Non-Toxic Plants For Cats and Dogs

Hello hello, hello you guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s video You might be wondering first of all, why am I on the floor? And why is Indy on the couch? well to answer your first question I always kind of always sit on the floor over here and for your second question It’s because in today’s video we are going to tell you Some amazing new plants that are pet friendly and so I figured who better star in this video with me other than Indy and maybe Ruby but Ruby is off eating apples right now and Ryan is right behind the camera. Just kind of observing the whole thing But Ryan’s not a dog and you are! So we are gonna cover some fantastic plants for all of you Pet lovers, pet owners and have some little furry babies in your life to make sure That your plants and your furr babies can coexist happily and without some very bad Tummy aches all the plants that I’m mentioning are doggy as well as Kitty safe First up on the list. We have a cast iron plant. This is the one that I particularly have I believe it’s called the Milky Way cast iron This is great because they can chew on it if they please it’s not gonna be great for your plant But your puppies will not get sick the cast iron plant can do really well in lower light conditions It can also do really well in lowered humidity conditions Its overall an incredibly easy play to take care of and aesthetically it’s pretty funky. I mean look at it It looks kind of freaky-deaky if ya know what I mean. Another really good pet friendly plant would be the money tree I don’t have it with me in front of me right now, but it’s directly in front of my face I will insert it clip right MEOW! It’s a plant or a tree rather that you can find regularly in most nurseries and honestly even grocery stores It’s a very common plant Mostly idolized because it’s said to bring good fortune as well as good luck The Boston fern comes in number three for this list and it’s great because not only is it one of the top air Purifying plants but it brings a nice tropical aesthetic to basically any spot that is in My house doesn’t have the best luck with ferns… I Do love the maidenhair fern and I do miss it very much and all the attempts they’ve tried to keep it but I think until I personally have a terrarium or a vivarium or some sort of a indoor greenhouse I don’t think ferns will work for me. But if you live in a human friendly area, that sounded like human friendly.. I meant humid friendly area then the Boston fern will be a double whammy a two for one air purification as well as pet friendly Another humid loving plant on this list would be the calathea. This is the white fusion variety it’s said to be a bit of a diva and that’s because the edges tend to get Brown quite easily and Well, I think that’s about it. Right Ryan? Yeah. Yeah, so I have a couple of different varieties of them around the house. I don’t have any issues with them personally however, I feel like it’s kind of like Sort of been the same family. It’s the fern in terms of complications of humidity So if you live in a desert area, and you don’t have a humidifier in your house Maybe don’t get the calathea or the Boston fern because this guy will probably die Probably die No you just want to stare at him? too cool for your toys? they grow up so fast Next step we have a pony tail palm now. These are little pony tail babe-a-roonies, I do have a larger pony tail palm You okay there?? Okay, I do have a larger pony tail palm in another area of my house, however, this is one of my favorite varieties This is also the plant that would be really great. If you have like a cubicle or something I personally have this one in my cubicle. For example What else about this plant? They’re very fun, yeah, they’re very fun, but I don’t another note that I have this don’t overwater it so Yeah, I guess don’t overwater it it’s a slow growing plant it’s pet friendly and It looks kind of fun. I mean, I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend putting it in the bonsai pot like I did however, it doesn’t very funky and the only reason why I wouldn’t recommend doing it like that is just because it’s kind of like if You nudge it at all It can become a bit unstable I mean, I’ve had it in this pot form for probably like a year or more by this point. So this is pretty stabilized They could probably like slide it across the floor, but I was feeling like extra insane or something and it would be totally fine But I mean when you first start out you just don’t want to Jostle it too much Sort of like a new relationship this next plant I know you guys are gonna love and I say I know you guys are gonna love it because it’s been basically plant viral For what like two years at least a solid one year run and that my friends is the pilea pepermiodes also known as the chinese money plant It’s also said to bring good fortune as well as abundance and luck to those who have it So please this is gonna be a really intense year. I have a baby on the way. So make it a good one Good luck plants also say I guess that it gives good luck to the pups because it doesn’t make them sick, right Indy? where’s your face? Where’s your feet indeed brightens over here? He’s distracting him getting kisses from him You’re my co-star indy! That is finally it would be the rabbit’s foot I personally don’t have it how I will insert. Yes. They did say bunny However, I will insert a picture of it so that he do know what it looks like Another fantastic palm for air purification would be the Neanthe Bella palm this palm apparently has been like Poppin’ since the Victorian ages. It’s been a very popular I know it’s a while it’s been a very popular palm and also this one can stand lower light as well as low humidity and It’s air purifying which I mean, yes, you could argue all plants are essentially air purifying I think to a certain extent however some plants are simply more air purifying than others because they can absorb toxins in the Atmosphere and then poop out some good stuff for them lungs Yes, a double is a triple whammy that’s why I need mmm, that’s why it’s extra fun It’s kind of like, you know, you get a free milk shake if you go get a burger and a fries You know what? I mean? Something centers, you know. Yeah that just sound actually really good What flavour were you thinking? I was thinking strawberry too indy what you thinking? he’s vanilla that’s an easy question No, okay Don’t put the seal on the head right may well for all of you people who love to have edible plants in your house You’ll probably like this next one. Yeah, I know you love food No, you are not food though. Okay, but this one is I believe are the are but quia olive tree It’s really It’s commonly known as the table olive and it is said to have a mild buttery taste I can’t speak for it too much because I usually only go for like black olives very seldom on my pizza So I don’t really know too much about olives, but if you don’t like olives This one this one is the best for you when your pets Next up we have the infamous spider plantain I say infamous because this plant has been around the block a couple times It was apparently quite the hot commodity back in the what was that the sixties ran? I’m gonna be honest. I have no clue. Are you kidding? You? Haven’t heard like Okay, well apparently Back in the heyday. This plant was like in everyone’s house getting around getting funky because it’s Fantastic, this is also another air-purifying go ahead and sniffing Indy. It’s pet friendly But it’s really air purifying as well as being friendly to the plants. It can tolerate lower light it can go in a hanging pot a standing putt and it’s Probably one of the easiest plants in the entire world to propagate I propagated this probably like at least two or three times by now It might born yeah Your take the little baby is off of these kind of like little offshoots right here and you take the media very easy to maintain very easy to take care of love it highly recommend it if you have animals and if you’re just starting out with plants or even if you’re not starting out with plants, I’m gonna spider plant is like It’s like if you didn’t have a front door on your house, you know what I mean? it’d just be like something’s kind of missing the Final plant on this particular. Oh my god, I should plant Pet friendly plant list would be the Majesty pond. This is another slow grower it beautiful palm I don’t particularly have it. However, it is fantastic and I hope Why should I don’t really know what I hope but I hope if one of you have it that you also really like it So that about wraps up the list of the place that I have, but I do have some pet friendly Advice regarding plants as well. So just in case you have some plants that let’s say aren’t pet friendly, which I definitely do luckily Luckily if my animals don’t go through my plants very often at all at very most They kind of just like to sniff it just to acknowledge its presence in their lives However, if you do have some very curious plans some things you could do before ridding the plant necessarily entirely from the home Would be to cover up the soil So a lot of the times little fur babies like to kind of dig in the soil or sniffing the soil or eat the soil If you put some gravel on the top surface layer of said soil They won’t really be able to access it very easily another way, which is one that I do almost Exclusively to a certain extent is I keep all of the non pet friendly safe plans That’s a lot of words in a completely other room than the puppy Rooney’s this way They can’t even access them unless they’re essentially under supervision Another way to do it is to have Only hanging plants. So this will work really well because it won’t be in fun of theirs fuzzy little faces So they won’t be able to access or nibble on it If you’d like to know some more pet friendly plants Please let me know by giving me a thumbs up on this video or comment down below to say I needed more plants Suggestions and I will bring Ruby along on my next pet friendly plant adventure Otherwise, I’ll see you guys in my next video

