NEW TWO Hunter Pets Talent In Battle For Azeroth ALPHA!

alright guys well back and then today's video well we're actually playing World of Warcraft which makes of places haven't done one of these in quite away when you're probably wondering way I'm gonna what zooms us well probably not actually because I'm sure you've all seen it by no Dras war and culture us yes that's right I got an invite to cult about us not cool to ask sonic to the world walking tougher I've no idea home I have no idea what I did to deserve that but I mean I got it so I can't really complain my enemy we're on the alpha and well something has caught my eyes I was just messing around went meet a hun off because I'm quite a big fan huh knows I had to team all the repairs like to see what's going on and the expansion what this team of woman what's not well actually discovered something very surprising and the talent table right here at the top got that animal companion talent which is a new one it's a new talent we're not used to saying there's a few other things a few talents have been switched around we are deed and stuff like that but there's one new talent which is totally stick so there's only available for beast mastery which is your animal companion then it reads your copay and actually summons the phosphate from your stable that's payable OB or kill command but cannot use pit family abilities so in case you didn't Carlos none will that mean basically where does is let me just place like that where does is basically whatever you call your pit so let's say for example I wanted to call I'm not talking here I'm account actually I'd call on my cat nationally this merely just rice up a little silly I used copia that's this ability healed the whistle I call one my normal player sort see for example the totals my default pit and then as well as that my very first pair and the tab the cat pate the one you just saw will be spawned definitely right next to me now you can't see him just now because their belly hasn't actually been added properly into the game it shows but the ice actual use as an added yet that'll be added at a later date but no you have the rough idea but basically as he never pleases he but instead of having the hear of his electrical shock and all that being here do not know how to see he instead you just get your second pair which is Pleiku however does mean you need to replace diode beast which is a very popular holiday ballet and Kellogg instinct which is also a reasonably popular vulnerability so just chosen to get rid of two different talents and all before this one no I personally don't know yet which is best out of all these three irregular will be dire beast but animal companion will probably be the most popular I know for a fact I'll still go for the animal companion this opinion all being the best that's just because I like having two pairs but yeah this is prey awesome the hoodies and puzzles are doing this is because of there was a protest as a protest it's not really a protest but all hell of a lot of hunters were arguing on the forums and it became massive basically because he was being removed and people wanted to hold our pants well now this ability has been added that's just the police cool durability from now but this is basically what its gonna be added so yeah as jurors subject to change of course as as all talents and abilities on the Alpha however it's looking pretty exciting and we don't know yet what's gonna happen to here I assume he's gonna become timbal maybe containment order hall where you want the first phone them and the storm Peaks or it becomes a real or something I'm sure they well we implement them into the game so you can team them however for the time being we do know we're gonna get us a belly that's really reassuring I'm really happy about that to get this animal companion ability back added to the game but guys that's all just to be short video explaining and showing off the brand new towel and I haven't seen anyone talk about to any you troubles surprisingly and I haven't even seen while he'd make another big deal about I think they may have that opposed to boost it since a place as I've recently added talent so they probably have said something about it but I haven't seen it so not many people seem to know about it I know a lot of people being surprised by me pointing us out to them so any of you guys that's all can you please let me know what you depends on the sommelier is do you think usually going to use it do you think it's a good wash your opinions anyway guys RC so till next time bye

8 thoughts on “NEW TWO Hunter Pets Talent In Battle For Azeroth ALPHA!

  1. Thanks for the info. I was bummed out, losing Hati – low blow, Blizzard – and then I saw other hunters still running around with two pets and wondered what I'd missed. When I reset my talents, I just chose the same as I had before without really looking closely at them to see if any had changed. <blush> Hadn't been able to find the answer anywhere until I came across your video. Thanks again.

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