NEW ENDING – An Abused street dogs second chance – Ralph's rescue and rehab.

34 thoughts on “NEW ENDING – An Abused street dogs second chance – Ralph's rescue and rehab.

  1. I really love the channel and the amazing things you do for dogs. But I simply do not understand your inclination to insert a music soundtrack. It obscures the rescuer’s interaction with the animal and for me, at least, lessens the impact of the future scenes with the happy, well- adjusted pet.

  2. the People who dislikes this has NO Heart! And im saying NO Heart! Well probably they has… But it must me Grey and stonehard

  3. sono passati sei anni spero che siamo stati adottati da persone fantastiche grazie! ciao buona vita amori!!!????

  4. What wonderful caring people! That dog must have been very abused by some very cruel person he was obviously afraid of a beating from humans as he was so defensive! They restored his faith in people! Bless them for their kindness!

  5. You are such a patient man Eldad and the happiness you bring to animals and people is second to none.x

  6. I could see in Ralph's expression, that moment when he remembered something far off, something that happened so far back that he'd almost forgotten; a time when he felt loved and protected by a human. It was amazing to see it.

  7. I honestly think that EVERY DOG is WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD.
    I've said this before & I'll say it again…IF THERE ARE NO DOGS IN HEAVEN…THEN I'D RATHER GO WHERE ALL THE DOGS WENT!!!

  8. Some are SO GRATEFUL….some are SO SCARED OUT OF THEIR MINDS. Pay attention to the the 5:25 mark…it's ALL about the trust & being loved. Once those 2 are established…it's good!! LOVE!!

  9. He's had a miserable life, no one to trust. He has a reason. He is a good inside deep dog! Trust takes ablong time due to all he has been thru. Patience, love, erase the bad times and memories! Two times try. May God give him someone to love!

  10. Hope 4 paws…u always make my day !!!!…n…bring a smile to my face …heartfelt thanks !!!…for all u do…❤??❤??❤❤❤❤

  11. Seeing Ralph's demeanor change on camera was just a special moment. He was definitely abused as are almost all of them.

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