20 thoughts on “Newfoundland puppies

  1. Was going to invest in a newf, but I don't think my family is ready for that kind of commitment yet. Maybe in the future (when I'm divorced and the kids are away at college.)

  2. I love these dogs. Newfies and Great Pyrenees are my favorite breeds. Gigantic puff balls of massive energy and loyalty

  3. @softballgurl467 They cost from about 500 dollars (US) to 700 dollars, but some can be really expensive.

  4. @cafecre8vity
    ahahah god i love this breed! but a one reason i didnt get one was the wet mouth cuz my parents are really sensitiv to a clean house, so we got a bernese instead!

  5. ur right i have two black there really expensive and they are very time consuming but they are so funny and playful 😀

  6. very cute. i would love to own a newfie! since its more likely my mom and i will move when she and her bf marry, this is the kind of dog i want to come home to.

  7. sorry – just saw the comment… Yes, when my newfie shakes her head the arch of the drool from her jowls can reach the ceiling. We can't believe it either, especially since it's flat paint on the ceiling (it comes off when washed). The drool isn't clear either, it dries with hair, etc. in it, so there are swirls of black hair. You also have to be prepared for a wet mouth to wipe itself on you – it's like she knows when we have clean clothes on.

  8. they are expensive, black ones are aprox £1,000, and brown ones can go up to £1,500, but they are the most loveable dogs ever, hard work and can smell but lovely x x x i have two one black and one brown, full time job x x x

  9. Average weight of male Lab is 60 to 79 lbs
    Average weight of male newf is 130 to 150 lbs

    And I just recently saw a male newf who weighed 196 lbs!

  10. yes, they are adorable… our baby is now 5 years old. Yes, we love her, but…anyone who feels like cleaning the drool off walls and ceiling, as well as sweeping up the fur tumbleweeds… feel free to come to my house. It sounds cute at first…

  11. did you really just say that labs are 'a tad smaller' than newfoundlands? wow. someone's obviously never been around a newf.

  12. yeah you're right! They're somehow look alike.. But not sure whether their characteristics are.. But actually, Labrador is my second choice.. They're cute, but not as cute as my Newfie! So sad.. Huhuhuhuh! But anyway, i think i can afford to raise one if I'm going to migrate there in the US.. So anyone who's reading it,please pray for me to get a job there at US so that I can afford to raise a very cute Newfie dog! Please! Thanks!

  13. Oh No! It cost 50,000 bucks in our currency! Pretty expensive huh! and after buying it with 50,000 bucks, I'm gonna spend hundred thousands more to raise my Newfie! Sooooooooooo expensive and in my status right now, it's sssoooooooooo impossible for me to have one! So sad fact! 🙁

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