New Review: – Petwington Pet Grooming Gloves – Dog, Cat, Horse Glove Brush, Long Short Hair Remov..

these gloves work really well I have a Great Dane and they work well even on his short hair he thinks he's special in getting a massage he comes running every time he sees these in my hand I have a small woman hands and got the small size there's my big on me these are by far the best grooming gloves I have purchased they slick the hair right off the horses and on a gentle ear note the dogs like them as well I like the breathable back in the velcro wrist straps I ordered small in there it's hiney bit big but nothing I can't manage great product i have an american eskimo dog with long white hair and double coat these gloves work very well for grooming and shutting they do cause a small amount of static at least the times that i have used them

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