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I ready to start my day oh no my headbands a little messed up I just need to get something from Oh Oh No bumped into my little sister's bath again there's so not much room in here okay let me see if I can fix this and just well oh okay hang on huh uh I guess I don't have to do I think I need to use a little pony I mean I just need to get past here and then I can oh so crowded in here huh but I made it good morning Hey a little privacy please sorry but I have to go – hey who loves my bathtub me I couldn't get around it excuse me please I have privacy that is not fair I'm the bigger sister would you look at this gotta fix my hair again better wash up first okay then that means being here Shh all done oh you don't have to say all done yeah but I am all done time for me to watch shop yeah and why do you need two faucets it's just you I have my own over here it's fun I like to take turns and now I can get in my bathtub oh I wanted to think about and get washed up me too that's not fair that I don't have my own bathroom anyway okay I take a bath in here anyway it's too soon well for me everything is too small or crowded or uh that is it one sissy what is it I'm getting my new bathroom today my very own bathroom all by myself where I won't be interrupted and I have plenty of space and won't bump into anything oh that sounds nice can I come visit no hmm you can have this bathroom all to yourself ooh that sounds nice whoa sissy what's in this box my new bathroom is in here I'm about ready to get it set up oh I can't wait to see it's gonna be so cool that's right it's gonna be cool you're gonna want to use it but it's gonna be all mine well okay maybe if you knock on the door and say excuse me okay I will I will alright well then come on you can help me get it ready okay whose bladders had been so frustrated but in this very box is her new bathroom well let's check it out paint I'm getting the lid off we're about to see oh this looks so pretty I've never seen a bathroom like this oh but I gotta get in all the pieces out what do we have here well first of all we have a bathtub it I think will be just the right size let's see here perfect oh you can take nice relaxing back splatters and then what's this always sink it's just one cuz it's just for her goodness it looks so pretty so it's got a white face with a really useful shelf for me restoring towels or lotion or toothbrush or things this bowl and then what's being hidden behind here oh yes a mirror we're getting ready now I'll be able to check my bow and my hair and everything without bumping into stuff or getting it messed up there's still lots more stuff in here what's this oh it's a pretty little stool so maybe she can sit down and you know work on putting her makeup on or fixing your hair super cute I love the little pearly stones around it and what do we have here matching Pawnee with the pink and the pearls and our little lid goes up and hopefully she'll have some more privacy in this bathroom I think I can pull something from over here now kind of small what is this oh yeah look it's a towel rack so you can keep your toes here while you're waiting to take your bath or shower they'll stay nice and dry and looking good pretty oh and I love the splattery paint look that's perfect for splatters there's more stuff in here I'm gonna pull this out hmm maybe this is for our bathtub it's the faucet but what else do we have here splutters is a big girl she can decide if she wants to do a shower or a bad nice ringing head shower and that'll be relaxing what else is in here not too much except I think these pieces hmm maybe these are rugs for the floor so your feet aren't cold and when you step out a shower the tub you don't slip when your foot is all wet well this is the place it's gonna be my new math room no decide where to put everything okay I think I would like my sink along this wall yeah that's a good spot and I'll put the little stool in front of it that's where the mirror is so I can see hi oh uh no I think that good spot for the shower is right over here yep that's perfect and I think it makes sense to put the bathtub nearby let's not forget the faucet for that so we can fill the tub don't want to forget about my potty let's put it in a private place like over here and excuse me little splatters but I think that's a good spot for the towel wrap ah yes I think this will do nicely and look there's still space to walk around in here so you don't bump into anything you can go to the shower or the bath tub you come over here to the sink or even the potty oh I just love it in here it's perfect just for me my very own space wait what about your rugs oh how could I forget it let's put this one outside of the top so when you step out you can step on a nice dry rug then we can also put one over here by the potty isn't that cute mmm sissy yes for those splatters what is it I really have to go potty but can I use yours sure no problem go ahead I think I might get ready for a bath just turn the water on hmm let's see this one's kind of whoa did he help huh oh no you fallen in you silly girl well my bathroom was too little for you I guess yours is too big for me yeah I think maybe you're the one that's gonna need that back come on let me