New York Pet Fashion Show's Most Stylish Animals | TODAY Originals

if you haven't been to the show you'll understand it once you're there and you see it because it's beyond an explanation beyond compare Pomeranians wearing canine Couture does not get any better the new pet fashion show started about 16 years ago our show is very unique and very special some of the most amazing designers in the world come in from around the world to be a part of our show they're all custom Couture covered in Swarovski crystals and a lot of beadwork this is me – the fashionista we had somebody here from Morocco yesterday Italy people say love is the international language no pets are the international language I am also a pet fashion designer myself I come from a line of seamstress and I thought let me try making something for my little dog that's how we all started [Applause] when Greg and I started talking about this we thought at that time it was gonna be just dogs but through the years it has evolved every year we have approximately 150 dogs we get a bearded lizard here and there we get a dwarf miniature horse two years ago we had Lady Gaga beyoncé or some rescue chickens but 75 to 80 pets are in the runway shows but you got another 100 people that come that bring their pets with them the most rewarding part for me is the animal rescue we use this as a platform to advocate for animals in need there were four or five dogs up there last night that had wheelchairs it's a testament to what pets mean to people's lives now the transformation of dogs being something that you had that sat in the backyard to these family members that people spend as much as they do on their kids and somehow some more I happen to be a bit of an Anglophile I watched the wedding of Megan Markel and to Prince Harry and I just all of a sudden this idea clicked in my head princess Megan barkal and Harry Prince of tales the Queen Mother palace guard three bridesmaids one was maid of honor if he was she's in a wheelchair this adorable disabled dog who was rescued it just warms your heart their outfits were authentic replicas including the crown that the dog had can you imagine the work that goes into that the one thing that is constant is our Best in Show the energy and electricity that's in the show we love the whole show is just amazing every outfit is better than the other just the wow factor what I like to call the bling outfits is just the superficial thing but then it goes deeper into good healthcare good nutrition helping create awareness but in big and small [Laughter] you

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