New Water Surprise! Series 4 LOL Surprise Pets!! BUBBLES!! + CookieSwirlC Glam Glitter Giveaway!

hello there and welcome to adulting we are so excited today you guys we've been playing non-stop with our new series for dolls and we've also been playing with our Lux family that we love so much and actually little X made friends with Lula so that's been a lot of fun and they've been hanging out having fun so then you guys we were playing and then we saw the series for pet commercial and actually TN ollie did not I did and you guys something very interesting happens with the lol surprise pet possibly possibly so comment down below if you know what you could get as a water surprised with your LOL surprise pet coming down below right now and we are gonna test it out for you because if you didn't see the video you guys we got lay skunk baby we unboxed ur I'll link that video if you want to see that and she's amazing and so we are gonna test to see we're gonna do a little research and see what she does we're gonna have a snuggle babe for us alright so snuggle babe you ready we know it's a peer but let's see oh let's go baby oh my gosh blows bubbles out of his butt oh my god you guys these series for pets are absolutely incredible the whole series for we're having so much fun with them and we just saw that cookie swirl sandbox glitter series and guess what there's a sweepstakes forum so you can win them so we've got to figure all that out I'll go watch cookies or else eat and see exactly what we need to do so you guys oh my gosh this is absolutely amazing alright alright you guys so much snow go babe and let's don't say they are gonna have so much fun together we're gonna have to give snuggle make a big breath because she just got Oh viola skunk pepé although you guys these are so much cuz she's dinky from the spray you guys look like soo Kailash and he's not taking a good influence look for low likes yeah alright oh poor baby alright we're gonna keep having fun here we will keep you updated with the glam and the series floor and everything else though hope you had fun let us know what you're most excited about for series 4 in the glam glitter and until next time that's all for now on adulting

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