*NEW* PETS ARE OUT!! (Roblox Adopt Me)

alright guys welcome back to another video in today's video we're going to be over viewing the pets in roblox and top B once again so if you guys are excited for the pets and robots and taught me that make sure to hit the like button comment down below what you think of the pets and most of all subscribing to her post notifications on so let's get right into it right now let's head over to the pet store there's a ton of new things that have been slowly been added to the test server and we're gonna go check about because the pets are about to be Utley game guys by the end of the week the pets will be released and we'll be covering the pets and adopt B it'll be crazy it'll be awesome and I'm excited for it so let's go check out the new stuff that they've added like showcasing the pets and kind of give it a little sneak peek of how it's going to be so there is the pets right there I'm gonna get rid of these arrows real quick because they're kind of bothering me there we go with the nursery I just need to follow that wait why does the nursery look so cool wait a second look at this I didn't even realize this guys but if you go into the nursery there's a spot for pets and sirwoofington is here actually and he says why hello there human you look like the type of chap who'd help a friend out yes sure I'll be on my dude mind looking after this egg okay so the first thing you do when the pets happen is they give you an egg and you get your first pet in that egg so I guess I give you a free egg and there we go here's my egg so what could I do with this egg I could hatch now pick it up name it or feed it let's dab it Gregory I think that's a perfect name for it as long as it doesn't come out to be a girl and now we're going to pick it up now I can just hold the egg I can feed it a sandwich oh my gosh it's if the egg is eating the sandwich what the okay this is just just looks a little odd anyways let's hatch it down or you can hatch it down with roebucks 95 okay I don't want to spit it looks at a test server so I guess we'll just we'll just see what happens and then we'll go to this buy a cracked egg for 350 okay now we have a cracked egg I wonder what'll be at this there's different rarities of eggs and all that good old stuff this is a this is a pet egg so I guess this is like the rare waa who knows who knows this is the king egg so this this could be 7.5% legendary 30% ultra 35% rare let's buy this and then there we go now I've got the Royal egg and these are the pets that we could have in the actual game too guys so we've got here's the common ones or what are they yeah common so we got dog looks like it's like a bull kind of thing a cat a dog that's just a different color so it's like a grey or black dog and then a blonde dog kinda like a golden retriever then we got I think it's looks like an otter or something I think it's like an otter maybe a platypus or something like that and then we got a pink cat so then for the uncommon we've got another dog the brown one it looks like we got a fox there no there's supposed to be a wolf and this would be a fox this would be a cat a dead for rare we've got a bear a bunny or maybe a bunny and a rabbit and then I don't know what that is some sort of ferret or mouse then ultra rare it looks like some sort of bird eagle thing and then a horse and that this is actually like a ferret no that's a red fox that's a red fox and then this is gonna be another dog and then for legendary you can get a unicorn or a dragon so you know what's gonna happen when we this game or when pets are released we're gonna be trying to get the dragon and the unicorn for you all so let's have my Royal egg drink some water let's take good care of this thing is there like us I think we can see it how well it's doing or I don't think so there's no likes progress bar but let's pick this guy up and let's just run around with them just take them take them over outside and let's see what the actual pet shop looks like now too but yeah go ahead and check this out guys so that's basically the new pet system it obvious how it's gonna work so you're gonna have eggs you're gonna be able to hatch them and what's they hatch you can get a random pet and hopefully you guys get Legendary's because legend there's gonna be cool we're gonna be grind in this game when it comes out let's check that out let's check out the pet shop though and see what happens your egg is hungry to have them to feed them ok so this is how it works so let me put him down how do I put him down feed and then let's feed him oh I don't have any food I have no food so we have to get food but looks like you can buy food here oh yeah there we go and then we just feed him food oh wait hold on we want to feed him that works yeah there we go we paid him pet food perfect that is perfect and there we go there we go this looks like there's bones and doughnuts that are me coming soon and there's a pink bone which will part be like super amazing and it looks like they tell you what they need so it'll say I'm thirsty so this one needs water this isn't mine though and we just walk around and wait for it to hatch I guess I don't know how long it takes to hatch like if it's only like a little bit because I'd like to show you guys my hatched pet but I don't think I can in this video but I could take a moment just to walk it around and see what happens because I think it'll hatch pretty quickly who knows I mean I could make it hatch super fast by spending roebucks but it's the test server so I don't really want to spend roblox on a test server because then it's just a waste of roebucks and saving those robots for that giveaway anyways so I don't think we're gonna do that at all but yeah we're just gonna go ahead and walk it around see what happens see what it needs and then we're gonna go back into the adoption center though cuz I do want to see what's life so looks like we're not even gonna be able to buy pets in the pet shop the pet shop is just for food so they kind of threw us off of that everyone thought that the pet shop was gonna be where the the pets were actually were and that's actually not where they were at all so that's just and this looks really nice and remodeled like I like the way that this whole thing is it's created it's a really nice build okay let's put him down I think let's put him down okay we press are to put him down and then I guess we'll give him some water Italy we'll just feed him some water just because I want him to yeah I want them to drink the water and that yeah okey dokey and yeah now we go yes so it's a 7.5 chance of legendary so this is the egg you guys gonna want to buy its 995 oh no it was 750 the first time it looks like as you buy more and more eggs they become more and more expensive I think no wait that was 750 so this is this is just 995 I lied about that I lied about that oh my pets drinking way too much water pick him up he's too much too much let's name him let's also named him Gregory or let's tape him Lawrence I felt that right Lawrence okay there we go and I guess it was hashtag doubt I guess we can't name him Lawrence I don't know what's so bad about Lawrence but we're gonna name him Larry there we go his name is Larry there we go nickname for Lord sits Lawrence doesn't seem to work on this game for whatever reason now come on Larry you need to start hatching okay you need to start hatching bed oh wait it shows the progress okay wait he feels sick crap I made him sick I think he drank too much water and he's also like not progress at all so we're probably not gonna be able to hatch him oh whoa why you'll see that the hospital like lagged my computer for a second nurse we're gonna need you to uh okay heart and heart is on the right what's on the right heart Oh doctor okay we didn't we need to bring this oh my gosh this first run again today we did bring him to a sickness person is put a bit there how do I do this come on we need to go into this one because it's too crowded okay how do I do this I do II pick up I did our to sit down does he heal is he gonna be healed how does this work how does this work he's not being healed and then oh here we go talk to the doctor at the hospital okay so we have to talk to the doctor actually so dr. Hart where you at my dude where are you okay it's nice to see you again celery okay cool cool cool yes I would like you to heal by family please my family is sick they are dying healing your family they're healing him already your baby we need to sleep with them into crimini home or nursery yeah okay wait but I need you to heal by people yes heal them heal them they're not healed not put them asleep okay is that how it works there is this how it works I don't know how this works guys I really doubt is this it dr. Hart but it's my pet going to be fine once he wakes up though he's still sick it's broken okay I don't know if this works or not but yeah it doesn't look like this is gonna be working I guess we'll like put him it says he's healing our family but he definitely didn't heal the pet so we're gonna see what happens I'm gonna try to set him down here again the help he's following me Oh whatever okay guys let's the basically the gist of pets I don't know why he's sick but I it's the test server so it's not even really my pet technically it won't be carried over to the main server but that's the pet system but that's how it's gonna work and those are the pets that you could actually get so I hope you all did a joy make sure to hit the like button comment down below and most of all subscribe it's your post with vacations on so you can never miss a video like thank you once again and goodbye

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  1. i saw u in the test server but i was trying to join the game but it was fully requested 🙁 anyways i am a big fan and my username is :blackwellalex

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