take you to your bathtub yay thanks Izzy now let's apply a bag to open what do we see ian is opening day of my restaurant whoo I can't wait because all these pretty flowers it's beautiful outside but oh my oh I can already see that there's nothing inside guess I better get started I want to make my customers happy oh this is gonna be such a nice restaurant if I can get everything put together in time like places from my patrons to sin here's a little booth I can put together for them that works out very nicely now how about the kitchen I'm gonna need a lot of supplies I've got my sauce simmering away over here meatballs and here's some pasta in the water I can get boiling I need to get a little fire going down here in the pizza oven how about this lasagna I can get it baking in the oven and you can add some other supplies in here like my olive oil here's a box of extra pasta some cooking utensils can go on the shelf few more of those here's my board for taking pizzas in and out and a cutting board of some supplies that I need better put a lid on the pot of sauce well I've got some good seating here but I don't think it'll be enough hmm where do I find some more seating oh how about the rooftop we'll put in a little rooftop garden seating here we go a nice little table with a couple of chairs that looks like it'll be a nice place to eat I'm sorry I'm sorry but I just can't wait anymore it's just most two good in here oh it's okay we're ready now all right come on in guys what do you think is this an okay place to sit Oh it'll be perfect let me get you a menu here I also bring in a couple plates for you and I can start you off with some fresh bread mmm delicious here's some grape juice for you as well do you need a minute to look over the menu I think I'm ready to order yeah me too Pizza Pizza yeah Pizza Pizza who looks like the kiddos want pizza Pizza one of my specialties I'll take the lasagna and I'll have the fish please certainly I'll get right to the kitchen have that back lickety-split all right I've got my pizza going in the oven I can work on the fish that lasagna still cooking I think this is it punk boy hello and welcome to my restaurant hi we're looking for a nice romantic place to eat Oh looks like you might be full no no no we've got rooftop dining it'll be very romantic oh all right come on cheering diva let's head up to the rooftop yay I'll be up there in just a minute all right lasagna for you here is your fish plate and a couple of pizzas mm-hmm there anything else you need no I think that'll be good yeah yummy pizza time all right everyone enjoy well hello there seems like you're enjoying this rooftop dining yes the atmosphere is incredible mm-hmm deed well have you had a chance to look over the menu do you know what you'd like what's your specialty mmm spaghetti and meatballs sounds wonderful I'll have that good choice would you like that awesome uh actually I think I'll go with the lasagna sure thing I've got plenty here's some drinks for you to start with okay your orders ready one lasagna for you and my meatball spaghetti specialty for you oh it looks wonderful thank you so much let me know if you need anything else Punk boy I brought you here because I have a surprise for you a surprise for me really what is it I've decided to adopt a little sister oh that's a wonderful daring diva well who is it I don't know yet Taron diva doesn't know what little sister she has yet so let's help her find out we've got to pull out these outer layers in order to see what's inside I'm looking here and I'm seeing hotshot I've got a bit more that we need to peel through all right look do you see that it's a gold ball this could be pretty exciting all right here we go something special inside one little surprise bag to open here we go I can find out what's inside looks like some little black loafers now here's a very cool hat pretty Queen how fun I love the little gold bottoms she's super duper cute all right she won Queen is going in the ice bath she's got black leggings on now and little black shoes she's super cute well welcome to our little family here yay mmm pasghetti oh you're so adorable what do you say we get you home to show your new room yeah yeah come on it's been a lovely evening goodbye thank you for a lovely meal oh thanks for coming by I'm so glad you enjoyed it are you leaving as well oh yes we had a wonderful meal and now I've got my new little sister it's so nice to meet you hi she's kinda shy thanks again all right good night everyone but I'd say that was quite the success huh now time to clean up and ready to reveal who we have here you sure you know where you're going of course I know where I'm going we're going into the woods to go camping if you say so yeah I'm pretty sure it's this way didn't we already go this way okay now this is the way what I don't think so come on no no no it's definitely over here I think we're lost oh here it is we made it I told you I could do it all right everybody out huh it's good to stretch my legs that was a long drive yeah one because you wouldn't stop nuts for directions I got us here that's what matters two hours later well then it doesn't leave us much time to set things up so we better get started yeah I guess you better come on guys come on everybody out oh my