NEW Adopt Me Pets Update! I Got The New Roblox Adopt Me Pets EARLY!!

haters of you guys it's Megan and today I have some super special amazing news you guys know that adopt me has released or is releasing a pet update and I am so excited because bethink actually messaged me on Twitter and asked me if I wanted to showcase that see you guys early and of course I said yes so in today's video we will be taking a look at the beta for the new pet system and adopt me first things first we are taking a look at be things Twitter this has been in the works for almost a year now and we hope you guys like it coming soon to an adopt me near you look at this cute little puppy being held by bethink or I'm this might be be thinks avatar I'm not sure and since then we've had a ton of other little fun sneak peeks for the pet system and I am just so excited to dive in and check this out I mean look at this it looks like we the yellow lab snowball Rex we even have a rack food oh my gosh and then of course a unicorn pet so adorable and the last thing I'm gonna be showing up on the Twitter new physi tweeted your match stinking fluffy the third you can have a little carriage for your pet and look at this it says newborns I'm assuming you know your pet can be like a newborn at ages epic growth overlord of the good boys obviously now let's dive into this ourselves okay so I kind of started to go and I walked all the way to the nursery but I didn't want like my first oh my gosh there's pet dog he's walking around with an egg okay look at this but she's got a little junior dog oh so cute in that counts tail wags oMG and then oh look at this unhatched okay so we have to make our way down to the nursery ASAP because I need to get myself a little furry friend so if you guys are familiar with adopt me you know that you would usually go to the nursery to adopt yourself a little baby or a kid and they look like little jelly beans and they're really cute walk into the nursery here and we are given a choice pets or babies babies old news I'm here for the pets so it looks like we have a rarity board we have a dragon a unicorn a horse a fox that also looks like maybe a Corgi oh my gosh there's so many and what is what is this is that a seal an otter a ferret maybe it's a ferret we have sirwoofington here let's talk to him I can tell by the look on your face now you're confused and how I can speak yeah well you see that specimen in the cheapest shop we had an experiment down on us by Bert and well there was a paradigm shift and our brain swapped so that fella thinks he's a dog anyway have a good day and make sure to buy my egg the most premium egg in all the lands so here we go we're gonna buy the Royal egg it is $900 in like their currency not nine hundred robots nine hundred little adopt me Dallas we have this bad boy here he's a royal like he is unhatched let's name him I'm naming him the Peach Pit which is what I called my dog I am thirsty okay so so so let's let's feed him they just drop the sandwich on the ground and you you go to town on that so cute he's drinking oh you thought you a little thirsty bean so you keep drinking water can I have more than one pet at the same time hello cats cats cats I love cat wanna cat buy an egg and you can maybe have a cat you have a cat you have a cat and you have a cat it's also by oh by cracked egg yes I'm gonna name this one stinky he's like he's a little rotten egg so I have quite a few eggs to hatch here oh boy it's I've taken on the responsibility of becoming a mommy and that's just who I am now I've got stinky here the egg and we're gonna go to the hospital he's okay though he's um he's just I think we got a patch him up a bit dr. Hart can you talk to take care of my little uh my baby egg side note I'm sorry if you guys hear the impending doom outside right now it is storming and so I'm just gonna ignore whatever's happening outside well I really work on hatching this little baby here all right let's go stinky he's feeling a little better press are to set down cracked egg he'll never set him down I have to take all my pets home obviously okie dokie I act you did have to stop recording because it kind of sort of like hailing and so dramatic but anyway I kind of ran around a little bit more with my little baby pets we can come to our inventory here and I noticed that stinky is a common pet we have our pet egg which is rare our peach peg which is the Royal egg and then we have our starter egg common so I was really excited I want to hatch to them all in today's video but I don't know how long that they're gonna take so I think we're just gonna work on stinky so I also noticed that we can edit our home data and then we can go to pets so we can actually buy a bunch of pet things what is the most expensive thing I can get oh my gosh I don't know if this is the most expensive actually I think it is it's a little bunk begging system for the pets and let's grab it and let's let's put it here actually I don't want to do this here let's just take it upstairs oh my gosh can I put on the wall like that looks good our pets are gonna have such a good life they're gonna have like a little slide like what else we got sick Euler pet bathtub because you know stinky he gets a little stinky sometimes so we gotta get him a little bathtub in here perfect put that against the wall cause like we care about it but like we got more exciting things we have a royal pet bed oh I do I want to be next to the common bed I think so yeah cuz we're not gonna have room for all the stuff in this room I should have you know definitely picked out a bigger room okay guys I have finished up my little pet room stinky is complaining like a ton like he just he's like upset because he wants to go camping he wants to sleep like he's he's just like you know he's been really kind of just like cranky so I go ahead and get some get some sleep stinky his little hatch meter is going up it's pretty ambitious to want to try to hatch like all of my eggs right now but I'm really curious to see like what they're going to look like once they're you know once they're done he wants to go to the park I think and