-Once you get into homelessness
it’s a spiral, and it’s very
hard to get back out. -The whole mission is to not
have a pet be hungry and not
have a pet be in pain. And if their owner happens to be
homeless, even more reason to help them,
because they don’t have the
resources. We get at least, I would say, 10
calls a day of people needing
help like that. -As far as I know, we’re the
only national organization that
does this. We have treated over 12,800
pets, and that could be either in a wellness clinic situation
or an emergency. -Some of our volunteers actually
take it to the streets or take it out to these encampments
where they know that the homeless are
congregated. -Cats, and dogs. Cats, and dogs
hey now. -We will sponsor a veterinarian
who would like to do more in his
community community because he knows that
there is homeless out there that
can’t afford vaccinations. -He just need a rabies shot so I
figured I’d come here and let
him get it. -Homeless connects happen across
the country. -We have a veterinarian that
will bring his staff in to
vaccinate animals. -What I know about these pets is
that they are loved. I think it allows homeless
people to have a lifeline that
they can hold on to and know that it’s going to be taken
care of by the community, and so
I think it’s vital. -Intuition plays a big part when
we talk to these people. Just talking to them and letting
them talk, you can get a feel. -Homelessness is never going to
go away and there’s always going
to be someone that needs our help. You know
obviously with what we can help them with I’m more than
happy to help them but if it’s
something that we can’t I hate turning them
away, and the conversation ends
with, you know, good luck, you know, and I’ll never hear
from them especially women that
are a part of domestic violence, and it’s just so hard to say
goodbye, you know to them
because I can’t help them and it’s like I want to get in
my car and drive across the country and help them but
I can’t. -You know my dog right now is at
home, by herself. She’s wondering when me and my
husband are gonna come home, and the homeless pets, they’re
with their owners 24/7, and so they have a way bigger
bond then you and I have with
our pets. -There’s a um, portion of the
population that probably
disagree with what we do here, and they’re probably people that
have never owned a pet, never got that human animal
bond, that unconditional love,
that nonjudgmental. Those people, you know, I can’t
help them, because they may
never understand what we do. But, our job is to help these

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22 thoughts on “Non-Profit Provides Care For Homeless People’s Pets [Insights]

  1. you guys inspire me to be a vetenarian. I really want to go to vet school but it's very hard to get into one in my country😔

  2. there are people who have home and they treat their pets like toys and there are these wonderful homeless people who love their pets unconditionally , good luck to homeless people and their little angels, this made me cry, goodbless good people

  3. God bless these people who truly have a love of pets and people. If ever there was a worthy cause to donate a few dollars to a cause this is it.

  4. You two are true hero's! – No Veteran Should be Homeless! – If you are a homeless Veteran in Northern California, Call me. I will Bring you to my property to stay while we work on getting you permanent housing. — 530-7361422 — My name is Blue & I am here for You.

  5. Hi, everyone!
    I'm a volunteer and I help homeless animals: dogs, cats and birds.
    It's Very Sad that nowadays many animals got hurt , ABANDONED and some are at the verge of getting extinct and not getting the proper Treatment so ii am here to help them out in various methods.
    1. Giving shelters to animals who are always in need of more help! I reach new people who needs animals as pets
    2. Nursing the Animals who got hurt accidentally, who are disabled
    3. Help the Stray dogs & Animals in feeding them
    4. Helping the Animals who are at the verge of extinction
    5. Giving Knowledge to people around us to help out.
    You can make a big difference in the lives of homeless dogs, cats, and other animals! Donate some Money and It'll be More Easy to Help them out!!!

    God is watching, help the one who can't even speak and tell their pains & whenever you help someone you can feel inside you that you have done something right.

    Would gladly Take tip from anyone who is willing to help!!!

    You can donate here in bitcoin 1NDursxgs42fwnATcT9NS7btrgFTExhN5Z Please min 0,001 BTC (transaction less are not allowed by a system). If you don't have your bitcoin wallet, you can make it in 2 minutes (look in google how) and deposit from any wallet in each currency.

    #help #homelesspet #helppet #helpdog #helpcat #tip #cleankarma

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  7. I have personally met and spoke with the founder Genevieve Frederick and found her to be the most caring, honest and loving person I know. Please donate to this worthy charity.

  8. you are my heroes, thank you to help homeless thank you to this woman and her daughter they are exceptional and I would help you with pleasure, thank you to bring a little comfort to the homeless and their animals people can not know the suffering that endanger these people and their animals who do not will never give up, no matter what happens when in life it's the people who let us down thank you thank you God help you because your place is in paradise with the righteous

  9. Thank you for doing what your doing. Homeless people deserve to have pets. Imagine how lonely it would be in that situation. Im sure their pets mean everything to them.

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