what a mess in here little boogie babe get down from there what where else am I supposed to sit where are all the other little brothers and sisters in there somewhere goodness all right well I guess we'll start by taking out this pool Oh little bee honey what are you doing in here there's no place to sit so I got in the pool I like pools all right well help me get it out of here here's our chairs that's one this looks like a tabletop why am I the only one doing this oh that's a slide got another chair here come on out you go ah now we're getting some more space guess I could go ahead and pull down the beds oh you two what we got sleepy come on come on out you go go play outside all right last bed shoe I'm exhausted me me LT goal snooze the biggie babe are you really sleeping tried to do everything around here hmm maybe I should use a punny before I get started on something else let's see you just kind of move this door back there we go hey hey I'm in here oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I I can't the doors are stuck there's no prey to seeing this thing hey you guys think you could keep it down I'm trying to rest ah but I did a lot of work if you say so honey washing my hands first I'll go check on the little brothers and sisters we want fan we want to swim all right all right looks like the pools not put together this needs to be filled with water well here you go Oh I think the water is a good temperature yeah I'm ready to jump in whoo whoops a fill-in I'm going down the slide watch out hey V to make space ouch I'm coming in wait hey no there's no room in here maybe if we take out the slide they'll be more room there we go that's better yay splashy splashy splashy hey you're slicing my face yeah I'm gonna get you guys will you yay this is the best part thank you want to head over to the chairs and take a rest while we watch the kids play you were reading my mind now this is what I call relaxing ah you said it look I think one of our camping neighbors might be coming over to say hi oh really hi there Oh another hairballs how wonderful who are you I'm not sure yet you can't get out of here to see myself well we can help you yeah come on let's get it open well maybe I could give you guys a little help with this this feeling part can be a little tricky now we are a little closer into opening this hair spray bottle just a bit more to wrap up early so I got a little riddle here with the pictures looks like a pixie or fairy plus scissors make something cut oh it's a pixie cut and I get to open this up here went to each side take out our guide there's our dough got a few surprises to open up first I'm just gonna take these out of here and then start opening up these curlers there we go Oh a yellow comb and I can clip that one back up so I can use it later and I will get this one open come on off there we go pop it to the side oh my goodness look at this we've got our teal yellow dripping paint pink lid all right opened both curlers now I want to open up our different packages of things let's start with this one we've got a pair of pink high-top lace-up boots with some paint splatter on them as well really cute outfit it's an adorable dress it's so brightly colored this means we are ready to go ahead and open up this wrapping off our hair goals doll and I'm ready to reveal who we have here whoa look at this hair so pretty we've got splatters no way her hair is so cute so I take the plastic off you can kind of fluff it up a little bit like this this is so cute it's really soft and smooth so she's got some pink under here on this side and then it's this really bright fun teal on the other side that also sort of like overlaps the pink that is so cute and look at the splatters of paint on her face adorable oh hey let's see how she changes colors okay splatters get you in there and now over here while we're revealing a whole other outfit looks like a little denim overalls outfit ah so cute no don't go away come back come back how fun is bad okay but let's get your other clothes on ur going to slip her bladdered dress on with her high top shoes nice and then let's see if we can get a little hair bow on I have to get it through get it through all this hair everywhere how cute is she she's so adorable I love it hey guys I'm so glad I could join you camping okay Suzy Suzy you mean I knew you would of course I would you gotta be here with my little sis and all my friends we're going in the pool bye well looks like you guys are havin fun relaxing you can stay there why don't I get started on something for us to eat mmm-hmm hey guys are you all here just airing diva told you to come yeah she said she had some sort of big surprise and wonder what it could be I don't know but oh I think I see em something coming now hey everybody whoa what are you guys doing Hey Hey we brought something fun look what it is are those lol's yeah come on help me get them off the trailer okay come on guys can somebody help um help please well hang on that didn't go too good sorry say you should have waited for me I guess I was just too excited but get these everybody evident so exciting I know the best part is that they're actually fake I know it makes it a little bit more fun because I just don't know what we're gonna find inside yes it does