News 12 Animal Island What's Hot for Christmas for Your Pets with Dana Humphrey

tomorrow is the official beginning of winter and next week is Christmas all right get these guys in line you know tomorrow the perfect time to start thinking about our little four-legged friends right here and some unique gear we want to protect them from the cold with me now is Dana Humphrey from the cool blue dog company always great to have you with us thank you dana also joining me buddies which one is coco and which is mostly this is Miss Coco and we have mostly right here okay all right Shay are gonna help us show what is hot for the holidays for our four-legged friends right so show me some things these are really neat outfits they have on they are both dressed for the fern fashionista you really want to get something to fit their taste and style so for Miss Coco he or she is wearing a bark for Central Park t-shirt for the New York's inspired kind of doggy I'm you can find that at work baby bar com okay that's easy to remember barking barking okay and then a rolling around the Christmas dinner table make sure to not give your dog any scraps give them the food that they really want Hannah got those real us meat food for dogs okay they'll be very happy to have that any flavor from land to stand into chicken now the outfits this is a cute little jacket and it's big you guys see you have quote for big dogs not just any size will do miss Moseley here is Santa's Little Helper she's also dressed up in a bark baby fark little santa outfit here and she's also very happy to be celebrating the holidays with her sister with this personalized pets talking very from Medicare rx okay let's see this let's see that a no hold on just 1499 personalized for Miss Coco here okay and mostly sorry Santa very cute stuff no it seems to me some dogs may feel a little constricted and groans I'm sure you have to get them the right size and make sure they're big enough absolutely well for these little pooches these kind of clothing is fine for the more broad chest dots like Frenchie's bulldogs pugs Boston Terriers you definitely want to go with a cool blue dog apparel okay um it's made specifically to fit the broad chested harder to fit breeds all right and you can give your dog the gift of warmth what about allergies are all dogs okay or do you have to be careful of that as well well you know it depends on the dog you want to be careful of the hats you know a lot of the dogs are not into the hats over the holidays you know she's cool with the hoodie just kind of tucked back there um but it's all about training training them for beauty if you get them ready at when their puppy and they get used to the clothing they'll be much more happier to have it quick question do dogs need these I mean you know they've been keeping warm for centuries do they need warmth here when it gets cold this is really more about the cute factor and dogs are very happy to be wearing clothing because they get more attention and then she'll have the affection yes so they're happy to have that for the hard to fit breeds they have really short hair so they actually do get very cold during the winter okay spite how it might seem alright good at by saying thank you for coming in with cocoa and mostly I think we bonded if you want to learn more about the cool blue dog and the gear they make go to news click on numbers and links will be right back

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