New Westminster Animal Shelter

– [Narrator] The animals
are finally settled at the New Westminster Animal Shelter as the shelter celebrates
the grand opening of its new eco-friendly facility. – Today we’re expecting
hundreds of people. The mayor is coming at 1:30 p.m. to do a ribbon cutting, which we’re super excited about as well. So it’s family fun for everybody. We’re gonna be doing face paintings. There’s kids corner. We have exhibitors. Mindful Mutts is coming. Bosley’s is coming. We’re gonna talk about volunteering and other ways that the
community can interact with us here at the animal shelter. The difference between our
previous animal shelter and this animal shelter is
absolutely night and day. We’re coming from a 1,500
square foot very dated location that isn’t conducive to
behavioural rehabilitation to a 7,000 square foot brand
new state of the art facility. – [Narrator] The new building
is better for animals and the environment with
an efficient heating system that supports greenhouse
gas emission reduction goals of both the city and Metro Vancouver. – So one of the things about this building is that it’s designed with
practical sustainabilities. And one of the key things is energy. So it has heat recovery
ventilation system, gathering energy within the building, and you’re able to reuse that energy. There are energy efficient lights which are sensor controlled. We have these solar tubes in the various pens for the animals. So again, it’s bringing the animals closer to a natural environment,
which is important. – Sustainability is factored
into the landscape design in a number of ways. We have native and
non-native adapted plants which require very little irrigation. We also have a Bioswale
designed to capture storm water runoff and filter it. So the plants were chosen specifically for their filtration abilities. – The shelter also offers more space, a quieter environment, and
less exposure to other species, which can be stressful. – So this is Labina and Susac. We’ve had these girls since
they were six months old. We have this lovely couple
that have been coming in. My fingers are crossed that
they might consider them. – We’re over the moon and
happy in being nested here now. It’s just a bigger space
to give better care to the animals that we have. It’s also more inviting
for the general public. It’s a much better location where we can host different events like the one we’re having today. So we’re very happy to be
here in our new location.

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  1. We keep pet rats for many years. They are awesome animals, smart and social. Our children love them. All of them were taken from SPCA.

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