he needs to eat but I got him some food and water like tons of water in here so Stinky's in there I wish I could have more than one pet out at once I'm not sure if I can because if I could like steamroll this hatching progress dad Bo P let's go ahead and take you camp into the park and see if we can have a good time he's already cracked so he can't get hurt anymore I'm assuming ok stinky here we are at the park I can push you on the swings right oh my gosh we could swing you together oh thank you can stinky jump on the trampoline with me what's he saying he says he needs a shower stinky I just gave you a shower now he wants me to take him all the way back home your baby is dirty put them in the shower at home if it wasn't obvious enough the baby system and the caring system is the same for the pet system so once you get these little bad boys hatched I'm assuming that they like level up you know you're sick oh my gosh I got to run this baby all over town he's living a hard life he needs to go to the hospital but he needs a shower like he just needs it all dr. Hart dr. Hart my baby is sick again I must have something really like nasty in my blood or something because these pets they keep on getting sick please heal stinky cuz he wants to go to the playground there we go oh whoa there we go now we're on our way to get this bad boy hatched so we're gonna go to the playground now we'll go get a shower later cuz you know it seems counterproductive to go like take a shower and then go back to the playground so I'm hoping that by doing these little actions will hatch faster so let's see here we are at the playground stinky so I'm gonna put you down oh now you're hungry well great we're here though so so just like being here running around he's having a good time he he just wanted to come and get some sunshine you know cracked egg is not bored anymore oh he's getting close to hatching okay so what do you need now what do you need now stinky you need a shower and you're hungry I'm giving stinky some ice cream to see if that's what you know he wants oh he's full okay okay oh it's a newborn hi baby do some tricks to unlock this trick visit the pet trainer at the school oh my gosh we have to go all the way to the school to train this pet guys look I can carry the bunny on the stroller oh yes so we're gonna go teach our bunny hello pet trainer Shane g'day mate want me to train your animal yes all right let's get started Pizza sit what sit ah yeah sit good bunny okay so now if I click tricks oh I can sit I can click sit okay okay come on bunny let's go okay okay okay uh tricks sit oh that's a good bunny that's a good bunny okay let's see if we can hatch another one of our pets I'm gonna do this off screen though because I think you guys get the gist so we've brought our egg to the school and I guess he's learning something about something I I don't know why you to talk to some guy and he was pretty much like eggs not hatched yet can't teach it any tricks so I'm not sure what this egg is supposed to be learning oh we're almost there we almost have peach-pit hat peach-pit hatched it's taking a bit longer than I intended but I think it's because she's a legendary egg what is this this is a waterpark I've never walked to this far past the mat before she shook her head no did you guys see that she's like nah that's gonna be elbow gosh I know for me she probably can't swim either oh look at you go she's swimming or she drowning um better better just uh just uh pick her up oh gosh okay uh oh I'm a bad mom okay whoo she's safe oh there's a pet shop here I can go inside of this coming soon coming soon coming soon oh my gosh this glowing bone okay that's super cute but we gotta wait for it I think I need to go to the grocery store and get some food peach-pit hasn't really requested anything from me in quite some time so it is proving difficult to get her to hatch peach finally needs some sleep okay let's take her home oh boy I was taking a while like all day she didn't need anything so Oh at the moment of truth we are gonna let peach go ahead and go to sleep and then as soon as she's done sleeping she should into a legendary pet I don't know which one I'm hoping it's the unicorn maybe it's a dragon I hope it's one of those that'd be so cool okay Peach Pit what are you gonna be what are you gonna be oh it's a little red panda Fox wait I don't think red pandas are foxes I think they're pandas oh my goodness I'm thirsty oh don't worry abou okay okay yeah yeah yeah you just drink some water so cute and then we could probably teach you how to sit and oh my gosh guys there are so so many pets that we are gonna need to acquire okay so we have this a beautiful newborn red panda super cute and now I'm gonna quickly see if I can like level it up until like a preteen or like something like that okay guys I've been playing for a while now I want to say like 30 to 40 minutes and we were able to get our red panda all the way up to a teen look at this little baby so I played all the way through like newborn to like kid to preteen and now we're a teenager and the tricks that we know we got you know we gots it as a newborn we got lay down as a child we got bounce as a preteen so look at this and they're like little jumps and then we got roll over as a teen oh my goodness it's so cute and I've been playing forever but you guys can find out all the rest of the tricks and all the rest of the age categories by playing yourself the pets update is scheduled to launch on the 15th of June that is this upcoming Saturday so that is super exciting that is what I was told hopefully nothing changes but you guys can follow the new pissy on Twitter just to make sure thank you guys for watching this video it was so fun to make I appreciate you all so so much and I like the guys I claim bye

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  2. How do u record and put ur face in the corner of the vid so u can still hear ur self? Pls tell me i cant find out how

  3. I got the legendary egg. Oh wait… I HAVE TO BUY BEDS AND BATH AND WATER?? I don't have so many money

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