New Cat Supply List! ? What You Will Need For Your New Cat Or Kitten

Hey y’all, welcome back Mandy with my hectic
life, that’s where we talk about all things. Pet and pet related and today we’re going
to go over some of the supplies you will need before you bring that first cat home. So the first thing you’re going to need is
a food bowl. I mean we have to feed them. Of course. Now the more shallow the food bowl, the better
because cats have very sensitive whiskers. You’ll hear a lot of cat owners joking about
how the bowl is like three, four to halfway full and the cat will be complaining that
they need more food in their bowl. This is because cats have extremely sensitive
whiskers and if their whiskers touched the side of the bowl, that basically sends the
message to them that they’re going to get stuck. They are going to get stuck in this object
so the cat will not want to put their face further into the bowl. So providing your cat with a more shallow
dish will help prevent them from crying all the time and wasting a whole lot of cat food. Now there are a lot of different options as
far as cat bowls go. I tend to prefer the stainless steel bowls
as they state much cleaner. Now, of course you’re gonna need some sort
of water dish. Now when it comes to cats, they prefer running
water, so I tend to be a big Fan of water fountains. Now, not everybody has room to set up a water
fountain for their cat, so of course you can use a water dish, but I would suggest actually
not keeping your water dish next to the cat food bowl. Cats are extremely fastidious creatures and
keeping their food and water together might discourage the cat from wanting to drink from
the water as since cats already prefer running water. They all, they also don’t like to eat near
water as they don’t want their drinking water to be contaminated by their food. Now that we’ve got their food and water dishes
squared away, they need food. Cats need food. Now. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means
that they need to get their protein from meat and they tend to thrive best on a very high
protein diet. There are a ton of different diets available
out there, so always do your homework and bring home the best diet that you can afford. Now also keep in mind that the best diet in
the world is not going to do your cat any good if they won’t eat it. Cats can sometimes be finicky eater, so you
will want to keep that in mind as well. What food versus dry food? Cats a lot of times are notorious for not
drinking enough water, supplying your cat with some wet food as feeding a high quality
wet food to your cat can get very pricey very quickly. I recommend at least speeding some canned
cat food on a daily basis. If you have an indoor only cat, you’re going
to ne litter boxes and yes, I said boxes. The rule of thumb for litter boxes is for
every single cat you have, you want one litter box plus an extra, so if you have one cat,
you need two boxes. If you have to, you need three and so on and
so forth. The idea here is that you want to prevent
accidents. You want to prevent accidents as much as possible
with cats because once they start going in an area, it is very difficult to get them
to stop. Pat’s again, very fastidious creatures, and
so the cleaner that their boxes are, the more likely that they are to use it. Another issue is if you have multiple cats
or are planning on getting multiple cats. Cats are also very territorial and have been
known to litter box guard, so if you are planning on getting more than one single cat, I suggest
having multiple litter boxes in different locations throughout your house. This will help prevent litter box guarding
and sets you up for success. As far as no accidents in the house. Now that we have our litter boxes, you will
need a good cat litter. Now there are a million different choices
out there on the market. As far as councilors go. Most cats will prefer to use an unscented,
finely grained litter. These are typically, you’re clumping litters. They tend to have a finer grain, but unfortunately
they tend to track everywhere so there are a lot of different options out there and it’s
just a matter of finding the right litter for you and your cat. Now for this next one, it can sort of be optional,
but if you do let your cat outdoors, please get them a breakaway color. You don’t want to use a normal color on a
cat as they can sometimes get caught on things and this could potentially be fatal for your
cat. There are a lot of really cute breakaway collars
that are designed specifically for cats, keeping them in mind because they do climb up on things. They are constantly climbing up on trees,
going into bushes, and they can get hooked on something. This will allow your cat to be able to break
free of the color without getting harmed. Now, of course, you will want to buy a tag
for this color and that way if your cat is found by a neighbor or something, they will
know that it has an owner and are more likely to return it. Now, a big thing about cats is they love scratching
on all sorts of surfaces. Now they do this not only to sharpen up their
claws, but they also do this to mark their territories. Cats are extremely territorial, so they like
to scratch on surfaces to say, Hey, this belongs to me. This is my turf. Now, this can be a problem if you don’t have
enough surfaces that you want them scratching on and they end up scratching on your furniture,
your walls, your carpet, your staircase. This can be a huge problem, so you want to
give them as many surfaces that they are allowed to scratch on as possible. The more casts that you want to bring home,
the more cat scratching surfaces that you’re going to need to provide your cat with. This also allows your cat to pull off those
