new home for the dogs

all the doggies get in ok my doggies we're going home not a joke this is my stuff this is Jenny stuff I really want this see Jenny really wants this scene so this is the game we've been playing for like three days where I put my stuff over here and then she moves it and I put herself over here and then she moves and then I love it and she was then both pretty feisty so we'll probably play this game for at least a couple months and that's a black garbage bag because we don't have blinds yet this is a stack of brand-new crazy cards yeah those crazy carts is gonna be a really really really really good day and not only our drift carts happening but this is happening Pookie wait you got cookin just some dog goes foolish dogs that was an awkward way of saying we're having a spacestation barbecue it's Memorial Day strike you know you don't have to come to work today but if you want to come hang out we'll get some work done have some fun and we already got work done so now it's the fun part Parker how's that grill and going yes some time you got time for some laps some spicy laps all right yo crazy car laps let's do it however hop on a crazy card let's do this ready yeah you smell that delicious that's a proper space station barbecue right there the old manly grill and some paper plates that's how we do mmm coming in hot actually delicious how are they out of ten great I like 14 great how would he get ahead Wow lots of high ratings over here at the space station barbecue yeah that was really fun like 10 out of 10 fun now's the part of the vlog where we go rescue our dogs like if you guys ever have those babysitter's that were just like super creepy and you're just like oh my gosh what is this babysitter made out of yeah our dogs have been with a creepy babysitter for two days so we got to go rescue they've been at our house tall chickens been watching hey what's up girlfriend where's my hug that's a silly hug should we get the dogs yes we bring them home dogs were coming and Emily guess what they can use the grass that we made them yesterday remember the fence we did some handiwork huh you helped us build it you gotta bring their treats heard you wanna give them a treat Wow responsible spin it this way okay grab the treats let's go come open it athlete ah good job guys hop in oh by the way chicken was babysitting we didn't just leave him here okay don't be worried I already told him about the creepy all the doggies okay bye doggies are going home not a joke Ryu you can't stay in there you got to buckle up no it was just a joke for the vlog you gotta get out but it's not very safe is not pretty safe you're not a dog no you're not see what I started the situations I get into for the vlog oh hi guys she let him out thanks careful careful careful let me show you guys I live come over here let me show you guys your new place to hang out don't get muddy no all of why ah you can pee right there Oh get a good job hi olive yeah that's where you guys go potty practice cuz you can't pee in the new house no matter what oh I'd lead the doggy guys don't worry we are gonna get him more grass no we're gonna have the whole backyard done and then the dogs can run and play this is just for the next couple weeks Oh dogs enjoy our creation we worked hard on this she let him in the house oddly okay all right guys come enjoy your new house so pick which room you want don't mind all these box brand and Photoshop out all these boxes she's showing me in your bedroom all of the other dogs went upstairs exploring boots pooling is this so exciting are they gonna sleep in your mermaid bed you want to show the vlog your big-girl bed told me your big-girl bed Wow how does it work Wow what kind of bed is that life is good best day ever stuff over here new house dogs are here the whole family's back together we gather I drift carts they it was incredibly fun just a solid Memorial Day I hope you guys not not someday as well tomorrow we get back to it this week's gonna be really exciting we're going to Dreamhack later this week which is in Texas and there's gonna be a bunch of friends there a bunch of space station gaming guys I'll probably take Albert with me or something and yeah hey you end the vlog know who's gonna end it then kupo were you in the blog really big will you end the vlog yeah blick weird

43 thoughts on “new home for the dogs

  1. That man with the white shirt and black hat looks like James.the one that says hi sisters in every single video that he makes

  2. Don't press read more ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. You guys were pretty good on those crazy carts…but can I just say…none of you are quite at Adley level yet. Keep trying. Maybe you’ll get close. Someday.

  4. Why did I feel like I was watching the office when shon was talking in the car on the way to pick up the dogs. I felt like I was watching Jim in the car talking to the camera. And also Jenny REALLY reminds me of Pam. I’m sorry I just love the office lol.

  5. Adley reminded me of our daughter with the part you tried to get her out the dog cage lol our daughter is also red head so it sure goes lol

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