the police have taken over Bubblegum simulator and guys they must be stopped I have had it up to here with these bullies calling people noobs we need a hero and so I have decided to take it upon myself to stop these bullies in the past I have been ridicules worst around and worst of all they called me a boo boo baby but I am not having it any more so today we're going to go and fight some bullies and when those bullies call me anew I will feel my super secret Kraken fangs spice without further ado let's flippin do this the way this is going to work is I'm booted by mr. hellos Kraken pets right there on my own accounts and when I do that I will join random servers until I finally uh eventually find some serious bullies guys not only will I be borrowing this beautiful Kraken I will also be borrowing RT sooo amazing Easter baskets so what I'm gonna do right now is hop onto my own account just collect so and let's begin this new trolling video okay so guys here I am as mister just killing so and guys I'm about to receive these amazing secret pets and begin my noob trolling adventure hey what why did he call me a french fry cuz I'm yellow Saru derp okay so if you could police trade me the amazing pets mister Hallows baby and artis egg baskets if you could please trade me those pets okay here we go first of all we're doing the Kraken from mr. hello Thank You hello absolutely amazing guys as you can see right now I'm about to get the Easter baskets so I am now the most powerful noob side of this game okay so guys I have just joined my first game and as you can see this is like the new BS of ever there's like five people of no gems this might not be the best place to do a noob trolling video but there is a brand new act that everybody is opening and I feel like this is the perfect place to start with what's this what pet is that these guys are quite talkative what is going on look at these guys is that better than my shiny Cerberus what the heck these guys are like these guys going crazy over this guy's evil shock he's saying no you can't borrow it wait let me see if I can burrow its I don't suppose I could burn the patties no dude you can't hey back off Nova what the heck he just called me a noob stinking of oh my goodness that is so over the top guys I didn't mean to stop you hatching wait I smell wait this guy looks like he has like some buns in his hair us I mean what are they like oranges or something your vet is really good he said why are you yellow are you spongebob I'm not spongebob what are you green cuz you're plankton flippin plankton heads here's a potato oh my goodness these guys are bullying what the heck is going on somebody said free pet please mean noob weird AG dis guys running around asking for free pets you're so bad you have bacon what so do you we literally have buffa bacon he said he eats it for breakfast would you eat your own hair for breakfast that's so weird I have brown the bacon smells like rats you don't just so rude big bullies I don't care what these guys are in Sadie smells like old socks ow he just kicked me I've honestly never met a flipping group of players before horses mean up me want me pet to me pet please me oh my goodness this person cannot even speak no you plunge head noob you stink well don't flip these guys are pulling everybody guys I have joined about 15 servers and finally found not only some news but the worst noobs I have ever met why is this guy trading me does he want a free pets what he just canceled me pranked me what the heck can you guys stop pull in or I'll get my big bro on you and he'll bash you up with the left right good night what he's an expert and what am I looking does the expert above his name I'm outrageous I will get my big sis your sis is smallest my pros biggest sand kicks in the face what is going on everybody is that you piling around this right now I've never seen this before and another guy's got me going for stop Warfel abuse what is going on there oh my goodness this guy's being so mean he saying nobody likes you what cuz she has bad clothes seriously that's swimming she said oh my goodness of flippin cheeseheads icky you know what I'm staying away from these guys I feel like they are literally just bullying absolutely everybody maybe if I stay away they might stop bullying people guys it looks like everybody is sort of doing their own thing again people have disappeared from the serve an hour I gave me like 5-10 minutes to let everything die down and I'm just gonna go and casually go back in and just walk past to see if anything happens so guys as you can see I do have enough gems to open some eggs so I'm gonna open one right here and see what I get what I got a gold tube or what he said that she said again what the flip I literally just got there don't be rude I'm nice I'm just playing the game like you he said I swear if you don't leave I will beat you up oh my goodness this girl is still trying to borrow a pet you know what I'm gonna give her a pet literally nobody has given her a pet I'm gonna give her a gold bull there we go there is a gold bull for you oh geez hopefully she doesn't see what's that that wasn't good enough for her are you kidding me this is the weirdest server I've ever been in you stink like rotten cheese okay guys I'm trying to wind these guys up to see if I can trick them into being even bigger police wait what's going on I've missed a load of conversation here he said you want me to bully you oh my goodness show your pets trust me buddy you don't want to see my pets okay look I bet my bet is better than yours okay guys I'm gonna equip the a marshmallow here we go the Mossville is good see much better than you way why is he laughing he's saying oh wow that's so good fight oh my goodness he just pranked me what the heck you stinky right we doesn't might thing I see right I've just met somebody else in the game