are you kidding me I got a beaver hey everyone and welcome back to my Channel today oh we're back lots of our adult Rhian today oh we're gonna be checking out the newer pets that they have added well they haven't really edited it yet but I got early access I wanna give a big of thanks to Abby thing for letting me come online early and just playing around with a new update and also shimmy is here's to all their shitty sit oh my gosh okay we had to go buy ourselves a pet but he bought himself a little puppy over here look I'm seeing shimmy I'm not blind that's so cute it is adorable like oh my god I'm going to cry cries and also if I sound really craggy I just woke up anyways sooo cute okay we have to go buy ourselves one though basically the pet store is connected to the nursery over here as you can see so we're gonna head on inside and check this out so oh okay so they have a little area for babies and they also have a little area for pets I think everyone's gonna go for the pets because who needs babies in their lives you know what I mean so let's head on over here oh my gosh this is so cute why hello there human if you look like a type of chap who'd help a friend out mind looking after the egg take good care of it and I'll hatch it into an outstanding pet oh ok so we got ourselves a starter pet which is just awesome and we can like pick it up I'm picking up a starter egg over here come and drop it down you can also hatch now but you can also hatch it with a roebucks which we're not gonna do right now just because I really want to know how long it takes to hatch a pet so we're gonna keep this egg here and you can like drink water here starter egg drink the water supposed to happen because why would an egg drink water uh but okay I mean I'm fine with that yeah my egg is drinking water now which is kind of interesting and then over here we have some pets to buy so this is 750 okay so we have three different pet levels I think so this is going to be cheaper I think Oh woof-woof he looks at egg and point wolf he jesters for you too an egg woof-woof he looks sad as if he'll be upset if you don't buy an egg woof woof he notices you understands him woof woof but he's barking maybe you're part dog woof okay I said a wolf away too many times but here is the other egg so you can buy a cracked egg for 350 you can buy this egg for 750 and it over here we have the Holy Grail over here you know we have the King we had the King egg you know surrounded by these lions oh wait can you get a lion because I would love one but basically these are I don't know like pet simulator or something those type of eggs so we're gonna go ahead and buy one this one is called the Royal egg and it's nine hundred and ninety five dollars so be think was kind enough to give like everyone who has early access 20 thousand dollars so we're gonna go ahead and buy one and now we have ourselves a royal oh my gosh we're gonna like literally spend all our money on royal eggs because that's what I'm gonna do okay then over here we have a little chart of all of the all the pets that you can probably get so we got a couple of dogs there I think that's a bull I don't really know is that an otter oh my god I think that is an otter um and then you have a couple of cats going on we have bunnies a beaver over that's adorable I think we have a little chicken drop I saw this I saw this on Twitter he's been showing a ton of leaks and stuff and I saw the Unicorn on it and I hope we can it but this dragon is super cute as well is that like a fox I think that's a fox there's also red panda and also a horse so it's not just dogs and cats I think that's a fox too so it's not just dogs and cats there's literally so many different types of the so many types of what you call it petti suit ah I'm not really sure where Jimmy is but we're gonna go ahead and wait for our Royal egg to hatch over here I think he's still playing with his little dog because he's like in love with it which I don't blame him because these are actually so so cute and there's also a new pet shop so while our egg hatches let's go ahead and check out the new pet shop your egg is hungry tap them to feed them we're supposed to feed our egg but okay let me give you a sandwich you can't eat the sandwich oh my getting it I am so confused right now because this makes absolutely no sense like why would an egg want food but okay and then we can also already go ahead and name it I'm just gonna call it shimmy because you know he named his first egg he named his first thing Ashleigh stuff oh wait I get hash tag how rude I'll just name you shim you know that works fine okay here is at the pet store and we have a lot of items coming soon so you don't have these items just yet like I said this is early access so I think all these will be out by the time the actual update is out but over here we have some donuts and bones coming soon we have some other bones and there's this pink bone not sure what its gonna do but it's glowing so I bet it's something cool and then we also have some dog food here so we'll go ahead and buy some here do you want some do you want some dog food there you go eat that delicious yum yum okay so I'm you know feeding my little dog here not my dog my little egg and what are you saying my doggy poo learnt a new trick Oh show me show me this trick can I pet like other people's dogs hold on one second I want to pet you can I not Pat you I want to bet you lay down I love how this whole video is just screaming about how cute these are they're literally the most cutest things ever and then right here we have some frisbees again coming soon we have some toys over here with like some footballs and I think these are some of these