hello everyone it's me Ashley ah City and today I'm here with Lacey hi and today we were extremely lucky enough to be invited to check out the brand new adopt me pets update early so thank you so so much to be think and new 50 the dream craft group before letting us check this out we are super duper excited to check out pets and if you guys are super excited to check out pets as well make sure to leave a like on this video Lacey are you ready for pets me too oh I've been waiting ever since they teased the pet shop remember this used to be this pet shop you still it's so different right I poured it up it was like no no no one could come in right I feel like it's been nearly a year since this has happened okay and now we finally get to adopt a pet and I have arrow is leading me into the nursery which look has a cute new phone on the outside it looks like it's gonna be a pet shop – it's so cute I love it No oh my gosh come on let's do it let's go into this let's go see what's in here I'm so like it's gonna be well worth the wait I think I I can't wait let's see what I'll do here hello oh my gosh sirwoofington says why hello there Humana you look like the type of chap who'd help a friend out oh you bet I would friend mind looking after this egg take good care of it and it'll hatch into an outstanding pet oh so it's gonna hatch it's going to hatch oh my gosh I think so I think so okay let's see it can drink like it can drink from this little give it food wait wait what is this bye okay I think my egg was thirsty it looks sir Wow it's very nice what kind of environment are you keeping these poor eggs in sirwoofington I don't know let's see okay I'm gonna feed you a sandwich here you go egg egg eat my sandwich egg I totally named it yeah I totally think we get to name it let's drop this egg okay he'd of us follow me what are you gonna name your egg I'm gonna name my egg Ashley okay let's see I will name mine from starter egg too may see a little chart over here explaining like what's rare and what's common and stuff yes there's a puppy puppies yeah the puppies are cute I mean the kitties okay I mean okay which one pretty adorable if we're gonna be honest like a unicorn I mean we are kind of like these you know or mythical creatures ourselves that would be cool that would be SuperDuper cool and I'm loving this little pet nursery okay let's see what this person dog does hey dog Doug says woof woof he looks at the egg and points woof he jesters for you to buy an egg well he looks sad Oh as if he'll be upset if you don't buy an egg well he notices you understand him woof woof he's just barking maybe part dog maybe you're part dog woof so you can buy this cracked egg for three hundred and fifty dollars or can you buy something out of here no I don't know listen let's talk to Holly Holly says cats cats cats I love cats on a cat by an egg and you can maybe have a cat you can have a cat you have a cat you can have a cat everybody gets a cat okay okay well I multiple can only have a cracked egg and open your inventory and look at heads okay yeah there we go Ashley's here all right we good we got Ashley we didn't lose her okay all right well you know I did notice that we can click on our egg and say hatch now we queue what happened if we do that like did we not take care of it good enough what if we don't get a good pet oh that's a guy question it could be there just for the UH for the meantime for us to test though maybe I'm thinking okay yeah you could definitely be right okay well I'm gonna hatch my egg now guys if you haven't already leave a like on this video so we can hatch our egg right now like this video so we can hatch the eggs right now buddy okay let's hatch them on the same time are you ready ready three two what let's see your egg will hatch by itself if you take good care of it or you can hatch it now for roebucks how much does it cost the hatch now Cotter 95 Roe bucks hmmm I think it I I think it's worth it okay very you know I you know well have this one now okay and then we will wait for the other one to hatch we'll get a different a you wait for it to hatch okay okay Sam okay are you gonna hatch yours now – yes okay dad okay well just so you guys know we are playing the beta version of this game and the devs did let me know that there are probably going to be some bugs when we are playing it however when the official update releases which will be on June 15th there should be no bugs or minimal okay hold on can we give a pizza and ice cream a feed oh no I have no food we must go yes let's go to meet the store let's go okay it's okay little Ashley you're gonna get your pizza come on let's go we need to eat we need to go get you some pizza no we're good we'll take care of you we'll take good Gary dude we're not gonna let you start Oh promise okay let's uh let's drop our egg okay and now I have to make you pizza don't be sad I know I dropped you don't worry it's just to make you a pizza okay but I want little lashley there you go you can have veggies on your pizza okay feed the pizza there you go eat the pizza it's eating it say – the pizza the hatching miss goes up – oh man okay so Ashley's not happy with me uh we want more food a sandwich here have a sandwich there you go eat a sandwich did it not say it got full it doesn't even show her as being hungry oh my G feeding her to give like to get some stuff up but it's she don't want anything she's so low-maintenance what can I say Wow ashley is low-maintenance well don't worry let's take Ashley and Lacey and let's go check out the pet store and see if there's anything new in there that we can totally explore to maybe