this is right he said it's so bad shiny sub is better what is going on a waste random guys youngster waffle abuse did he just tell me to quit Bubblegum simulator I don't belong here why I'm a person just like you because I'm a noob we don't want you here wait this guy stick it off me say stop him yes don't blame me guys I'm going to the anti-bullying tree they won't be able to bully me up here hahaha what's this go eat milk you noob you have no robots how could you say that what the heck that's so be my powers can't afford it why would you even say that what's this me quit Bubblegum's simulator yeah you need to quit stupid head what's this your parents are broke oh my goodness he just said my parents of flipping broke that is so mean I've literally never seen a pulley in the game like this guy what is his name guys bubble swaps one you have no family wire I've never seen this happen in bubblegum simulators before everybody who is everybody is circling right now this is so weird there's like five players like literally going crazy you smell like my toilet your parents are ugly and you're a mistake stupid no she just said crackin what is she talking about no idea nobody has a cracking around here weirdo what the flip is she talking about wait bubble you have a crackin wait I think she just said bubble has a flipping cracking huh cuz I definitely don't when was this I wish only the best of that pet potato do you want to pets wait once yes please I would love one oh my goodness he's gonna give me one Waits oh he's gonna trade one of his best pets no way is this Anthony real I can't believe he's trading more than his pets me what he just pranked me no plans for you bye guys how did he not see that I had the flippin crackin all my goodies he said coins bubble gum simulates her you know what let's make a deal I challenge you to a duel if you have better pets than me I will quit bubblegum simulator and laid out in the floor like this guy what if I have benefits than you now you have to stop being a bully deal okay everyone step back this is between me and this guy Pabu swaps whoa lookee just show me all of his best bets okay wait let me just do a little Frank real quick and I'm gonna pretend like I have a good head right we go my son wait look he's laughing and calling me a noob who's this guy said leave him alone what the heck described approvers just joined with literally nothing and just have to leave me alone okay can I have another Chan I clicked the wrong pets he said sure okay the guys it is time to flip in wreck this Randy yeah dum-dum look you say once oh my goodness look everybody's going mad I have the cracker and the two Easter baskets look is no idea look II tried to friend me go boy just tried to friend me no flipping way to client you are the best Baker now look everybody's trying to trade me look they're all following me and sending me friend requests this is insane look I'm trying my trade off I'm not having any of these guys trade me they're all trying to be my friend now let me unequip these pets because otherwise I can't see a thing look he's saying wait all of a sudden he wants to be my friend can I borrow the Kraken guys check this out this is gonna be so funny of course you can here you go buddy I'm just gonna ready up right now okay sike got you have a taste of your own medicine he said okay fine I'll stop bullying your body it's too late you are the worst bully I've ever seen inside of this game just get me Kraken can you friend me since I helped you to stop being bullied of course I can't read Nick where is he read Nick I will accept your friend request cuz you was a nice guy you on the other hand decline from request decline from request this code kept asking for vets the kryla they said to be more friend requests what is going on what the flip he said trade me to stop waffle abuse this guy I have no idea who he is he's actually insane geez finally I got away from these dum-dums guys that is today's lesson look how many bullies that were in this game that is the worst one I've had so far these bullies must be stopped these guys literally friended me they instantly saw like crackin did you see what he was saying before but guys I'm gonna get out of this toxic wall before Warfel abuse finally gets stopped go back to my private server and so all my friends exactly what happens okay guys I'm back adage of Lippman miss me I literally just found the worst police I have ever met inside of Road okay why did he just say no how could you not have missed me Olive Alex has given me a very skeleton kind of cuddle just tell me about it hugs oh thank you so much what took me so long buddy have you seen these flipping bullies you would have lost your squid tentacles honestly it was insane wait it's captain earth captain if I haven't seen you in so long geez guys now I'm gonna trade these pets back so Artie Diego you are up first here we go there's your Easter baskets guys that said I'd give it everybody secret pets back that is everybody secret pets I've given them back everybody's I don't have to give anybody any more secret pets look i just pranked l oh he was like oh I just been scammed hello I would never scab you don't worry buddy here you go here is your amazing Kraken thank you so much for letting me bro your Kraken there we go oh wait that's not the Kraken but yes guys that is going to be it from me today if you guys still enjoy this for your the police to hit the subscribe button with a left right good night hey guys thank you so much for watching this video good bye Oh Randy's coming everybody died at least I didn't oh well daddy Gavin's [Applause]


  1. Hey calixo! Don’t let those dum dums get to your head!

    PS can I be your friend we can teach those bullies a lesson
    My user is ryancoolpolice
    It would really make my day!

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