what's up guys and welcome back to dinner place I've got every single legendary here to show you we've got the flatten tool corn the Platinum Overlord and the platinum cube and some new codes for you for update 27 so check this video out hello everyone and welcome back so as soon as this update came out we started grinding away here on the server me and a bunch of my friends here and eventually one of my friends here Mario Dillon that's the Platinum Overlord and all of us have been trying to look at this we got platinum cube platinum cube platinum cube platinum cube like crazy somebody the only one person here got the Platinum dual chord and the platinum overlord and that was our friend Mario Dylan some shout out to Mario Dylan who's letting me borrow this so I can show you guys all of these in the video and also a bunch of my friends here shout out to Mario golf course Mario Dylan faded fury that's mine grows locally dawat the crazy Bros Walker in our friend Lavinia – ahh so let's take a look at what we have here these new pets that are in this the 400 m egg there's been 400 million visits of the sport in bogum simulator that is just incredible like we're almost halfway to hittin that billion it's so close that's just amazing so congratulations to Isaac and the team but let's take a look at the stats on these pets here real quick first so we've got the platinum cube this one level 1 635 and the pearls 1895 on the gems the coins there okay you know these are not bad these are ones that I can tell you at 0.1% I've already hats I think 8 or 9 of them I've almost got enough to make it shiny of this one already so I can definitely tell you guys that this is one that I'm gonna be hatching a lot of and be giving away during livestream so make sure you subscribe and you've got the notification belt on so I can give these to you during live streams and if you got enough cash done you see free legendary pets then definitely come check that out next one we've got the platinum dual cord we're going to take another close look at all these pretty good steps 1815 4700 15 on this I've got the I've got all the boosters and passes on right now so the stats on these will show you exactly what the stats are for all of these and then of course we have here the coveted the platinum over lord 2575 multiplier on the pearls the gems these are all level one ready to go this is the most powerful overlord you can get in the game it's gonna be so old P especially you get this one to level 25 and then get it enchanted this one shiny is just gonna be insane I'm guessing these are all gonna look black like they're all just like super white they're gonna look black so the chances on getting the platinum cube here this one is normally point zero as actually point 0.1% is the normal thing so normally I'd have point two or point four if I've got extra boosters so that one's not too hard this one right here the dual cord that one's point zero zero eight percent so that's not very much point zero one six if you've got the double multiplier luck and then if you've got that plus boosters you can get point zero three two but still not very common or easy to get this one the platinum overlord point zero zero one percent that's one it's a hundred thousand and our friend Mario Dillon got both of these today he's got mad luck mate he's gonna get the crackin by the way there's a secret pet called the Kraken we're gonna show you that here as well during this this video but yeah let's take a closer look at these the let's get a little bit closer here platinum cube he's cute he's cute were you gonna have a lot of these kids to give away to you guys look at her friend crazy bros Walker a bunch of these guys there's so many platinum cubes that have been hatched in the server but this one the Platinum dual corn I mean let's admit it guys these are all reach textures of all these other pets and instead of kind of going from the ancient look this one is the the Platinum dual court we got a friend Mario Dylan I'm looking like really close like you're not gonna take my pets are you he knows I won't take off with his pets this one is pretty pretty Oh P actually with almost like mm just level one in the way in the way it does that so this one right here platinum overlord it is the most powerful overlord of the game it looks so amazing this one just looks sick I love the way it looks it's gonna be a little tricky one you can't get a screenshot for the thumbnails but anyways I think that one just looks great so also we have a secret pet here in the game let's take a look at what the secret pet is this one here is known as the Kraken it is the secret legendary pet here in the 400 egg but chances patching it there's point zero zero zero zero one five three percent which is one in six and a half million I haven't even hatched six-and-a-half million I've done two point six to five million but still so no secret pets at this point is the most powerful pet in the game now excluding some of these pet which we never consider and that's basically the standard every time we've got a new egg we've got a new pet we've got new pets they're a little bit more Opie than the pets before and this one right here is definitely the most powerful in the pet it's red I think once we turn this one shiny it's give me what blue is gonna be really cool I can't wait to like take some pictures of this one once it's like once we can hatch this one if you guys get one of these let me know I'd love to make a video with you hit me up on discord or Twitter or something I want to make a video on this one look 25,000 multiplier on the Jemez level one right off the bat five five five like this is gonna get over like 15,000 on the gems overall the pearls over five thousand over as well so this is gonna be an amazing multiplier on the pearls this is just gonna be a very great pet and I just think it looks cool it doesn't look like any other pet but it actually looks like it is a pet though and it's the Kraken if you guys have never seen any of the stories of the Kraken I just think that's great so if you guys get where those let me know let's make a video together so just these three by itself with eighteen thousand zero nine seven we've got pretty decent amount let me just at least eat like eat a treasure chest just to just a little bit of XP to like help him out and then we've got these codes here we've got a couple of new codes that are gonna help you out so you guys have some boosters so you guys can have some better luck when you guys are trying to hatch these bad boys but let's see alright we got it at level four already okay we've got all of them to level four let's see if we can get him to level five I think we can do this I think we get him to level 5 here pretty easily how much more do they need we are level four just a little bit more okay we're gonna get these the level 5 and at least check out what the level 5 stats are on these three legendary pets I really like the look of them they definitely stand out and they're they're definitely right there not difficult to miss I hope that they don't look really bad when they're shiny because I'm wondering I don't know let's try to make a shiny platinum cube I think