100 thoughts on “Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra’s Dogs Have IG Beef

  1. Love nick jonas and Pri looks great cant believe shes 42 givin birth wow she dont look her age .And i love it there in to dogs .love the pic of Nick and his gorgouse puppy .

  2. I would love a dog as an anniversary gift! My husband knows I’ve been wanting a dog desperately. I’ll happily clean up the poop and watch my friend age because old dogs are just as wonderful as puppies. Of course, it’ll be sad when the dog passes, but all the joy would have been worth it.

  3. Can we please just talk about how incredible Rashida Jones is? She’s a Harvard graduate, so talented and still manages to be so down to earth.

  4. hmm
    being a diabetic

    is a perfect way “medical excuse” that can allow the elite to kill him

    all celebs have health concerns that can easily explain a death lol

  5. Totally agree. Pet gifting is always a horrible idea. It's a lifetime commitment. The receiver needs to 100% commit. It's a life you're dealing with, not a plush toy. Respect life.

  6. I don't agree, people who don't like animals are miserable and are hated in the world. Animals bring joy,love,company, and so much more. People who don't like animals deserve to be shot!

  7. I love dogs, but I would never gift a pet! But gifting it to your partner is fine only if you are ready to take care of it if your partner decides not to!

  8. I'm not for giving animals as gifts, but the fact that he had told her he wanted a German Shepherd in their new house, makes it more ok.

  9. Nick should be a comedian,the way he said 'Maybe we will'trying to mimic his wife's voice and demeanor at 2.52,it was just hilarious ??????

  10. It really is a commitment… I just lost my 17 year old dog 4 months ago and Im not sure if Im ever gonna adopt another one. I just cant handle the pain of ever losing another one

  11. The moment I so the dog I knew pri choosed her because of his illness. one of her interviews she told that she worries sick about his suger level and keep checking on him at night. Now they lives in thier new home but she's not home all the time stay out of the country for her work and. Now she got a dog for him that can help. Good move.

  12. For people who said " Priyanka Chopra is lucky to have Nick!" Women are not better than men, but men aren't better than women either. My opinion is "Nick is Lucky to have a caring , beautiful wife!" "Priyanka is lucky to have a talented, cute husband!" They're both lucky and let just try to make the internet a caring environment.

    (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong or have bad grammar.)

  13. German Shepherds are always the way to go. I have two German Shepherds and they are Brilliant ? both police dogs, so they are trained for anything. Perfect dog to have as a best friend?

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  15. God! Hated how she basically dissed somebody's lovely gift! Dogs are wonderful gift and even if they were not, to each their own! There was no need to be so mean!

  16. Dogs are such a beautiful gift, anyone would be as so lucky to receive or get one regardless of the ups and downs when raising one.

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