and there's two different containers in there I in each of them have surprises I can't wait you might come on come on let's open them so we can show everybody wow the girls seem really excited about these fake lol surprises they aren't definitely different although we have some characters we know like Kitty Queen and punk boy but see how these come in a box that's strange says there's seven surprises in this one and six surprises in this one but they're actually on different sides so I'm thinking these are the surprises for the one that's like kitty Queen and these are the ones for punk boy we show some other fake dolls over here says take me home oh it says it looks like a soda can bottle open surprises so this is somebody I've never seen before then we've got like spice here oh my goodness and shorty well I guess I ought to get a box opened all right think you can open from here and I'll go ahead and take out both containers come on yeah definitely looks like a soda can get the other one over here come on out so we have two they're pretty light plastic but you can see it looks like you can pop the top like a soda can but you can't doesn't lift up or anything but looks like we just have one wrapper that you would peel off it says lol surprise although we know it's fake unbox me 35-plus to collect some surprises here this one's got punk boy or like oh it says boy series so I'm thinking that we'll find a boy and that one let's go ahead and check out these fake lol's alright I think I got that one started peeling see if there's anything under the wrapper nothing under just a red can and let's see how you open it is it I see a scene here I'm guessing me okay so the top pops off and then it looks like I come full oh hey there's one bag but there's still some more stuff in here Oh set of stickers shows that supposedly we can do something with these fake dolls like change color or cry or something there's a second bag but there's still another paper in here it's a sticker and it's like number one ghost I don't know best scare I don't know what it's supposed to be all right I can is empty this is kind of cool cause it is good for like storing your stuff back in here got some heart shape oh here is our top it's like a pink jacket with a purple trim around the collar oops looks like our whole outfit with a yellow skirt with bows and some little pink sneakers that's everything in there now we can open up this bag a water bottle light blue and green not as good as regular lol bottle Oh looks like our dog comes in pieces we've got to attach her head here all right wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to get it but I did get it really cute she kind of reminds me of like a teacher's pet or something like that with her hair in that style and I'm gonna put her shirt on you see there we go and her yellow skirt these are fun colors to put together and that's on we just need to add her shoes all right there we go there's our fake Ola walk see if she can stand up on her own come on are you gonna stand up Oh yep takes a little work but she can do it and I do want to find out what kind of little things you can do with water and then wait till we open up our other can so this says it is a boy series I'm thinking we'll get a fake a little boy in here just kill off this rapper got ourselves a blue can pop off our lid and yeah whoa two of the secret messages but they're the same as the other one like best scare something like that and these bags are a little different nothing speed through can't see what it is but it's got one and two plus our what they can do stickers now get these surprise bags opened on what we have inside got a pair of yellow shorts with a white shirt pretty plain nothing really kind of decorative about it okay let's just attach these two pieces all right that looks good and we can now we can add the clothes on those the top just like that pretty cool outfit I just kind of wish that we had a pair of shoes for him here is our hat which stays on it doesn't come off there you go pretty neat our new fake lol's time to grab some water and see what they can do he goes our first song hey didn't notice any color-changing didn't see any color-changing there I thought she might change colors but I'm not really sure she does anything especially no the water just kind of coming out from like around her neck because that's the only place it has to go out let's check out our friend here no color-changing it's a little harder to squeeze the this one mm-hmm no same thing here Wow a little disappointing usually they like change colors or at least squirt water their mouth bummer these don't really do anything with water thanks so much for bringing this here and letting us play with all of you no problem you guys stay and hang out I'm gonna run and drop these cans off to be recycled okay oh that's a great idea have fun I'll be back alright hey Nick yeah what's wrong what's wrong I can get my hair Meester like miss Jennifer are you okay yeah yeah why what's wrong well where are you you are face down in the pool yeah cuz I was searching for treasure um in a pool you were searching for treasure in a pool you know this pretending I'm the dread pirate mayhem oh no oh no not the dread pirate that's straight and I'm out to capture everyone