what is going on froze you will probably hear me say that same line again but thank you all for tuning into today's video we actually are going to get roosters in just a second but before that I need to introduce you to today's video sponsor I don't do sponsor as much I only do sponsors that I actually truly do believe in and this one I do you see me do stuff with this company in the past my pet canva they're super super cool they always hook it up and pretty much every one of my family has this product now including some of my friends in this case today I surprised my grandparents with they're like literally their child it's a dog you're pointing the wrong way you got to point it the other way there you go all right now back up yes that is awesome hey pop-up right rate the blanket in detail one from ten brenton okay oh this is just my pet canva doing their thing they've done it once and they did it again remember last time I surprised my parents roll the clip it's chichi well clearly they enjoy it and uh wow do every time I do something with this company never regret never I got this one for a friend of mine too this is a her dog and then I'm gonna pop the picture up right next to it that they designed on it so is that insane the detail they'll go to every little speck in detail and by the way you don't only have to put a dog yeah I was gonna ask that I have a pet squirrel yes wonder if I you can do a pet squirrel duck help a pig I'll pack up turtle no matter what it is you can put it on a mug pillow blanket no matter what it is literally you go to the site you obviously pick the item you want to put it on after you pick the item you want to put it on then you select the background color of that blanket pillow or whatever it may be in this case this is pink you import your photo of your animal and they'll put that background color with the picture on whenever you buy all you got to do is go to the top link the description as many orders as you want 15% off Paul 15 is the code go to the top link the description check out my pet camera calm and get yourself something this is dope what is going on throws welcome back to another video here today look where we are was Mike's house and we were here to pick up two roses as he saw by the title and thumbnail what are like what's the point of getting rid of them well I have a lot of extra mails here and these don't have footballs babies so footballs my first chicken and it's a purse son and we don't want any inbreeding and stuff like that that's all I said you don't want the males to BRE with the same yeah you don't that's too much like I am here to pick up these two roosters and it's gonna be in task catch it's just got done raining maybe a little muddy out it's actually still raining as we speak and it's gonna be an adventure we got a team of four here they're filming their video but we got a team of four ready to catch these roosters look what it is can they are you remember I brought these over here and he said have Blake how much do you clean this water what and they just keep getting dirty but there are turtles they like dirty they will live in this no interview no problem at all look how beautiful there we are now in the works of making my turtle pond obviously it's only a matter of time before we build – have these guys back over to my places five albano ready your sliders if you're more familiar I bought these over guitar Blake's the other day and they're just in pretty much a temporary home right here for now but look how beautiful they're so sick oh my god they had babies everything's watching lookit we got the Gucci gang right here these two ducks are actually mine I just turned on my place gated enya so those will come once the barn and everything's gated in the old chickens this is so called a Molly look how big the emus got these things were so tiny last time I saw him dude baby pterodactyls oh my goodness hey what's up I'm actually gonna go in there and just a second because I want to get a good look this is exactly what I do at my house yes where are they oh yeah they're gotta go oh this is gonna be so hard that's the two we need right there look at perfect size they're smaller than the ones we have at home we got donkeys walking around we got goats I love it here and I actually just ordered one of these my friends all of you are waiting and asking yes the barn has been ordered now it's gonna be probably about three weeks before it gets delivered three weeks yes Blake gives me a ring he goes yo I got two roosters if you want them I said se les I'm driving this is about an hour and 15 minutes from my place but I came to pick him up we're gonna put him in a box get him to my house and then introduce them to the other three chickens which I'm not gonna leave him together just yet I'm gonna let them see each other through a cage for a little bit and then introduce them to each other later on probably in a few days [Laughter] this is the he's done now okay look at the face Blake said it's an old English Bantam Old English bantam rooster if you really want to just stop holding them a lot yeah and you tame them down and you just go up to them pick them up whenever you want let's have my other that's why I do a football for ya and you get it that's what football she's nine years old the same thing every day with her performance yeah buddy thanks Brett oh it's been laying down already take a night stuck in there chilling up Wow I gotta say one thing though I'm jealous as hell huh oh my gosh this thing is massive dude but good for you bro its back in business heck yeah that is awesome and he's got a little grass patch over here what happened save your finger in the door look at this they got a little grass patch so what is it what's goes right here just like tortoises or tortoises it's gonna be all is that I've been designing it left and right yeah I bet your mind is switched like six times that is not a water ball Zoey and here they are fellas the Roosters look at them good to go over to the chicken coop which is all the way over there with their other chickens that now free roam during the day oh by the way I got a golf cart too so they might film some stuff on that here shortly totes hello sorry dude whippin the golf cart for the first time ever over to our buddies over here the neighbors goats hey they want C great that's all they want today is a farm video farm filled video for you guys today look at we're feeding goats now see grapes look Oh what the heck good boy eat this sucker black with the white BT logo we're good Wacka my box of roosters over to my chicken-coop says he knows gonna be a fence that starts right there all the way down over to there and then there'd be a barn in here and this you know they all get it in so this where they'll stay look how big they are close this side because the roosters are gonna stay we hear guys jump Oh jump all right I'm gonna leave this box sideways there they are two roosters chillin right there okay what are you doing ones are ya the chickens won't come out if you're out here they're afraid of you they think you're a coyote oh my god there's no going around this like taking care of a five-year-old I walk over and jumped off this rock into the pond we have a saw we have a bit these roosters need somewhere to go if it rains or if they want to sleep and they need to hide their other ones have that top section but since I gave it all there's no there's nothing on the other side got it hanging fit through there perfect oh yeah oh my oh my goodness food so the plan is just trying to take sound in the background go right in there boom crane kick it in that's the dry spot that's where they stay a couple days do these guys free roaming out here running into them through the fencing they'll be good margin right here and they can climb up here there's that murder they got in here and I'm just gonna get them the old water bowls for now they got the water bowl and then a food bowl right there it's literally just a regular Bowl but that's what they ate out of where they but over there that's what the other chickens ate out of as they grew up and for now that's all I have previous chicken section that I still have there just Roman over there to our new rooster section oh thank you appreciate it look at Bubba what are you doing Oh muddy and then over there you can see you look real closely I'll even bump it in while I'm editing you can see the chickens are just chilling next to the Roosters trying to figure out like wow I got new brothers or something excuse the hair throughout today's video I just really never took the time to put it up and make it nice okay today's positive comments shoutout goes out to a me your videos never let me down always loving the new content and it's got a hundred and three lights so shout out to Amy and I know you're looking at that pop so I can't wait it's kind of upside down but top link in the description get yourself some PC merch if you want a positive comment shout out have your comment on the screen and one of these supreme videos are gonna do a job positive comment down the comments down below holy moly I said that fast and of course if you have not done so already just hit the subscribe button down below it's completely free smash it and then after hitting that subscribe button make sure you click the bell so that you are notified every time I do upload without further ado crows that is officially all I have for you today be ready for some more content the barn is definitely coming hopefully a warehouse is coming soon maybe we got we got a lot of stuff in the works right now especially stuff that I'm doing with predatory fins you guys already know Rodrigo we got some cool stuff coming your way and it's all I got till next time we'll see it in the next video memo's look like dinosaurs

31 thoughts on “*NEW* PET ROOSTERS for the BARN!!!

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  2. Adorable roosters! Please consider getting more hens though. It's better to have a larger hen to rooster ratio to decrease the risk of aggression happening in the flock.

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  9. Dawg you can just put the roosters with the chickens just when they are older you need to split them or they will kill each other I’m a professional rooster breeder and show birds so you don’t need to split them from the hens

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