sheets of mail and keep their nails nice and neat and short. Next up, toys. Cats need a lot of exercise. They need a lot of stimulation. Cats are natural hunters. I mean pound for pound. They’re supposed to be the most dangerous
animal on earth, so they need a lot of stimulation to be able to chase things and run after things
and take care of that natural prey drive that they have. Now. There are a ton of toys out there and they
range in whole different directions as far as prices go, but I mean really, to be honest,
there have been times that I bought my cats toys that were $20 plus toys that they didn’t
want to touch, but a simple paper towel roll that fell on the ground would entertain them
for hours so you don’t really necessarily have to spend a ton of money on cat toys. Now, in my experience, lightweight, simple
toys work the best and you can always spritz a little bit of catnip spray on them or put
them in a catnip infuser and breathing that new life and get even more stimulation out
of your cats. Now if you have a cat, you’re going to need
to take them to the vet and they tend not to do as well in cars on leash. So you’re gonna need a cat carrier. Of some sort, now there are plastic and fabric
carriers, but there are also the metal wire crates. I personally prefer the metal wire crates
that are usually used for dogs as my cat seemed to more readily accept going in those types
of crates. I think it’s because they are better able
to see their surroundings and what I’m bringing them all to the vet. They can see each other as well. Next w will mean brushes depending on the
type of code that your cat has will depend on what type of brushes that you need. There are tons of different brushes available
and there are even grooming gloves and things like that that are also available on the market. Now, cats need regular grooming. They spend a ton of time cleaning themselves,
but if you want to help prevent hairballs, you’re gonna wanna, brush them on a regular
basis. Even short haired cats shed a lot, so you’re
not just trying to prevent mads in your cat when you’re brushing them. You are also trying to prevent them from ingesting
all that for and ending up with a hairball problem. Now these are all the. Pretty much the basics of what you will really
need for a cat, but there are a lot of other optional things that you can get when you
first bring your cat home such as things like cat beds. Although I don’t really recommend bothering
with the cafe because mine would never use one because most cats will just sleep wherever
they feel like it. Unlike dogs where you can teach them where
you want them to sleep, cats just sort of do their own thing. Mine typically take over my bed, my couch,
or end during the day. A lot of times they will love to bask in the
sun on the nice, cool tile floor. Another optional thing is a cat tree or several
categories. If you don’t have a lot of high spaces for
your cats to be able to go and climb, which gives them a lot of sense of security, then
you might want to invest in a cat tree or multiple cat trees. The taller the better because cats love to
see things from above. It makes them feel more secure and it gives
them more exercise that they can be able to jump around and climb on things. If you live in an area where fleas and ticks
are problem, then you might also want to invest in a good cat, safe flea and tick product. There are a ton of different options out there,
but I would definitely do your research before investing in a flea or tick products. As these products tend to be very expensive
and a lot of them are actually pretty ineffective. One optional thing that I highly recommend
you get is an air tight container to store your food in, especially if you only have
one cat in your home. Then food can get stale in the bag really,
really quickly, so investing in a nice air tight container can help keep your food from
going stale and from you wasting money. So I do definitely recommend getting an airtight
sealed container to store your cat food in nail clippers, depending on how you are going
to be taking care of your cat and their nails is also an optional thing. If you do provide your cat with enough surfaces
to scratch on, then they should not really need to have their nails trimmed unless they
are an elderly cat that can no longer groom themselves properly. Most healthy cats will take good enough care
of their nails and their grooming means that you won’t necessarily need to trim their nails
unless you have a cat that’s an extremely aggressive scratcher, in which case you might
need to trim their nails just so that they don’t necessarily injure you and a couple
of fun products to keep around the house that are completely optional is catnip, which comes
in different forms. I prefer the spray is because it doesn’t make
a mess, but there are other different forms of cat and if they’re available out there,
catnip tends to help breathe new life and encourage cats to go towards things like they’re
scratching posts instead of your furniture and it can breathe new life into the toys
that they have. Another fun one to keep around is a cat grass. The cat grass that we usually will see in
stores is organic wheat grass or an organic blend of grass. These are completely safe for the cats and
it can sometimes help with the rough edge of easing digestion. Plus if you do keep live plants in the house,
it’ll give them an appropriate plant that they can chew on. So for any of you out there, bring a cat home
for the very first time. Congratulations. There are a ton of fun and they are wonderful,
wonderful pets. So anyway guys, that’s all I really have for
you all today. As always, thank you so much for watching. I love you guys and I will see you in my next

