuffs actually I did meet a guy earlier who had 1500 rebuffs and also it looks like I have really long ears coming down from my head that is so it's guys I rebuff really quickly now look I literally walk out and wait right this is insane look I'm gonna get the cats pack right now and look at me just watch me look I don't even get to walk out and I literally sell it oh my flippin Nora this is insane I bake is so much money so quickly Oh what happens everybody's okay and guys another rebuff that is a whopping 31 rebuffs in fact it's 32 but I did just notice mr. Gupta Mir has 900 rebuffs hi guys for those of you struggling to even get one rebuff head over to the Twitter code selection and put the following code in and she will get your very first rebuff for free guys this guy could be with the nine of the reporters just show me that you can actually rebirth a ton of times this is a game changer and you guys don't know me I can go crazy so here's what I'm gonna flip into I'm gonna save up ain't sort of coins and rebirth immensely hahaha okay guys hey up here in the tree Hey I have almost gone 6.6 billion coins in fact I believe if I sell these I now have 6.7 billion coins which means I can rebirth 100 times select don't see if this actually works or see if I mess it up and circle views I believe it just click down here and whoa I did 132 rebuffs I also have 1113 coins guys let's go buy some cool things so guys here I am back in space and you can see I have unlocked this over here this new amazing place I've also now rebirth 182 trying's and more importantly I am ready to buy myself something spectacular guys I said I would buy something special and I am going to buy the best pet in the game so guys let's flippin do this also have a rusty vacuum what tag Oh rusty you in the face um where was I oh yeah ultimate let buying time guys without further ado let's buy that bet 3 whining let's do this oh my god this is a flippin space penguin how good is a space penguin you might be asking yourself right now oh my goodness so it turns out of space penguin is actually insane oh my goodness you're so cute way where did he go what egg did he go there is oh my goodness you flippin scam me a dumb-dumb oh I only have 397 coins left I literally can't buy anything here weights I know where I can buy something I could buy something here so do I buy one of these pets and all-around ease or do I try and get a bed to dominus I feel we got four bits of dominance so let's do this please give me the gold German us the German s imperious but you still got it cool it's better than this fluttering penguin face in fact let me get this stupid penguin face off and let's acquit this and I have to dominus this as aho oh my face what is going on with my face why do I look like that I don't like a Randy punch guys I am so powerful now this is stupid look how much money I make every time I rebirth and they've already rebuffed 182 times which when you think about it really is my much like I've seen people with like a 1200 rebuffs wait what a black hole vacuum hums I've never seen this before whoa look at the range of multiplier against the best whoever you can buy that is insane guys I think we have done our mission here we have ports not only one of the best pets in the game but also the best hats and also guys we conquered space no guys I know a lot of you're gonna want to see me go into caviar and also Marwin which I will do if you smash that like button also shut the flip up moon you're a foreigner but yes guys that is going to be it from me today if you guys did enjoy this video then please do hit the subscribe button what are you waiting for oats additively leave a comment or suggestion in the comment section down below and I of course see you all in the next video good [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Calixo why did you change to this here dying simulator? change back to robloxian highschool so we can learn how to make abominations again

  2. Not it is real the game is real but we're not humans in this game not real people in Roblox or not blocks

  3. i sent you a friend request please aecept it please i love your vid your the best i subscribed to you and hit the bell please acseupt myfriend request please

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