you know squeaky toys or whatever that dogs play with you know I'm acting like I don't own a dog I literally own two dogs and I'm like it's a squeaky toy I mean yeah okay anyways we have a cash register and then over here we have a little what oh oh my little boy I can go to sleep okay so there we go and I don't think you can buy this I think it's just here for decoration or for like usage I don't know anyways my egg is sleeping that's great – are you trying to unhatched it yeah I really don't know how this works I mean shimmy got his egg to an hatch so how did you do it she's going to die soon and I'll cry I don't think your dog dies shimmy um he's growing up so fast that shimmies are worried that he's going to die I don't think they'd die because I would cry as well but let's see if you can hatch it now no I can't hatch it oh and I don't even have enough Roebuck salsa I need some sleep okay fine go to sleep you egg but also if you guys were a wandering or where my other egg when it's still in my inventory I don't exactly know if they like start over with um with uh with like hatching or whatever I hope not I don't really know but my egg is thirsty so we're gonna give you some water over here and also here's the bar to becoming hatched we're almost there you know just a couple more minutes hopefully okay my egg wants to go camping so we're gonna go camping I really don't know why an egg wants to go camping I really don't know how an egg drinks water and how it eats food but my egg does because my egg is the best egg okay and I don't want I don't want anything else from it so we're gonna go camping with my egg I mean this is the weirdest thing ever but okay you know maybe if I keep my egg over the fire it will hatch because I think this is how it works when you cook eggs you know we're not trying to cook up my egg okay my little pet will die then but we're just camping over here we're enjoying our time let me put down my royal like oh look at us just just daughter and whoever you are I still don't know what you get what you're gonna be but what are you having it's just so far as I've been playing this this has been literally so much cooler than I thought I thought it would just be a pet store where you go and buy some pets but it's actually like one of those hatching simulators basically the simulator where you just buy eggs and it's a percentage chance of what type of pet you will get so you don't really get to pick which I really wanted to pick but I think this is a cool way for you to keep playing the game and also you can have fun by what's gonna be in the eggs I think that's really awesome but I feel sick let's go to the hospital oh my gosh my baby my little baby's sick okay we're gonna go to the hospital because I was gonna go get you some food but we'll go to the hospital instead I guess ah there we go my egg is healthy again which is awesome and we're halfway done hatching this like this is taking forever like seriously but if you guys want me to play this game again before it releases and hatch a ton of different types of eggs let me know I will go totally go do that but for now I think we're just gonna stick with this one egg we're gonna have some fun with it and yeah I really wanna know what its gonna be I hope at the dragon or unicorn but I think they have low percentage chances so we might not get that okay my baby wants to go to school I am so confused okay it literally acts like a baby so it's literally a baby and you either take care of it but what's so weird is that it's still an unhatched egg so I thought there'd be like a timer on an unhatched egg but it's not so yeah they literally act like babies which is fine by me but it's just really weird roll over roll over so okay I think we're just saying so cute like every five seconds but yeah it's so funny how he's like learning tricks and everything and I'm still waiting for this one egg to hatch so I think each level of eggs takes a longer time to hatch and since this is a Royal egg it's literally taking ages to hatch okay my egg is done learning for the day and he wants a shower so we're gonna go give you a shower and there it is my royal egg taking a little bath hopefully I only need to do this one or another one after this and hopefully my egg will finally hatch like this you're limiting your ever royal like can you please just hatch already okay I think I need to do one more thing so that's going to pick you up and what do you want to do now like I just don't want you to hatch a moon like what do you want um I don't know what you want like do you want to go back to sleep here let me go let me go put you back to sleep Boop do you want to look over the balcony like what if I just dropped my egg from here you made me start oh my gosh shimmy broke me shimmy broke me huh shimmy how rude how rude of you I always dropped my baby I need some sleep okay perfect I was like he doesn't want anything but finally it wasn't gonna sleep so I think this means after he's done sleeping we can finally have a hatched pet and then you can train it and have all that fun oh my gosh come on come on you can do it baby do it I want to see what you're gonna be oh this is so exciting oh there we have it we have her are you kidding me are you kidding me I got a beaver a beaver okay okay I'm gonna be ver everything's fine everything's fine I got a beaver Wow I mean it's a rare it's a rare so yay but I really wanted a unicorn but a pain take a beaver I guess a beaver I mean it's pretty cute I mean come on like oh look how cute it is I do have to say the adopt me pets are literally adorable like they are so so so cute like look at it it's so cute anyway so we're gonna go ahead and put it down and oh my