help out our pets [Applause] there's food you see that there's hue see this I bought a lot of food you see this shiny bone I want the shiny bone I know right it's pink it's shiny it's exactly what I need in my life and it looks like there's frisbees and there's footballs and there's more bones oh and look what is this oh look our pet can eat and drink in here okay look there we go oh they can eat drink and sleep oh my goodness we really need to take care of our pets huh oh my gosh oh let's see if I wasn't Ashley what would I need yes maybe try and see if she needs some sleep whenever I'm unhappy it's usually because I'm hungry or I need to sleep one of those two things like say wait maybe maybe but she it's not it's not happening is there a way to see like a status let's see do you see anything like that dirt starter and it's dirty it's like a baby oh yes yes yes yes hungry okay that's good here we go let's see can we uh let her eat real quick or um hello there we go okay look I bought you lots of dog food there you go I mean pet food I mean yeah it's food where you gotta give up a bet that we thought possum into rivers you know I don't know wait is yours dirty yeah it's started dirty your baby is dirty yeah put them in shower at home like really oh you just go to a shower that's it yeah maybe you're right okay let's go home and let's check it out oh come on if we find yours a shower then yours will hatch soon I hope so wait mine wants to go camping oh my goodness why do you want to go camping also your baby's hungry there you go take a shower I need some sleep there we go okay they can sleep in the crib they can sleep in the crib woo oh I made it I don't I did not expect my egg to need so much attention so adorable ok my dog's name is Lacey and my dog's name is Ashley wait why did oh hang on did it rename it I think it did it did now it's just doc dog ok the dog just the dog there we go there we go perfect tricks ok ok what's your mark question mark alright yes maybe they can Oh to unlock this visit the pet trainer at the school navigate to the school oh my gosh cool do you follow me yeah you do follow me so cute I am so happy with this we got a train home right there civilized yes they are they need to be civilized oh my gosh I wonder if that update Islander polite become newborn than puppy and then like what's the stages life they're so cute look at their animations just so I need a wolf yes give me a wolf in here I didn't see one on the board I need a wolf I need one so bad oh my gosh a wolf would be amazing that would be the best pet ever okay Tara Tara oh good day mate wanna train your animal oh he's like Steve Irwin yeah let's train our animal alright let's begin sit oh my dog is tired sit oh it doesn't like it sit I donno oaklands Pizza my dog is tired and it needs a shower wait so now let's try it sit pardon oh you're sit – oh they're stinky oh my gosh my puppy is sick oh my gosh Sid your puppy is sick yeah the green clouds mean they're sick okay over here to the hopsicle hospital hospital so stressed out those dressed my pet is sick right now okay that's sick and all she wants is pizza ever it's nice to see you again stop talking to me you me and my puppy please oh my gosh there we go dog is healthy again oh yay it like that okay okay now I'm in the operation room where are you oh I went to the other side oh I'm here ah there you are I was about to say Oh God hey Ashley I don't say I'm here okay oh good you're back what you see that you see it's moved up from newborn yeah I was just gonna age up okay my dog needs a shower now shower oh my gosh what is this squeal squeal well goal and the must go back to school bring your baby to school but wow you're an ambitious I know you wanted to go to school twice already but that's awesome okay we're gonna take you to school we're gonna go and do you want to go to school school okay yeah just being in the school is helpful to the dog oh good oh I know is there a shower in here is there a doggie shower I don't I know okay wait hang on I thought of a bug I thought of a bug here sit here bye-bye Oh bye okay let's see what happens when it's done eating they eat for a long time they really really do I'm outside I don't know where my dog is I see it it's still here oh wait where did it go okay okay Dino okay well we knew it was gonna be issues you know we need to go take a pit stop to your shower we need it let's see yeah I'm trying to look where's the neighborhood where is it okay there where's the you know there used to be free showers then this game where the free showers then wait it's a freak wait can we like you know I'm gonna try the dog in the water though since it is a dog okay oh hello mr. shower um little oh no do not drown the dog that's bad very bad do not do that not good she's trying to be like an ostrich and shove her head under the sandé uh little doggie okay I don't think that worked okay well okay I think that one out are you going to check for the free showers I know I'm following you okay there used to be free showers at the pool if you guys remember which we used to use all the time because ain't nobody got time for a house who would still go shower at home I know right okay you shower the dog there we go my dogs should grow up to be a junior then and then can it learn more tricks Oh oh my gosh I don't know but that would be really awesome if that was oh is my dog stuck in the shower oh oh there we go I picked it up it's fine it's totally fine no no I'm stuck in the shower Oh God oh no don't get stuck in the shower so now okay I don't think my doggy needs anything right now oh yeah now that it's a junior