New 4K Watch Dogs Legion gameplay – 5 Ways To Mess Up London

oh you are fucking done now cor blimey governor the rumors were true watchdogs Legion is indeed set in London and going by this brand new gameplay it looks like you can indeed play as any NPC in the game although I guess that means they're not NPCs after all so maybe nuba soft has just invented playable non playable characters or PM pcs for short all throughout this gameplay you can see the player character changing constantly and the rumor is that each mission will play out slightly differently depending on who you're controlling this chap here at the end of the gameplay interests me the most though because he is wearing a crown could watchdogs Legion see you sneaking into Buckingham Palace to hack into her Royal Highness the Queen herself and then embark on some kind of crown jewels heist that'll be awesome if not perhaps a little bit treasonous so London is a destination but how much of London can we actually visit here we can see a big view from the tip of the shard extending right out to telecom tower that's certainly not the entirety of the map but it's a good indicator of the size of the game world there's a few other places we recognized in the gameplay that's Westminster and that's Westminster Bridge there's Tower Bridge oh look there that's the guy in the London Eye there that's Camden High Street from the future and that's Chinatown and that's of course big ban there's probably a bunch more locations that eagle-eyed Londoners out there can spot that's not me because I'm from Oxford here's some footage of a player scanning PN pcs as you can see each P NPC has certain attributes like plus 25 damage resistance to drones or +5 turret damage so scanning PN pcs and seeing which one is best for your current circumstances is probably the way to go here judging by the on-screen prompts it looks like pressing RB will track the NPC which I guess is the name for controlling them although tapping our B seems to give you the option to save the P NPC's in your contacts for later so if you see one with good damage defense I presume you could go back and find them later on and then take them on a big combat mission combat is of course in watchdogs Legion – and you can see some of it now their stealthy combat there's sneaky combat which I guess is just like stealthy combat to be honest and there's a load of shooty combat oh you are fucking Donnell and just in case you were wondering you can still hack gas mains and do things like this to innocent bystanders sorry to keep droning on but here's some footage offs and drugs there's little ones there's big ones you can ride on and there's even some little spidery ones that jump on your face and lay eggs in your brain all right they probably don't lay eggs in your brain looks like we just elected Facebook whatever let's take a look for yourselves so yeah thanks for watching this brief overview of this brand new gameplay footage for watchdogs Legion we have some people on the ground at e3 right now who are gonna go and see the game in much more detail on Wednesday so we'll be back then with way more info about what both Legion thanks watching do like and subscribe for more III coverage coming very soon and now keep watching for some commentary free watchdogs Legion gameplay goodbye [Applause] Oh oh you are fucking done now

36 thoughts on “New 4K Watch Dogs Legion gameplay – 5 Ways To Mess Up London

  1. Why do you say "PNPC (Playable Non-Playable Character)"? Shouldn't we start using the term "RPC (Random Playable Character)"?

  2. I mean, I don't want to do any of the missions. Can I just dick about in London taking over peoples bodies and feeding squirrels? I really like the idea of allowing so many different player types. And I can 1000% get behind kick arse granny! I just wish I could be kick arse with a handbag or cane rather than 'shooty combat'.
    How cute is that robot spider though!

  3. I know this is alpha gameplay, but are the punches actually supposed to be silent, or are they yet to be put in?

  4. Nah I’m not really bothered about Landan as a setting thanks. As soon as an NPC ‘arks’ me a question I’ll be put right off.

  5. The concept is interesting but imo better just have one mc so it can have a proper story.. gta 5 works because each character hv their own thing i guess we'll just hv to wait until game release tho

  6. A spider looking drone, guess Ellen from Oxtra will have a struggle with that part of the game. This looks immense, can't wait to play it.

  7. so basically the gameplay hasn't changed drastically from the first two games (aside from the ability to play as a slightly slower elderly person I guess?) and there isn't a proper story since there's no main character… its a fun gimmick, but not sure it's gonna be enough to carry the game.

  8. No ? no tiene personajes definidos no se ve trama y la historia se ve que no lleva a ningún lado malo malo malo

  9. I love how the different character types are animated so differently. That old man stumble-shooting a guy is just. brilliant. They've properly committed to the concept I love it

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