NEW Pop Pops Pets and Pop Pops Snotz from YULU | Coming Soon! #AD Toy Review| FPT Kids Toys TV

Hey everybody welcome to FPT Kids Toys TV
today we are super excited because we received these boxes from Yulu and Mellie
has on the left she has tucked Pop Pops Pets J baby on his side has Pop pops Snotz the pop up
pets are super cute and the pop ups Snotz are supposed to be gross and you know how
we like gross things and cute things and we’re super excited these come out in
Walmart next month in May so we’re here to show you what they are and how they
look he was he was the cute pet so you both can share and see they’re for
everybody it’s not just girls it’s not just boys they’re for everybody so let’s
get started alright so don’t forget to Like share it comment and subscribe and
hit that Bell for more fun videos so J baby wants to open the pop-pop pets first
it’s so big so the pink one he says are you ready to pop are you ready to
package J baby alright so they were sick all of the kids at FPT kids were sick so
now they started to feel better and we’re back the here open it’s like a
book yeah all right show us what a baby alright alright so here they go yes it
says collect them all 60 pets to collect packages all right yes so there are two
packs of 15 and what else okay look into the matter so that’s the
mat do you use them mat so to pop them on top of maybe so we don’t make any
mess but we also have our own mats actually cutting boards so you can put
this on top of your mat all right the slime is supposed to be purple
and then right here and then right here this shows the pets that you can collect
so we’re opening that now so yeah so we have two packs of 15 and two packs of
three six nine twelve two packs of 12 so this is it you get all of these to pop
but not every single one of them is going to have a pet if there’s find two
pets inside ages 5 plus what happened yes I don’t know where’s the T as a
surprise and they say find for pets inside and then the bigger one says it
just says collect them all reusable box okay J Baby wants to open the big pack
anyway alright so very quickly let’s show you
this it says is that as small as a marble they stay they’re cute little
creatures with curious features that hide inside bubbles each day you know
just pop camp that pop pop pack 62 collect them all and it says
welcome to the world of poptropolis all right so many
so this is series 1 the starter pack very cool so how can they be opened on
what I need you can get wiener dogs piggies kittens seals sloths llamas and
penguins you look at common super rare rare and special edition they’re so cute these packages with a
question mark yeah you can put on the mat let me see
what it’s okay and I don’t know about you do you like popping bubble wrap
Mellie you know when we get the packages yes
it’s super fun you know the bubble wrap baby when we get packages you know the
thing took that daddy’s always popping with you the white cold you
feel like it’s really cool they just feel like I want to squash it back check
well this was on the inside and it says 24-hour one time 48 hours okay there’s I’m checking to see what
these are for anyone you want anyone you want so I says download the free app on
the App Store all right so J Baby wants to pop that
pink one that one I don’t know what that it’s making us I’m not exactly sure
these are new to everybody all right so many think that these might be part of a
game maybe the online game one says 24 hours the one says one time of another
one time two times 48 hours two times so I’m going to check that out and see if
it’s again today that is ready to pop it’s a baby okay all right you did a big one today baby
Heather alright guys so we go to other thing another package for you this one
is the one that comes with you can find four of them and it comes with please
explain well there comes with 12 of them already so go ahead
if so I’m wondering it’s like there’s gonna be a
sloth in this one each one all right this one is super soft age and
she shows as superheroes has a second superhero check superhero
mask and chef in case you got the same thing I don’t that’s a cake it’s a
wiener dog actually yes it is kind of like a dinosaur thing I did the things
on the back says what it is but it is fun for you to see if it actually
matches do you want to pipe any more baby so these are like different scenes all
right all right all right all right so we have two packages again 15 they come
with another which is nice and handy all right these are cool different teams you could
just get so many cool things I sneak this is an example of the ones that you
can get here is Petropolis alright so we can get bull cruise line high block yellower all right this is soggy wet
rock and is a common so it’s not even Dunphy
there’s no tiny guys but uh cute adorable are they cute tiny rock’n’roll
is a cool these little so keep on going papa Happy’s not I would think this is
cool rules but I’m not fighting there this is marina okay so this is the world
of pop crepiness for the pop-up snacks and these are all the popups notes that
we received we didn’t open every single package but we can’t wait to open the
rest and then this is is the world of hockey chocolates
these are the pop-up text and this is their world it’s also the world of pop
trouble lists and we receive these the profits are so few and there’s
pushy and beautiful cue colors and the pop ups tonight’s are actually really
really gross they actually feel gross and the slime is other than just
actually feels more and more gross but yeah they were both super fun thank you
so much you know for sending us these super fun surprises which are satisfying
the link is down below diet so don’t forget to Like comment share and
subscribe bye everybody bye everybody slime it’s not bad it’s watery
but it lifts up and it doesn’t stick to anything so we have some Easter eggs and
we thought it would be cool to just put yeah then also a little bit the pop up X
or the pop hop snaps inside and for Easter surprises

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