thousands of fats are waiting in Central Florida shelters for their forever homes it’s a never-ending cycle but a Seminole County Animal Services recently launched a special program to get results the program gives bright future scholars the chance to foster dogs new six at 9s Kara Lena Cardona is live from dogs Unlimited a dog training facility and Karolina this facility is teamed up with the Animal Shelter and it really is a great program that’s right Julie well we are here in Longwood at the training facility like you already mentioned now the students come here with the dogs that they are fostering during six weeks for every Wednesday to take a training course this is a really a great program because it’s not only giving those students those volunteer hours that they need but it’s also getting results for man’s best friend speaking of which the program is called BFF 100 one-year-old Bronx a pit bull mix stray dog can’t stop wagging his tail and running around I really like animals and I thought I’d just be a great way to get service hours and have an animal at the same time it helps the dog I guess get out of the kennel for the next eight weeks the Turner family is going to provide him with a home outside the Seminole County Animal Shelter I think it’s a great way to find them a home for the kids to learn responsibility we needed to do something for the students in Seminole County who have to earn volunteer hours for their bright future scholarships with that in mind Seminole County Animal Services created the BFF 100 program the program coordinator for the Animal Shelter says it’s a win-win situation for both the dogs and to the students dogs get out of the shelter and get into a home environment they learn something making them more adoptable the student learns a lot about organization time management having to train a dog dog care things like that is excited about the responsibility and he knows he’s taking care of it so we’re gonna let him be in charge of the dog once the foster family has chosen the animal that they’re taking home Seminole County Animal Services will also provide a crate food and supplies like a leash and a collar some dog treats and also a toy during the time that they will be fostering that animal I think it should hopefully help adoptions and get the dogs out of there to get them playing and enjoying the time outside right now our adoption rate has been very close to a hundred percent for all the animals the program also requires that the student take the dogs to a basic obedience training class with a certified dog trainer in Longwood once they’ve completed and passed the course each student has to type up a report about their experience and those beautiful dogs that you are seeing on camera right now that’s why it’s Nikita they are the dogs for the owner here at the facility now the Seminole County Animal Services are BFF 100 program the training course right here is for up to six students and it’s also for students that are registered with Seminole County and it’s for 16 to 18 year old students this program is gaining a lot of popularity that other counties are already starting to reach out to them for more information on how they can launch it at their shelters Julie Karolina we love to hear that adoption rate is almost 100% but I do imagine that there are some foster fails in there for the kids families end up keeping the dogs yeah actually they tell me that it’s about 25 to 30 percent where the families that are fostering the dogs end up keeping them now in Bronx case the family did tell me that unfortunately they already have two large dogs so they won’t be able to keep him but that they already have a few friends that may be interested in adopting him so that’s really great news for Bronx that is great news thank you so much Karolina

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