yo what's up guys blue cow here and welcome back to another video today I got a new coat for you guys for pet range simulators so as you guys know the new update just came out and it's 450 million players in this game and as you guys know from last time I'm not the best at this game but I will definitely work for it okay you only have one leader so yeah I really don't have anything if I'm being honest but yeah so like I said there is a new update and I'm gonna show you guys the new code for the update and I will show you guys that in a second but I got a few things to talk about here so I'm getting really close to 50k subscribers so if you guys wouldn't mind make sure if you haven't yet make sure hit that subscribe button share this channel or video with your friends tell them to subscribe get as many people as you can because I will be doing giveaways for 50k subs so yeah guys make sure drop a like on this video subscribe and tell your friends to sub as well and yeah guys that's pretty much it for all of that but like I said I have not opened many eggs in this game because I I've never really had the money so I don't know if the ad is like a new egg or something maybe I'm not sure but as you can see 20 million egg I'm just gonna open a few of these why not and here's one thing unique about this game I really like once you open 150 eggs it gives you an a legendary automatically so yeah it's pretty cool but um yeah guys we're just gonna be opening some of these eggs we got some fans right here wait who is this let's just say hey I don't I don't recognize her but yeah so like I said guys we need to get some better pets so I have no clue like what the best pet in this game is but I definitely do have a new code for you guys so make sure to stay tuned for a little bit longer I will be show you I will be showing you guys the new code so you can get that free boost for 50 million players I almost forgot what I was gonna say there but yeah so I'm I guess I might as well just tell you the code right now and it does say it in the game but it's 50m pet so that gives you an albatross scheme I don't know what that is but let's go ahead and check it out if we can find it oh here it is 1,200 that's not bad that's not bad so yeah I'll take it that's pretty good I don't have anything really I'm like not good at this game Oh what the heck dude that guy's all yellow that's cool all right banana bread nice name um what egg should I even open shy like I feel like I need to upgrade my ranch upgrade 1600 I can I'm definitely gonna upgrade that alright I'll up get it to like 5 billion are oh god I just passed it oh well so let's just keep opening some of these eggs I really want to try to get something better than a rare cuz oh I've gotta know an epic from this egg wait it's not even a good epic I have no clue wait let's check a big that's a legendary oh we can equip that actually so let's go ahead and do that 14,000 just go ahead and quit this this is the legendary 10,000 equipped equipped Wow ok we can have 46 pets ok this is gonna take a little bit guys Oh God um what is your favorite pet in this game guys make sure to put that down in this comment section I want to know you guys favorite pet for this game oh gosh okay we need to get some better pets here what are we doing hundred seventy-five million let's do it why not oh I got the epic I got an epic not the epic wait is that a good epic I think it is yeah it's this one what that was crazy alright well that's how you do that pretty easy eight percent I got an uncommon that's pretty good let's see I got enough oh I got another slime I get it I guess it is more common than the other one oh yeah guys and if you want to see trading in this game put down in the comments section that you want to see trading in this game because I heard they're considering adding trading to pet simulator pay range simulator so yeah and I did hear some update news about but pet simulator 2 coming out pretty soon so make sure to stay tuned for that guys I cannot wait for that game to come out I really miss old pet simulator they just stopped updating it so there's really nothing to do in that game anymore but yeah so I just cannot wait for all that to come out and definitely guys new codes for this game will be coming soon but yeah guys that's honestly pretty much it for this video if you guys did enjoy make sure to drop a like subscribe like I said earlier I'm trying to get to 50k and that would mean the world to me if you guys could get me there so yeah guys thank you so much for watching this has been blue cow and I just got a rare but yeah thank you so much for watching this has been blue cow and I will see you all in another video [Applause]


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