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hey guys it's let's do this gaming back with another roblox Adobe video and today we're checking out all the new furniture update in a dub mean let's write this heaps of new furniture for the pets coming really soon but this little egg needs some water so let's give him a little drink Royal egg you can hop in there so he's thirsty and oh oh we just got effed oh goodness me oh hang on he's about to change he's about to change here we go here we go he's a oh oh got a little doge was Shabbat you knew yay let's go change his name hey to Doge of course well how cool is that so that's excellent so I've got another little pit now how cute is that alright so I've just been let these guys know I'm recording alright okay so Carol is here and she's a huge fan of let's do this please do a vid with me oh oh hi YouTube yay key is here as well how cool is that and she's got an egg it's a Royal egg too so that's pretty cool so let's go check out some of this furniture now all we'll just quickly bring up the menu here and we'll just have a quick look through so we've got the cat ear rug which is this one here so that looks pretty nice that's obviously for sleeping we've got the unicorn going on the unicorn horn rug that must be specifically for the unicorn and you get these cute little pet bowls as well so that's another good one dog a bone a rug now I don't have one of those down so let's just pop one of those down here and now we have a rug for the yeah for the pets have caused that now you also get some water troughs because there's potentially some horses and unicorns and they we don't want to drink for a bowl so that's pretty cool we've got the cheap a bathtub so let's go have a look at the baths so obviously you can put them in the shower but we've got lots of different baths as well so we have the cheap pit bathtub at the end here and then we've got the more deluxe one so that's a little bit more expensive but pretty cool anyway there The Oval bathtub here and if we go down here this looks like a deluxe so check this out this is a circular pit bathtub for 300 so there is that and then there's a couple of vials as well so you wanna have plenty of bars just in case your friends come over now why were over here we might just check out this a crib it appeared oh how cool is that let's just kill little doge is sleeping he's sleeping oh that's so cute and it's a double bunk so you could also put another one at the Tokyo so ah I really like it yay this is cool we've got heaps of people here that's excellent alright let's go back through this list really quickly we're already get kicked out of the server so what else we got here we've got the dog bowls we can't show you the modern pet bowls because well that doesn't seem to work so these are all the mats and obviously you can change all the colors too so there's that ok so we go down here and just a normal pet house if you've got a dog maybe a cat could sleep in that too but look at this the modern a pet I'll just get my little doge over here – – where are you Oh gotta get him out again I think he's gone to sleep alright here he is now ok so let's put him back to sleep over here oh how cute are these beds and this animation for the little dogs is so cute as well oh it's going dark alright so what else have we got here some more stuff in here and let's have a look it's the castle bed so if you've got a royal egg you could put him in the castle bed as well – needs some sleep and he also needs to be eat hungry so let's go feed him let's see if he wants to eat something ok only pets can do this ok well maybe maybe you finished sleeping now how about we pick you up and then we'll go over here and we you were wondering eat you you want to eat so there we go interested in the names don't come across when you do that so mmm curious alright maybe he'll come over here and have a little sleep in this bed over here so let's have a look and see what he looks like in this bed oh he's not even still eat oh my goodness oh he's thirsty now Oh busy times busy times yay everyone it's trying to like get in front here that's really cute now I really like this this bed here I might just try to grab out an egg let's just grab this basic egg out here and yeah and then we can put them in here let's put him in there static yeah so you can put your eggs in one of these Royal beds as well so I think that's gonna look pretty cute but let's get the animals out I'm gonna get fennec fox back out because well Finnick has been my first little pet and obviously I like him a lot so this is pretty cute yeah yeah got a fox got a fox Wow alright guys so that's the new furniture update you adopt me yeah it's gonna be for the pets and yeah everybody loves it Oh what's fennec fox wants the door on this Matt don't we know oh I think I'm gonna have to house-train this pit because I don't want to be inside alright guys so that's mean let's do this gaming yes alright this and this has been their new pets update furniture so let me know what you think in the comments and which piece of furniture you liked the most Hey okay guys so that's what we've got time for today please subscribe and bye for now

42 thoughts on “**NEW** Adopt Me Pets Furniture (Sneak Peek) – ROBLOX

  1. I really wanna be in a vid with you you your so cool you may fav youtuber I wish I could friend you and play with you. ????

  2. Thank you for recording the new update coming im so excited about the update! But 4 more days and finally i dont need to get baby's but its thw same

  3. Hello im new i just want to know if broken egg is useless??btw my cousin and my other account is sub because you are cool??

  4. I cant go there idk why, It says “You’ve been kicked out from the game” I hate it I’m so sad! I wanted to play that too but I got kicked from the game

  5. Hello im a AdoptMe fan but when i go to the test server its says 'you are kicked from the game' Can you plz tell me why

  6. Lol i saw myself in the vid! I have the dragon unicorn red panda and more i really want the chicked XD

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