15 thoughts on “New Cat Supply List! ? What You Will Need For Your New Cat Or Kitten

  1. Dry kibble also needs to be wet so they don’t get dehydrated that’s why I’m gonna start mixing my dry food with wet food. Omg I need 10 litter boxes lol ?

  2. My vet told me that cats need dry food, dental treats, or some kind of hard toy they chew. Because thats how they chip tartar off their teeth. So some kind of hard chew thing!

  3. Fun fact: the silica in clay litter and silica crystals actually does the same to their lungs that ASBESTOS does to ours. Natural litters like World's Best and Exquisicat (made of corn, pine, or wheat chaff) are really the best for their health.
    …I still use clay. But only because my cat Django feels that ALL natural or biodegradable litters MUST be eaten. Uhg. T___T

  4. Kitty tooth care fact!
    There is another option called SILVERVINE. it's a stick that works as a dental chew. It affects them like catnip and good for their teeth. Yum!

  5. Full view and like #17 from Bits of Real Panther!
    That kitten in your thumbnail is GORGEOUS!
    Wow, I didn't know that about the cat food dish — I need to replace mine pronto!
    Hmmm, I need to move my water bowl too! Thanks for these tips!
    My cat Snickers has to be the most finicky eater in the universe. She will eat only regular dry food… and for a treat, she will eat only wet oatmeal. That's right, oatmeal. :O
    That's a great tip about the collars. I keep my two cats inside, but I can see how collars could be snag-able on things.
    As for toys, my cats love those little tear-off rings that come from the lids of milk cartons.
    Ha, I liked that cat chilling up amongst your towels.
    A lot of info here, Mandy. You certainly know your stuff! Now if you can just make a video about teaching your cat not to push things off the table, the counter, the night-stand, the dresser, the cupboard….

  6. My cats love their fountain water bowl, their disappointed now because I need to get a new pump because the last one went on me, they won’t have to wait long though getting a new one this weekend. My. Are are weird with their litter boxes, I have 4, 1 is put away, 1 two of the cats favor and will only use that litter box, 1 my other cat favors, and the other literally just sits around and they never use it. I’ve had cats my whole life and never seen a litter box clean all the time because they won’t use it lol. My cats also get dry food and eat get a bowl of wet food each day, they all look forward to the wet food each day. I also grow my own cat grass and the cats love it!

  7. I feel bad because my parents won’t take our cats to the vet or our Great Dane to the vet. They have never been (my cat did get all her kitten vaccines and was spayed and stuff) and the other cat I have no idea. I told them we should but they said “nothings wrong with them”

  8. How much would it usually cost for getting supplies for a kitten? (Like when you first get a kitten, how much does all the supplies cost in total?)

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