now hurry everybody run away I'm gonna get you all no way don't get me don't get me this pirate doesn't spare anyone I will fight you pirate oh yeah yeah it's defeating me yay hooray hooray for the pump boy away away hey you guys are so silly that's so much fun yeah you know what else is silly know what this yeah no no no squirting on my face cuz I'll get you back oh I guess I'm not very good at squirting his okay come on well I am and I'll get everyone I'll get you all oh no no no we'll get you back everybody hi I'm Katie yeah I've escaped now to make a swirling whirling-pool of you all oh no we're trapped in the whirlpool how will we get out okay okay I guess I will stop the whirlpool whoa whoa that was a lot of swirling water I think I swallowed some well don't swallow it I didn't want to spit it out either yeah I think it sounds all right just be careful don't swallow too much water okay okay oh no one shot the monster is coming it's huge hey guys that's not a monster it's an lol surprise hair goals oh well we actually need to see who came to this pool party guess they don't want to miss out on all the fun hey and look at this cool peachy color hair spray bottle alright let's see oh did any of our stuff get all wet not really more cool stickers and a message is bad hair day oh no bad hair day good thing we've got our hair spray that should help let me peel away right got it and here we go opening up our hair spray bottle got our guide here's our dough who's hiding behind they're gonna take out our curlers some surprises in there and of course our surprises here going to start with our curlers super fun to use on your hair here we go we got ourselves a water bottle and look at this red and checkered flag fun for racing time for the other curler gotta take off that holder piece then you can open it and we have our blue poem I know for our surprises Oh a checkered flag hat I like it and like it hey I like hats Oh where's my hat I don't know but this is not yours so let's see who it does belong to gonna open up another surprise here we're gonna get an outfit out this is super cute some little denim jeans I'll tie it up shirt let's go in with these other whoops drop it whoopsies into the water good thing these are waterproof checkered flag shoes noticing a theme here and our final surprise bag there we go Oh red wristband and I just feel around make sure there's not two okay looks like we just got one and now it's time to review our doll just got to get this wrapped part off of her see come on come on there we go that is off and now to reveal her face I love her red hair that's all curled up pigtails I'm going to go ahead and get her dress to put on her little wrist being there and her top and I get that around her um come on come on work with me hey hey shirt and wristband Iran now those cute denim shirts got it look she's got a little bandaid on her leg she must have taken a little fall and now all the shoes it's like that or they remind me of like this and maybe that's what they're supposed to be like and then her hat which goes on backwards super cute skater girl hey let's check out what she does you go skater girl hmm didn't see no I see the color-changing starting now look at those awesome socks wonder if something else is going on underneath her clothes let's get these shoes off all the socks are so pretty when they change colors alright here we are in the warm water everything is all white and then in the cold she changes let me get it nice and cold here so we can really get a good look see check your bottoms flaming top bright red socks it's so cool into the warmth it's gone into the cold it comes back hey sorry if I scared you guys you didn't scare me I knew it wasn't all along well your ones like the key huh but I've just been out skating I'm SuperDuper hungry you must be reading my mind come on how about a snack oh yeah ah what a beautiful day to sit poolside with some refreshments I put in degree more madam hmm very fancy uh-huh now what shall we have first some fruit yes an apple for me please I will take some bananas Oh crunch that's a very loud Apple I know it's so crunchy but you see – mmm mmm I like my mushy soft banana so sweet shall we have a sip of our drink yes please mm delightful Oh madam yes into you madam silly hand Oh in there freshman I missed the pool me – lets go what are you doing what are you doing calling for more pets oh I think you are oh no I swallowed more water oh the pets have come for fun though yay everybody's swimming and having a great time whoo yay cool time is the best we need so tired in and I really gotta stop swallowing water oh I think I've been swallowing a lot of water oh no I think I've got a problem oh yeah yeah I've got it excuse me guys sorry excuse me I kinda gotta get out of here oh there's no wait oh there's somebody everywhere I gotta get to the ladder oh whoops baby sorry sorry oops which way are you going oh hey Nick yeah what's wrong what's wrong it's Ryan oh sorry guys sorry not to worry everybody out we can get it cleaned up super quick no need to ruin our pool party fun everybody is back in yay I'm so glad I came today skating is fun but playing in the pool is – yeah let's stay all day guys yeah yeah yay

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