I don't know maybe we could make a platinum cube just to see what a shadi would look like anyways here so level 5 stats here on the Platinum cube by itself 748 III not bad that's up that is a respectable pet right there this one right here the dual corn is just yeah that is really good that's pretty good earnings once you're getting into you know a couple thousand just level five there for the pearls so that's gonna be a good pearl order once we get shiny in that level that's definitely going to start getting on my team this one that overlord level five is over three thousand on the gems already we're already into over ten thousand almost a 10,000 on the coins so this is definitely a very very OPP oh look Mario dough just hatched another platinum cube it's okay it's okay like we haven't seen enough of those platinum cubes that he's got going on there okay so a really cool thing that we have about this update something that's been more anticipated in this game than anything else the coming soda is finally here guys we have faces you can go in here and you can spend money to get different faces which actually help increase the amount that you can get from all of these different things so you can get like a normal face you can spend a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more of course I'm gonna get the red glowing eyes because I've got one that's not I'm gonna put a dent into the amount of money that I have so I'm gonna get the red glowing eyes that's plus three point zero five K bubbles so it's not really a multiplier it just kind of adds a little bit more but it's kind of cool we've got the bubble trouble we've got Finn McCool pirate face green bubbles and I'm wondering if these will maybe increase in other places right now is the only place that you can buy this but I'm gonna buy the red glowy eyes for sure and I'm gonna equip that so what do you see if that actually I can't well I can't really tell no deepen deep in there you can see I've got red glowy eyes underneath underneath my face there but then my my little rainbow puke has sort of got away but now that's actually gonna help boost the amount of bubbles that I can blow so that is definitely another way that you guys can boost that there's another update that coming soon has been coming soon forever and now it's finally here guys so that is another part of update 27 here let's get to these codes so that these can help you guys out the codes here for this event one of them is thanks it's just thanks not thank you or thank just just thanks like I want to say to my friend Mario Dillon thanks for let me Barley's and you get the 15 minutes I believe of three X shiny chants and then the next one is 400m they're saying thanks for 400m like visits to their games so you get double hash speed there for a while I've already got some boost going on so that is great oh look they managed to make a shiny platinum cube they already did it guys this is what I was talking about this is what I was talking about hi so let's take a look at what the shiny platinum cube is right here all right let's see platinum cube let's see plat I got I got a search for them with the plat okay where's the shiny one shiny platinum cube okay here we go let's equip this one and see how they look when they're shiny um-hmm that doesn't look that different really honestly it's like this is the shiny platinum cube and that's a regular platinum cube I thought it was gonna be a darker shade but it's really not that much so is this double corn is that a shiny dual corn you have I think he has a shiny dual corn let's see is that a shiny dual corn too anyways I don't know like the Platinum cube doesn't look that different so like the the regular the the regular regular platinum cube is super white this one the shiny is kind of gray but then the dual corn and these can I have the same amount of gray this is really weird the shiny doesn't look that much different honestly that's kind of crazy it's just how it looks I think that is really weird huh alright well that's very interesting okay guys of course now comes that time in the video where we give the pets back to their rightful owners hopefully I will be hatching my own Overlord here pretty soon I've got the boosters for it so hopefully I will get some Mario Dillon luck he stole all the luck in the server so far those dual corns and overlords we're gonna be mine I knew I turn the I'm just kidding anyways guys shout out to all these awesome people let me get this trade on back to our friend Mario Dillon and I'm gonna give this back to him he got a dual cord and he's got himself as overlord there we go those are level 5 now I know you gave them to me level 1 but I don't let you guys most the time I don't let people just give me pets without me that you know and chanting them or leveling them up or something one way or another but you know unless the enchantment ends up costing like 10,000 or something of whatever it is now I got to get the shiny platinum cube here back to our friend the crazy brill's Walker they put together and make that one honestly like 2 platinum shiny it's I don't know it didn't really look very different from the regular one maybe those other ones maybe the dual core and maybe the Overlord will look different but the yeah I don't know but the yeah like Mario Dilla to say right there this overlord is sick and guys I've got a bunch of pets in my inventory I've got over 747 look here I'll clear them out right now and all of these that I have all seven or forty-seven they are all legendary pets so I need to get rid of these I need to give these to you guys during live streams I've got all sorts of different types of levingers legendaries but stuff that you can't get anymore like the easter serpents I've got like lucky marshmallows I've got hundreds none I mean I've got these i've got like a 332 of these summer serpents so I really need your guy's help guys I even have a bunch of these summer viruses look at that I've got 26 summer virus I'm gonna give these away during livestream so again make sure you've got that notification belt on and you're subscribed so that when I do these last games give these away you guys can show up hopefully get in there and get a free pet so thank you so much for watching we will talk to you guys later peace


  1. DUDE! I was Drawing I came Back and.. I Hatched The PLATINUM OVER LORDDD with no Gamepasses or Luck Or ANYTHING

  2. Hey DEETER! How's it going keep up the good work Your the best thanks for telling us that Update 27 came out Btw faces in the earth shop come out

    Can we trade on Bubble gum sim you might think am greedy But am not am a big Fan

    Username: itzyahboy123
    Fan: duhhhhhh of course
    Is Demeter the best: yes

  3. Deeter how are you man I hatched kraken my ign is Max_TheAwesomeGamer I only hatched it in 10 eggs lol I almost had a heart attack ??

  4. I like your new Youtube picture
    I dunno if you remember me in the bloxy awards but its me Joshua 🙂
    Love this comment if you remember 🙂

  5. I've been opening eggs for 2 hours with all boost and all gamepasess and got nothing….. Only few plat cube n 1 dual corn

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