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I feel I know fresh feeling I know you're tired I'm so sorry that you had to walk for so long I can't believe the landlord kicked us out because they don't allow pets but don't worry any place that doesn't want us we don't need anyway I promise you we'll find a place soon come on let's just keep going huh fresh feeling am I just so tired that I'm seeing things does that say lol surprise house it does it really does let's go see he went home anyone home I don't think there's anyone home let's swing out well this place is huge it looks like Bobby Vee and fresh Frank have found themselves an awesome pretty house let's help them furnish the house let's add a piano bar baby loves playing the piano some piano notes he stole and a lamp to the right let's add a TV and TV stand and it has drawers cute drawers and let's add some wicker chairs and a table now let's head upstairs in the back right corner we'll add eight dressing table and a chair plus we can add a cute white bed with a flowery blanket you knew let's take a look at the outside super awesome there's even a balcony out front such a cute and awesome pink house hello hello is anyone home anyone home at all let's go see I just moved in and I don't have a pass it's okay it's okay calm down um why don't you go upstairs I just moved in and why don't you change into another outfit Oh can i yeah and I'll clean this up oh thank you oh wow the elf it looks awesome on you oh thank you I'm midnight by the way oh poor baby hi and thank you so much for the outfit you're welcome how come you decide to stop by here to pee oh I got kicked out by my landlord for having a pup you did I just got kicked out for having a kitty you want to move in with me of course I went oh but wait um there's only one bed don't worry I can sleep upside down I've been learning from midnight pup what yeah I can hang upside down and sleep watch this um are you sure that safe of course it is I'm fine um okay whatever you say well hello is anyone home another guest hello what are you doing upside down hi um don't worry about her that's midnight and she's gonna sleep upside down oh um I've never seen that before yeah neither have I that's my first time seeing something like that it helped you um I came because I saw the lol suprise sign outside and I was wondering if you had an extra place for me to stay well you don't have any beds but they do have a sleeping bag Oh anywhere would be fine you won't believe this but I just got kicked out by my landlord I got an lol surprise pad and they said no pets allowed that's the same from me and midnight you can stay here for sure we left pets here really okay I'll bring my pet in but I haven't figured out what my pet is yet oh that's even better we can all find out what it is together yay that's great let's find out what pet troublemaker is going to get what do you guys think it's going to be it's gonna be and cocky and Katie Fenster I see our clue is music to my ears here's our collector stickers we have a little doggie Bowl a bottle pink and black a silver scooper nice and we have a color ruff rocker super awesome let's put the collar on ruff rocker and then we can figure out what her special ability is she's gonna be troublemakers help here's some ice water and let's put rough rocker inside and let's see what her special ability Oh rough rocker I'm so glad I got you you are so awesome thank you so much for letting us stay no problem um let me go get you a sleeping bag okay here's your sleeping bag oh thank you so much mmm I'm tired I'm gonna go upstairs and sleep I hope you have a wonderful night you too sweet dreams thank you what a wonderful doll she is so awesome well there is that's it for this video so let me know in the comment section do you guys like kitties more or do you guys like puppies more see you guys in the con section right now oh hi hi miss puck oh hi little teeny baby pop what are you guys doing here we're playing the toy hunting game what's the toy hunting game well this toy shop is offering a toy hunting game for all the little sisters how does it work oh all the little sisters need a big sister to go with them and the little sisters hunt for a toy that they like and then they get exchange it for a surprise ooh that sounds fun can we join in sure what do you have with you oh I have little kicks with me let's go in together okay well it sure looks like all the little sisters are having lots of fun yeah they sure are after some time of playing all the little sisters have their favorite toy and they lined up with their big sisters to exchange their toy in for a surprise super super awesome so let's match all the little sisters up with their very own surprise neon kid he's gonna go first and she brought little cheer captain and let's see what toy little cheer captain decided to get she got the little red car and the little red car matches with a yellow circle so let's take our little yellow circle and find the surprise that matches the yellow circle hmm you have an animal egg that is red circle shopkins with the blue circle just watch it with the purple circle here it is the Disney so so mystery packs series seven this one's got the yellow circle too much is this we got the Mad Hatter Oh open he's got his little green hat on and here are a bunch of cups stacked together he's gonna go right here on top of all the cups the whole face gets to go next and the little sister that she brought is the little Queen little Queen picked out a drum for her toy and it's a red circle that matches so let's find a toy that matches the red circle here it is I remember it's the hatch amol egg and let's see each with unique sounds so let's get this open and see how this touch it wow it looks like a real egg okay let's see who we get it's got a little clip on top how do we hatched this egg Wow oh this is so cute so these are the sounds that this little hatch emote comes with and let's see here we got a Bertil oh so cute and we can hang this on her backpack how fun super soft super super cuddly oh and these wings are actually rubber how cool is that you guys something super cool little queen and I think we shall let little posh go next who's your big sister little posh I don't have a big sister oh that's so sad how about we get you a big sister here we are let's find a big sister to hang out with little posh let's find out who our big sister is going to be let's see let's see who is this Tea Party here is our collectors sticker that we can stick on our collectors guide let's see what color our bottle is it's teal and white and let's check out our shoes we have black and white shoes with socks in them hey check out our outfit we can't the outfit its shorts with a shirt tied around the waist so let's find out who our doll is let's get this sexy first cute little cat ears we got troublemaker oh oh troublemaker is going to represent a little posh and be her big sister for today there she goes and her matching cute adorable hues and here is her cat ears look at the whiskers irony she even has little black nose haha we'll find out her secret ability in a little bit for now let's get little posh her surprise she has a little blue circle and she chose a little top so let's take the blue circle and let's get her her surprise and it looks like her blue circle matches up with a blue circle on the shopkins we have shut in season eight world vacation next stop Asia and let's find out we have we have a little sushi and a little ice cream both of these are from the Japanese journey we have cake dough cupcake I thought this was ice cream but it's a cupcake and this is Suki sushi so I put Sookie sushi right here and cake a cupcake right here looks like it's miss Punk and low-kicks turn little cakes crab a little block and a green circle and we have three more surprises left and our green circle matches up with the shimmer and shine teeny genies bottle so let's open this up and find out which surprise we have inside let's grab her out and we got hella from The Dreaming genies category beets is a big sis that brought little baby bop adorable little baby Bop she chose a little beer and the little circle is she has is yellow so let's find out what's inside her surprise if a swish delish slow rise squeeze me let's see what delicious squishy foucha oh you got a cow donut YUM so let's squeeze it and I'll pop right back it won't ever lose its shape me me me and finally we have curious cute he and she Brad will roller skater little raw skater chose a little booked for her toy and she has eight purple circle on her head and this matches with the Disney Princess LPD blush I know which princess we have you can possibly get frozen Elsa Hana Cinderella Ariel Rapunzel oh it's with all of them oh it's a mystery vine we got the mystery one now cool and this mystery one has Aurora about Ariel Cinderella and Rapunzel and here's the watch and it's a stretchy band so you can fit it onto your wrist and it oh it even has a date you see that the date and the time cool so before we go let's remove troublemakers little cat ears and let's find out what her special ability is let's see if she kind of changes first actually see that Chieko change nope oh she she does color change look watch me purring a little bit longer she will get darker teal streets in her hair how awesome is that you see that cool so now let's give her squeeze a new watcher and let's find out why her special ability is she is a smitten so let's put this back on her head a little cat ear headband now stay out of trouble eight well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comment section what was your favorite surprise CJ's in the comment section bye-bye for now thank you for watching the toy Cheney channel if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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