43 thoughts on “NETTING 1 MILLION Minnows for my MONSTER FISH PETS!

  1. Dude Iuv your tanks you have my next fish ? I won't the star ? light keep doing what you're doing great ? job wish you nothing but the best

  2. i subscribed to your channel as soon as i saw u pet that fish in this video that was fuckin awsome!

  3. Awe, Joey/Lily. You were so nice to that man. He wants to be famous on YouTube. That was so sweet. Farley and Zak are everywhere

  4. I do YouTube and I love pet fish and I like your pet fish and you have cool videos and and you make me have a fish tank and my fish died and I got mad ? but I bot some now fish and day have a cool 32 gallon and I have 14 fish I have a red tail cat fish and a lot of big fish.tank you for your video

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