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  1. Hi I have a fair number of these pet friendly ones AND I have MANY toxic ones. I have 5 cats and they all seem to know they must be able to smell the toxicity in these plants as they don't go near them BUTs pider plants, draceana marginata and especially the ponytail palm I have to put up high or they will chew the leaves off. Weird as this may sound my ponytail palm has 8 bulblets and still small plant so I can do this with it but I had to put it in a macrame holder and hang it up as one cat was severely obsessed with it, meowing at the plant and wanting it.

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  3. 5:54 hahahahaha, "This is going to be a really intensive year, I have a baby on the way, so make it a good one." I'm dying XD You're hilarious.

  4. Awesome! I have two kitties, and they are not interested in the least in my plants, which is awesome, but if they were I would hang them out of harms way or their way, lol. I want to get a Pilea Peperomiodes, and yes they are hard to find. Don't have any palms yet, not really into those. Loved this video, you are so cute and so is Indy, I hope you keep feeling great, and your life with a new baby coming is going to be as busy and crazy as possible, but it's the best time of your life! Have a great day, and I will see you in the next video.

  5. Such a cute and lovable baby. Very informative video. Thanks for sharing. You guys are such a funny and happy family. Glad I found your channel.

  6. More pet-friendly plants and more videos with more dogs are always great!! So far all of my plants stay in my bedroom because our cat Leia likes to eat entire plants (she ate our housemate's fern)

  7. Another great , fun video. My fur baby doesn't pay any attention to any of my plants, thank goodness! Indy is so cute and funny! You both made me laugh. Thank You!

  8. I’m here because you were highly recommended to check out. I’m glad I did. ? Love this video and Indy is so cute. Thanks for sharing Erika.

  9. Erika, I have three cats and four dogs. I also have friendly and not friendly plants around. They are especially interested in the scent of a new plant coming in, as you said. You know, what are the chances of any new plants coming into the house? Anyway, if they show an interest in a plant, I sprinkle the soil and the leaves with cayenne pepper. They do not seem to like the smell and make no attempt to interfere with the plant. I provide a pot of wheat grass at all times, and it is mixed in with my plants, and that is what the cats like to chew. So the combination of the cayenne and giving them their own plant, seems to work in my house.

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