*NEW* PETS!?!? ?? In Roblox Adopt Me! (CUTE)

what's going on guys welcome back to another video guys in today's video we're gonna be going over the new update and roebucks adopt me that is coming to roblox without me I should say is the pets update so we're on the test server right now and we're gonna go ahead and first I want to go in here and get rid of these arrows but ya guys there are officially adding pets to adopt me it's been teased out for a while but it's coming like really really soon now let me just get ok there we go let's go over here now and let's show you guys the pet shop I'm on the test server if you guys didn't know there is a public test server for roblox about me and on the server they have like updated things that you can't actually get in the normal version and in the test version there's actually a pet shop and it's fully complete it's got a it's just it's fully completing the normal server it's like it's still like in construction and you can't go inside of it but in the test server we can look at the outside and you can actually go right inside of it so this is like the design of the building there's just a bone on top followed by like the name pet shop it's a very simple but really good looking design with a couple little like triangular evergreen trees right here and then two trees here and then the backs just kind of a square all the way around and then so I guess we could go in then shall we let's go ahead and go inside and see what it looks like on the inside so there's actually quite a bit of people in here already on the inside we've got these three little trees again so it's looking like it's a little nice little pet shop but we also don't get to see the fully created pet shop because on the inside even in the test room there are some there are some minor things that aren't complete yet like you've boxes over here I'm the crane dropping things down they're building something over here I assume this will be like a pet ranch Tom it looks like Tom will be the pet shop owner yeah his pet shop opens on November 31st 2073 only issues is that there aren't any pets and adoptee had an idea can you go back in time – oh wow okay so he scrubbed the future and he's coming back in time to create this this this pet shop so that's that's interesting I wouldn't have expected that but that's what that's what's happening so yeah so there's a little like cash register here so I assumed table will be behind here there's a little bit of a wrench here I don't know why pair up time machine okay I don't want to power up the table machine ah you know what let's power up the time machine see what happens I don't know what happens but we're gonna see what it what happens I powered up the time machine now what do we do what happens do we get to do anything oh I went inside okay we're going inside the time machine guys Wow what's it what is this okay so the time machine puts me way back in time no wait the time machine puts me forwards in time to serve Wolfington and there's the pets guys that's what the pets are gonna look like right here if you guys look right here these are what the pets are gonna look a this is a dog I wonder if there's gonna be more pets than just a dog but these are what the dogs are gonna look like this is pretty cool this is pretty cool this is this is pretty cool this is pretty cool I didn't know that this was in the test run at all but that's what the test the the pet shop looks like and that's what the pets are gonna look like so we've got this guy here and these are what the dog is gonna look like let's talk to Doug the dog he just goes wolf wolf wolf I honestly have no idea where I am but I'm glad that I powered up the time machine cuz like I have no idea what this is so this is something that's coming soon looks like there's even gonna be little boats oh wow the test problem has a lot of things that we don't actually see in the main server that's for sure but let's go ahead and head back outside of the time machine and then let's see okay let's go back outside so the pet shop that's what's gonna look like those are what the dogs are going to look like ad yeah so that's basically it guys that's all I really needed to go over today but I would like to mention one more thing the developer of this game actually did put up a video and the link to that will be in the description it's basically the same thing that the that the dogs looked like he was just holding one of the dogs so you could actually hold the dogs which is pretty cool and hopefully there's more pets than just like the dogs who knows but what we'll see we'll really see so this is gonna be pretty exciting to see the pets and adopt me and there's also some other crazy things that were in there that I don't even know what they want what they are but they are coming to the game so that's kind of exciting anyways that basically is the end of the video but we're only five minutes in and you guys know that I just I have to provide 10 minutes of content for y'all because I didn't even upload yesterday so let's see what are we gonna do in the test room so I guess I guess I'm gonna go back in the pet shop but I do want to explore the future or whatever the heck of it updates cuz I think I'm gonna go back in the time machine and I want to see what actually is over here because there's a ton of stuff and I have a glider too so I could just use this to figure out what's what's what oh the baby shop I don't think this is in the normal server so let's go inside okay we can't go inside what the heck oh we can't but we can't actually go anywhere what about this building what is this building a car shop okay so it's gonna be more car I thought is that already in the game cuz I don't even know but this looks like a smaller version of the hot-air balloon and this means that it might might be able to go to a different place other than that Wizards Tower in the sky who knows honestly who knows but is there anything else I think it's just this area in which we could see and within the time machine looks like we can't go anywhere else but yeah so that's that's that's what's going on guys I don't know what the heck is this place it's like the time machine do you guys know what this is have you guys been on the test server cuz I don't know I guess they're adding a baby shop and a car shop because those are the things that we don't see on this end of the place so let's go ahead and go back here let's exit and let's see if they're a car shop or a baby shop there is there is a baby shop so I don't think we're gonna get a baby shop anytime soon but there isn't a car shop so maybe we'll get the car shop like over here or over here who knows what he'll see what is this this is just so one's house oh no this is the school I did not know that this is the school I literally just thought this was like someone's house I honestly had no idea this was cool guys how do I miss that I don't even know but yeah what let's see okay yeah that's basically yeah I mean unless it's like an updated version of the baby shop but I do like the way this baby shop looks better so I don't know why they update it and I don't know why we'd have a second hot air balloon but maybe it leads to a different secret place who knows I surely do not know so that's that's that there's nothing else in this test server but really just the pet shop and the new pets that are gonna be in the game least so far we've all deceived dogs I believe so maybe we'll only have the ability to buy dogs which sucks if you're a cat person but um I'm personally a dog person so you know I'm I'm completely fine with the dogs in the game so I'm not complaining but I will see what happens to guys I just want to say thank you all for watching once again at are you guys excited for the dogs if you are comment down below that you're excited for the pets and adopt me and we'll see what happens with everything guys I'll be doing updates on this when it's released and all that and more adopt me and meep city content to come in the future so please stick around and continue watching my videos continue liking them up because we just did a hundred thousand subscribers which is absolutely amazing what do you guys want to see on this channel what do you guys want to see change in my videos what do you guys want to see that's like new content because I just cover up basically I cover adopt me and meet city and we just do a lot of content based on that so if you guys are interested in that then make sure to continue liking commenting subscribing all that good old stuff and that's basically it if you guys didn't notice there was also a slight name change for the channel just celery games wanna transfer over to like something that's more like not really as personal like does personal I shouldn't say that but like something that's not like Johnny's celery cuz that's more of like a name I wanted to be like a channel more like business oriented so celery games is who I am now so but my username celery that's like my in-game name celery you can call me that at games is just to represent that I play games all by channel mainly roblox ed adopted me a beat City and all that good old stuff so yeah guys if you guys want to see any other games any other things on my channel just make sure to comment that down below because I really do want to take your guys's ideas and it prevents them into my videos and everyone seems to be commenting about the giveaway which will happen soon but I do need you guys to just give me some updates on what other videos I should post the school in me city does come out this weekend so we'll be covering that anyways they go once again at goodbye

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