New Solutions for Pest Control?

welcome everyone to the show roaches stink bugs and chicks oh you see those creepy crawlers in your home a minute you’re gonna try anything possible to get them out but one man went to the extreme he used fire the situation ended badly so where do you get these crazy ideas what we’re going to talk to an expert exterminator Nick Issac joins us once again typical big grin on his face but he does have a little chuckle yeah I’ve seen people use fire before and that’s not a good idea most definitely most definitely see I why is end up going so badly well no one really wants to burn their house down but what they’re doing they’re overdoing it for example you have bedbugs you douse alcohol everywhere to try to get rid of it that’s a flammable material a lot of the materials that you use are flammable so what they do is they’re they’re trying to kill these bugs there was another woman that doused her couch with alcohol cigarette hit the couch and it caught on fire so they’re just going out of their way I mean bedbugs fleas roaches will drive you crazy I technically you burn your house down you’re probably getting rid of the pests but I think overall the bugs won they did ok so everyone’s frustrated it’s terrible when you walk into your home and you start to see these crazy pests you’re not sure what to do right now what would you say are some of the more common persistent pests people are dealing with right now we’re getting a lot of bedbugs mosquitoes ticks fleas it normally with pests they’re not a problem until they’re in your face until you’re dealing with them so a tick being outside is fine but when you start finding one on your arm or something you’re like this is a problem what’s the solution here I know there’s some new devices out there one that uses sound to try to get rid of the insects and your mind Nick does that work yeah not really they just start dancing I’ve actually seen the mice and roaches crawling on the device that’s supposed to deter them and where they gonna be deterred – they live in your house so you’re gonna deter them from the kitchen to the living room so I don’t think so a perfect marriage takes a terrifying turn he barricaded me in the bathroom and ends in tragedy I can’t feel my dad what everyone needs to know then I’ve been having migraines for 14 years I was completely unable to function until a breakthrough procedure ended them for good it’s America I’m 100% pain-free at plus let’s give it a try the device that claims you can brush in just 10 seconds but what’s the real deal I’ll move [Music]

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