gosh we're gonna do tricks yes do some backflips or something I'm thirsty excuse me no you're supposed to do tricks for me but okay fine I'll get you some water and there is my little beaver drink I love it okay there we have it we got ourselves a little a little pet I'm gonna say dog for a second I was like this is not a dog so we're gonna put you down and then we're gonna do some tricks no does that not work exactly not I do those stuff okay and then we're gonna rename it back to shimmy here because that's what I want to come out a little beaver okay I'm thirsty you're thirsty again how many times you're gonna be thirsty I think since it's a newborn it's not gonna do the tricks I don't really know how it works but you're not thirsty anymore are you sure are you sure you don't want any more water and then we're gonna do tricks again does it work now no okay you know what I'm gonna buy a ton of dog food because I feel like I'm gonna run out okay we bought a lot of dog food I don't think he's hungry but it's fine we're gonna go outside and go find shimmy because I really don't know where shimmy is and we're gonna see what he thinks about my beaver Jimmy come look at my beaver shimmy it's adorable okay I wonder if you can put it in a stroller can you put your dog in a stroller on job Oh oh my god you can put your pet and a stroller are you kidding me this is like a literally the best thing this is the best thing that's ever happened to me oh my gosh this is so cute I mean for real like who wants babies anymore you know like all I want are pets oh my gosh it's so cute I know like everything's cute like even though it's a beaver it's still cute but we're gonna go ahead and give you a shower because my little my little boys it's a little stinky little boy I only give a royal service to my beaver so we're gonna go back home because you are stinky and you want to play some games okay you're bored as well here we're gonna give you a shower first beaver okay let's go upstairs and give you a little shower look I am just so happy this is a literally so cute I am so happy that they didn't make it into cubes like every other game on you know roblox oh so cute I can okay this is really the most cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life and now basically we're just waiting for blocksberg to get pets I'm just saying anyways look my doggy poo learned a new emote oh my gosh your doggy poo is a literally amazing backflip oh my gosh he's such a smart little boy okay now we're gonna go take our royal carriage to the playground because my little baby wants to play so we're gonna go play with him and where's the playground again I don't remember did I go the wrong way I think I want the drunk way my bad yeah shimmies already there I'm a little bit old circle Wow okay anyways we're gonna go ahead and sit on this swing with my beautiful little child can I like put you on the swing hold on can i I don't think I can um this is work as born oh yeah it does okay so we're just gonna oh my god this is a literally so cute look how can you not say this is not cute like this is literally that the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life oh my gosh up my little beaver is a junior now aged up a new pet trick unlocked oh my gosh okay can you like go down okay there we go and then we're gonna do some tricks and then do back oh wait oh that's what back meant I don't know it's like a back flip my bad okay to unlock this trick I'm visit the pet trainer at the school gave me like a whole little area for this is for like the babies and this is for like the pets that's hilarious okay we're gonna go ahead and talk to you over here here we go okay may want me to train your animals yeah please alright let's begin okay sit sit I love the little emojis my Bieber just wants to sleep man good beaver this is so cute lay down oh my gosh you got our first try oh my beaver is so smart Wow tap your pet to try your new tricks okey-dokey oh my gosh that's gonna tricks tricks sit lay down oh my gosh literally my pet is the past like come on and you can also use this area again for sleeping purposes or eating purposes or whatever you want um so yeah only pets can use this but I want to eat the dog food I'm gonna write on the chalkboard and say I love pets this is a literally so cute and so great but there we have it my pet is a junior now I got a beaver they take a little bit of time it's you unlock I think it's just cuz I had a royal egg they take a little bit of time to unhatched but I think that was pretty fun if you guys want me to make another video where I buy a lot more pets and I will hatch them off-camera and I will show you guys them I will totally go do that so comment down below if you guys want to see that like the video subscribe if you guys are new to the notification Milan and there should be another video after this as well this is just a little bonus some morning video so I hope you enjoy it and I will see you guys later with another video bye bye

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  1. Adopt me : pets and schools are coming
    Bloxburg: ThIS Is ImPOsSiBlE TO ScRIPt AnD WiLl LAg OuT ThE GaME ToO mUcH

  2. Omg i love this update the pets are sp cute!!even a beaver looks cute.

    I loveee it the pets looks like little plushies yass <3

  3. I went on adopt me yesterday, going back and forth looking for the pet shop which was open in the thumb nail, till i found it with the massive sign on that said '' coming soon '' and i was so mad
    edit: yes yes pls play it again

  4. When you were trying the tricks you hit the back button not the trick name which was the name of ????

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