it can learn a new trick now oh that's so cool that's the best oh my gosh this is so cute okay not that not that I don't love this dog but I totally think we should go back and we should go get a different edge and try and hatch a new egg I agree you have an egg you bought Nick but I did go buy an egg I will yeah yeah definitely I've got another egg this one is just a normal one I want to get the Royal one too I didn't really I didn't look at the pricing or anything like that but no don't be hungry egg but no no I'm curious yeah okay maybe we should buy one of each egg and hatch them both I agree let's do that I've got both of them except the one in that room with Wolfie oh okay cool so we have the egg that we got I think was just a normal egg so we're gonna buy a cracked egg now and the cracked egg is unhatched and now we could buy the Royal egg sirwoofington so the royal royal egg gives us a twenty seven point five percents of an uncommon a 35% chance of a rare a 30% chance of an ultra rare and a 7.5 percent chance of legendary as opposed to our cracked egg that is still 45% Commons 33% uncommon 15% rare 6% ultra rare and one percent legendary and don't forget about this one oh yeah this one is the the normal egg the normal one in the dorm I'm gonna take out the Royal egg first just to see because you know I am really trying to get that bunny one of these bunnies it looks like scroll down there's a lot down there oh yeah I love the red panda the horse is cool the dragon's cool and of course the unicorn is cool that is super awesome and oh my gosh is that what an honor the very top right oh my god honor this is so cute I'm like a little oh man there's so many good things I want to rabbit oh there's a beaver Oh beaver oh my gosh it's not an ox oh my gosh look how cute okay so I'm totally totally excited is that one wait is there a little piggy a piggy would be so cute okay I'm too excited way way too excited Royal egg what do you need my friend do you need anything talk to us Royal eggs please I'm hungry okay yeah my needs sleep – okay let's go back wait that's the VIP lounge not in there not me there what am i doing I think there's stuff rust-eze in the pet shop and I we can just let you know yes okay I'll have my eat nurse Here I am I needs to sleep well this gives them asleep can we like buy this eventually I really want to buy that I think I'm gonna be able to buy it cuz why not you know I mean there are people that just want to like live in their house like me I don't want to stay in my house oh this one takes a lot more time in order to hatch it looks like ah it is a Royal egg it is like the most rare egg in the whole world so of course it's gonna take a little bit longer its royalty oh no it's just like fancy it's so fancy the fanciest of eggs okay now Royal egg is all good to go except I'm not I'm not satisfied with that I wanted to be hatched right now you know what I'm wondering what happens if I put the Royal egg up and then I pull out like this one okay okay so you see it son hatch that's its bar all right now what if I pull the Royal one back out okay that's so good okay I hope they keep it that way because I'm thirsty okay well we'll go back to the pet shop little guy I hope they keep it that way because you know sometimes you might want to work on different eggs or something which is super cool I wonder what having a baby's gonna be like with this oh you're about to get real needed like you better hope that you have your ducks in a row because you're not wrong yes it's gonna you're gonna have a lot of things demanding your attention are you guys ready for that I ain't my eggs my eggs my dog my kid oh I don't know why but I just I love the animals I love the animals so much they're so cute I do I love this what the unicorn want Santa's still around Santa Santa why are you here friend maybe this will entertain the eggs you know we need I wonder is there an entertainment thing like do they be like I'm Bard do something oh I wonder that would be really really interesting gessie I need a shower okay we'll go to the shower oh my yep we have to run all the way back to the house with our egg you know it's fine come on whip we will will take you there little egg will take you there you're not too demanding I don't guess I guess well I mean you're pretty demanding but I want you to hatch like right now so true look yours is already so far away I know it's because mine got hungry and thirsty and need a shower like all at the same time we're trading houses at school actually I went to your house cuz I don't remember if I hope psy actually showered myself I don't need a shower give me out because I don't remember if I have a shower in there and I'm I was thinking you might you do have a shower okay you may possibly playground okay okay I'll take you to the playground oh that one that one wanted to go camping but then they edged up so we had that oh yeah you're right yes that does who it needs it needs some get some fun I have a car so when you're done showering we'll go to the playground oh yes okay let's go we'll get there superfast yeah this is a good idea your spoon where will we go camping though oh there is a camping spot actually can we the real question though the RIP swinging work oh yeah Oh swinging seems to work even better I really like this this is adorable oh yes wait can we like just put the egg on it though that would be cute I don't know yeah can you like click it and just put the egg on it that's okay Wow yes so fun we actually which is well we get money for in this book very good a very good okay so what do you think Royal eggs are gonna want to