NEW UPCOMING MOVIES TRAILER 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #5)

42 thoughts on “NEW UPCOMING MOVIES TRAILER 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #5)

  1. 00:00 Birds of Prey

    00:20 Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw

    03:15 Us

    04:15 Wonder Park

    06:35 Secret Life of Pets 2

    08:19 A Dog's Journey

    11:11 A Vigilante

    12:36 The Wedding Guest

    14:38 The White Crow

  2. What is the Image @ 16:45 ?
    That pets 2 looked funny the desktop part
    backup cup now keyboard lol

  3. Vin Diesel est devenu tellement imbuvable auprès de la prod et des acteurs qu'ils sont obligés de faire des spin-off sans lui, why not, personne n'est irremplaçable ^^

  4. This has the be the worse year for Hollywood … all those movies look crap and they surely are.
    Better watch your old DVDs and save money on going to the cinema

  5. NOOOO WAYYYY! THEY USED APASHE – LACRIMOSA IN THE TRAILER AT 0:20! Apashe is getting some mad Respect!

  6. Dog's purpose – They should do one on a man's purpose then one on a woman's purpose. Probably shock a lot of people these days.

  7. 2:42 anyone gonna point out the fact that idris Elba is running down the side of a building without a rope?

  8. How the hell did we get from Fast and Furious 1…to this abomination? This is not ok. If the carcass is rotting, bury it!

  9. Hobbs & Shaw: Three of the best action stars in the world killing people. It don't get better than that!!

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