20 thoughts on “New kittens are afraid of me

  1. I appreciate the work that you do helping feral kittens. I do the same at the feral colony that lives in my neighborhood. But for crying out loud stop hissing at them! You are not easing their minds when you do that. When a cat hisses it is being threatening or giving a warning. It is not a calm or happy sound. They won't stop being afraid of you if you keep hissing at them. :/

  2. Thank you for helping. You can use cotton wool and green tea or redbush tea to clean there eyes if you can't afford a vet.

  3. The kittens are sick, looks like a upper respiratory problems the way their eyes are gunked up. Offering food and then backing up often helps

  4. Those poor little kittens need their eyes cleaned, and some eye drops…also some more food would be better…

  5. When I first got my 2 cats, they had eye infections just like these kittens. It breaks my heart and reminds me of when mine were young. Thank you for caring for them❤️

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