do next probably you might be right they might want to eat you know I'm curious nope it's still under construction we're here it's mad at you it's like how dare you how dare you do this to me come here little dude there you go pick them up poor little guy there we go okay I'll show you where you can go camping so if our eggs want to go camping again we could totally just come right over here to the camping spot a place for my egg to drink it's thirsty oh you can put it down no there's totally no place for them to drink no no place to drink okay we'll go back so that way we can make sure that our eggs are well taken care of so we can hatch them okay I don't know I'm not sure okay let's see oh we can take it in this school have no idea there we go I put my house here so we don't have to run back to the neighborhood every time put your house here with what yeah you can buy plots here see like I put my house there pits a new trick remember oh yeah our other pets oh wait you're right it is the other pet however there is stuff here for our pets to do and stuff I wish we could have them both out at the same time but I guess while I'm waiting for it still something come here puppy Oh Oh mine's thirsty too yay look I type down there lay down lay down look at her getting all sassy over here like oh how cute yours it laid out it's like a little weenie egg that's yours nor much you're like hey look my eggs doing good it's very good no that's just Ashley's egg well mine's like tame now like it's good it's all it's all good in the hood you know it don't want no I know mine does there you want let me see do you need anything no it doesn't want to go to school it doesn't want to do anything come on just don't be too much like me egg I know do stuff do something do you want to play on the computer all day that's what I do is there anything you can buy from the shop we're checking to see if there's anything that we can buy here for our pets and oh my gosh you can buy pet bowls you can buy a bathtub you can buy all sorts of stuff for our pet oh yeah oh my gosh okay so here I'm gonna get the food and the water for our pets so now we should be able to feed and water our pets Oh perfect can you like color it or there's only specific colorings um I didn't check but I'll see so you can recolor the bed which is cool oh that's cool that's this oh yeah you could totally recolor this pink there we go cute cute and there's also there's a ton of rugs there's like unicorn rugs there's like a ton of different beds we are going to get a pet bathtub just so we can oh they're sleepy there we go I'm just putting everything in the kitchen so we can you have I know right so yeah and then you could also use the baby stuff like the cribs and whatever the cribs all that good stuff but if you don't watch it you don't have to oh if I have a baby I mean it may be maybe a nice person put the baby in the other dog bowl egg chair yeah I totally didn't even think of that but you totally could I guess there we go we're gonna have the Royal egg sleep and oh my gosh I really hope it ages up soon I hope so too come on I need to know what you are I wonder if we're gonna get the same thing again yeah I wonder if it's like gonna be I don't know oh look here's this so close to hatching oh my gosh all he needs is like a bath or something what do you need what do you need okay what here I know right oh oops I put this backwards you know I'm glad it doesn't edit or I'm glad it doesn't like kick you out of my house while I'm editing it yeah that would be that would be bad if it did that wouldn't be the best come on the leg you only need like one more thing little egg what do you want to do thirsty thirsty thirsty My Mind's water give it water what I'll give a motor good job yeah three three when yours is gonna get really really close to really early close then maybe they'll both want to go camping or something that would be great that would be fun all right well now what now what egg now we said did we wait our eggs we're just kind of stare at the eggs I am I'm like hatch egg hatch changed do the thing need something egg needs something oh man we might be able to do it here both of us oh my gosh yeah yeah yay this is exciting I can't wait please a jump a jump oh well you're very dirty very very dirty wait where do you see pizza you're at it says it in the chat oh I see Oh oh my gosh it's so adorable oh I needed a shower not three okay no wonder okay come on shiba inu or what what will you be I could use a what could you be what was yours gonna be it's time for school they want to go to school no you're j-jake you better not you bet are you serious okay oh my gosh it is rare you got the ultra rare one I got the rare one but you know I do like the buddy it's out yeah they're all so cute it's so adorable oh my gosh guys thank you so much for staying tuned for this episode of the adopt me pets update I hope that you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to leave a like on this video and don't forget to check out Lacey's channel because she uploads roblox over on her channel as well and if you're sick I hope you feel better soon and if today is your birthday I hope you have a happy birthday and until then I kept sort of roblox don't forget to smile we can change

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  1. Hello my favorite youbers and i have a question why mine have a pet shop but the other store you just go and buy an egg is there is not in my roblox cause it is in June 15 and there is a no much things in pet store love you and i love your videos…

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