1. This is not true, it is click bait. This video was taken from a festival in China. If you fact check i then you’ll find that the claim is false

  2. I don’t like China people….. they kill these wonderful dogs and just hurt them to death….. why would they do that. I know it’s there culture, but like your hurting the dogs…. do you see then crying? It scary for them…. if I was dog I would be scared too!

  3. Oh please ! “Religious rights” give me a break…. if that’s the case, pretty soon they are going to eat you and me under the guise of “religious rights!” In parts of China, they eat aborted babies! What a disgusting culture !

  4. So your basically saying that we all ever want?! WTF is wrong with you. Dog and other animals are friendly is just that watching a dog getting cooked or kill are so cruel men…. So if your gonna do that don't published it to internet you moron

  5. What's the difference between eating a dog or a pig? Pigs are way more filthier than dogs, but yet Americans eat pigs. Either way it goes I couldn't eat dogs, but at least their killing them and eating them and not just killing them for fun I hope. I know Chinese can be pretty abusive too animals.

  6. Those dog heads are clearly fake. No dog would die with that expression let alone twice. I find it uncanny that there's two exact same dogs with the exact same death expression. This is all obviously fake.

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