New Arrivals | Through The Cat Flap | S1 | Episode 2

At Battersea, the cats are all unique.
Each cat arrives with a different story. ‘So what’s the situation with this boy?’ ‘My landlord doesn’t allow cats in the property, so…’ My name’s Kate, I’m one of the cat
intake coordinators here at Battersea. I’m in charge of talking to customers
wishing to bring in their own cats, stray cats and offering advice if needed
to avoid bringing in cats. So the average stay for a cat here at Battersea is 22 days, there is no time limit to how long a cat stays with us as long as they’re fit,
happy, healthy we will keep them as long as it takes to find that perfect home. So
unlike some other rescue centres Battersea has a completely open intake policy. Across the three Battersea catteries an average of eight cats are brought in
every day. Most commonly people give up their cats as their own pets. Often it can
be due to allergies, landlords not allowing them, just not being able to
care for the cat due to a variety of different reasons we’re not here to
judge and we don’t turn away based on anyone’s circumstances. It’s very important to have your cat
microchipped. Although it’s not the law it does mean should your pet go missing
for any reason it can be reunited with you. We scan every cat for a microchip
and so if it’s a stray that has got a chip and the cat has been reported
missing we can call the owner saying ‘Come and get your cat we’ve found them’.
The hardest part of the intake job is seeing the state of some of these
animals when they arrive. But knowing that they’re safe and will be cared for
and finding a new home is so rewarding. Next time we go through the cat flap,
we’ll be looking at how Battersea’s dedicated team go the extra mile in
caring for the cats.

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