Noah’s Feisty Pets CHASE and SEARCHING for his sister with Super speed Shoes | SuperHeroKids

(drum music) – O.M.G. Are these Feisty Pets? I’m gonna open one of these. Whoa what is it? It’s so tiny and cute. – Hi Eden! (Eden shrieks) – Noah! You almost gave me a heart attack! – Sorry I’m practicing my running for the big race at school. (heavy breathing) I have to win! Huh? (techy starting up) Why is it glowing? Eh. – I might be able to help you, Noah. I have an idea to build some
super duper speedy shoes. – That’s awesome! Let’s do it! – What is this? The Feisty pets? Seems like the perfect thing
to defeat the super hero kids. (evil laughter) After my apple juice
break, of course, random. – Are you done yet? – Almost. (machine buzzing) – Aren’t those the
White Hat’s evil super speed shoes? – Yes. But I modified them to be even faster. Oh, and they’re not evil anymore. Try them on. – Kind of heavy. (heavy footsteps) How are these going to make me faster? They’re going to make me slower. (heavy footsteps) – Just watch. All I have to do is press
this button and then zoom. (button beeping) No not in here! Hi Feisty Pet. (laughs) Huh? Feisty Pet what are you doing outside? (gasps) Get back here. – Alright super hero kids. We’re going to be doing
our newest super challenge which we are posting on
our new channel SHK Play. Make sure to check it out and subscribe after you use this candy to — Whoa! (dramatic rock music) (groans in pain) Make sure to like and subscribe. Noah! You just ruined that whole shot. – It was a delicious shot though. Where did this crash pad
come from by the way? – It’s for my gymnastics practice! You owe me by the way. – What? That’s not fair. – You made this mess, now you clean it up. (groans in annoyance) – Well at least these
shoes give me super speed. (gasps) What? What happened? What? What? Come on work, work, work! (groans) My shoes are broken. (funky music) What’s Eden doing? – [Hope] Noah! – I’m cleaning, I’m cleaning! (funky music) – Why is my Feisty Pet
running away from me? (gasps) In the trash can? Feisty Pet what are you doing in here? (yells) Oh this is not good. (evil laughter) (heavy footsteps) – These boots are so heavy. – Why don’t you take them off then? – I tried but they’re stuck on. (grunting) (heavy foot step) I’m done! – Good. Now go dump it out in the big trash can. – Is that the trash truck? No no no no no. – Quick the trash truck is almost here. (groans) (heavy footsteps) – Ah, this trash is so heavy. – Hello? Is anybody out there? – Huh? Eden? – I’m stuck! I don’t think anybody’s out there. – Oh no! Oh no! (heavy footsteps) These shoes. I’m coming Eden! (yelling) Wait no stop! No! (yelling) No! (car engine raving) (heavy footsteps) Where’d it go? The trash truck is gone. I’ve go to go searching for Eden! (techy starting up) Whoa. What’s happening? (yelling) Whoa! My ring gave me super speed. Yeah! Time to go chase that trash truck. (dramatic music) A Feisty Pet! Eden must be leaving me a trail of clues. (dramatic music) Another one. Eden must be leaving a big trail. I wonder what’s inside. Let’s open it up! Cool, it’s a seal! That’s so cool. Oh yeah. Eden! Oh look! Another Feisty Pet. I must be getting close. I wonder what it is. I got a lion! I must be getting closer to Eden. These things are awesome. Oh look! There’s the trash truck. I’ve gotta catch up to it. (yelling) – Noah. You saved me! – I followed the trail of Feisty Pets while I was searching for you and I think my ring gave me super speed. – What? Whoa. That was awesome! We went at super high speed
and I saved my Feisty Pets. – What do they do anyway? – Oh! They’re really cool. They look all cute and cuddly but when you press the special button, it’s a silly surprise. – That’s awesome! – Noah and Eden! (both gasp) I can’t believe you two. Which one of you left this
garbage in the driveway? When did he get super speed? – I donno. – Guys! Get back here right now
and clean up this mess. (groans) – Thanks to Jazwears for
sponsoring this video. – You can pick up these Mini Feisty Pets at a GameStop near you. You can find the stuffed ones at WalMart, Target, or GameStop. – They’re so much fun! Make sure to subscribe to us at (all) SuperHeroKids! (rock music)

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